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re: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol - Blu-ray Review (Win a Copy - Compliments of Dolby)

Thanks Jon!

Loved it!! Even my wife gave the audio top regards!! The movie reminded me of an older 90's movie as far as the way it played out. Typical good vs. take over the world bad guy...made it fun, unrealistic, but fun!! I'll be watching this one again sometime soon. This time with the volume closer to 0dB rather than the -6dB I had it on.
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re: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol - Blu-ray Review (Win a Copy - Compliments of Dolby)

After reading the hype, I snuck out to red box and watched MiGP this morning. Very sweet flick. Really enjoyed it... pretty good story... lots of great action... the sound mix is rich and enveloping... the LFE is KA-BOOM(!!!!)... and the video transfer is spot on.

Thanks for the great review. I will be adding this gem to my collection.

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re: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol - Blu-ray Review (Win a Copy - Compliments of Dolby)

I saw the movie in the theaters and could tell it had great audio potential. I also thought the story was surprisingly good and enjoyed Simon Pegg's role. I finally got around to watching the DVD over the weekend and the audio is a real treat with good use of the surrounds and great LFE.

I wasn't a big fan of the ending but overall I would also highly recommend it, it's a fun movie with a lot of cool technology and the audio is demo worthy.

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re: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol - Blu-ray Review (Win a Copy - Compliments of Dolby)

The point of Ghost Protocol is to entertain, and on that front it more than delivers, but what it lacks is originality in the plot. The plot should have been on par with the totally wild stunts, chases and predicaments each of the characters at one time or another get themselves into. A mad Russian intent on exploding nuclear weapons on American soil for his own agenda just isn't exiting anymore, especially when it’s encompassed by a movie that knows it’s silly and illogical. Maybe this could have been slightly remedied if the said mad Russian were even a tad interesting. Hendricks couldn’t have been more boring and generic. If you’re going to present me with an all too familiar plot, at least give me an eccentric and charismatic madman, or surprise me with a hilarious madman; I’d never see that coming. The villain in M:I III (Philip Seymour Hoffman) was much more dark and sinister and although I know the bad guy rarely wins, I was really rooting for him to at least disappear in a vague manner, like he wasn’t really dead and was going to pop up down the line.

Because the scope of destruction and carnage is potentially immeasurable in Ghost Protocol, the outcome is predictable; they’ll be no third war. Knowing this, the hope of an entertaining two hour plus movie lay in the lead-up to the time right before things can go ka-boom, and I think that that span in Ghost Protocol is definitely worthy of being called entertaining.

On a side note, this franchise should be renamed to something other than Mission Impossible; nothing seems to stop Hunt and his crew from accomplishing any mission they tackle.
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re: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol - Blu-ray Review (Win a Copy - Compliments of Dolby)

Jon Liu wrote: View Post
jdent, I don't think the LFE was anymore overdone than a movie like 'The Incredibles'. Certainly catches your attention!
And I would say the Incredibles has some overcooked bass too. Of course that doesn't mean that I don't like it

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re: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol - Blu-ray Review (Win a Copy - Compliments of Dolby)

We have a copy of this Blu-ray disc to give away compliments of Dolby. If you have replied to the thread, you are automatically entered. Anyone else replying to the thread will also be entered. We will give it away in a couple of weeks... no set date, just when I think about it.

Cedar Creek Cinema

PremierHomeAudio: Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Def Tech and more. Shoot me a PM!
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Re: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol - Blu-ray Review (Win a Copy - Compliments of Dolby)

Very cool! Sign me up.
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Is there any chance this movie will come out on 3D Blu Ray? I personally find action movies so much better when your immersed in the picture and the sound.
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I have a question, my copy of ghost protocol does not look as crisp and clear as my other blurays, do I have a bad copy or is this the way it's supposed to look?
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What? Did I hear free bluray? Call me Dutch, and count me in. It's certainly a fun movie...not ultra compelling, but good entertainment all in all.
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