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Re: Noah - Blu-ray Review

Savjac wrote: View Post
Ok so mine came in the mail today and my wife and I watched it.

Much to agree on here and maybe i have a weird take on this.

Audio and Video, spot on Mike. Yes indeedy, spot on. The scenery and texture of the shots were impeccable as was the sonics, never a distracting moment.

I am not so much in love with the story and even leaving my brain at the door left me dumbfounded, and no I am not going there.
How in the world can Noah keep a chubby face for a year on the ark and 10 years building it ? I would be skinny as a rail eating berries and stuff.

How did our villain stay in his warrior suit for a year without chaffing ??

I do agree, there was no reason for Cain in this film, I think he should be gone. It is obvious to me he served no purpose and learned nothing. As thick as i am, even I learned something and it was not that men are in charge.

Dont grapes have to sit a bit before they become wine ??

Connelly had some excellent chops going on there for a bit and yes Emma was excellent as well.

Where did the watchers get all those chains ??

Mortars ??? Oh please.

Ok, i shall stop, but it was just asking too much, alas I can laugh.

like I said... it can only be taken as a fantasy. there's no other way to wrap your brain around some of Aronofsky's ideas otherwise lol. otherwise your brain will implode on itself
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Watched it and thought it was ok. Nothing special for me and probably worthy of just a rental. Audio was good and the highlight IMO. I did score the steel book version so it will look good in the library.
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Re: Noah - Blu-ray Review

Mike Edwards wrote: View Post
like I said... it can only be taken as a fantasy. there's no other way to wrap your brain around some of Aronofsky's ideas otherwise lol. otherwise your brain will implode on itself
Yes as usual you were very clear and as i said, spot on. I went into this with moderate expectations and was rewarded accordingly. Overall, I liked the move, it seemed to move along at a nice pace and never actually bored me or made me wish I had not ordered it.

As mentioned and discussed a bit, where was the need for that whole section with Cain and his mob ? I am serious for once, I do not believe that having those scenes of the fences and camps and cruelty of man against man worked for me. I know what man has done, it was made clear what man has done, so i do not feel we needed to be brought into the depravity over and over. We saw the charred land, the spent excavation sites, the lack of anything living in the beginning.

I also wonder why the strange dog was introduced, it did not seem to flow. Was it the only one in existence ?

I know it sounds like i am bashing the movie but what i am really bashing is a director that jumped into an excessive, went for the gusto but possibly did not have enough of a screenplay to make an epic without resorting to the obvious links to what we are doing today ?

It might be fun to watch again to pick out the cool silly things in the movie.

Good Listening


"For those who believe no proof is needed for those who don't believe no proof is possible"
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Savjac wrote: View Post
How in the world can Noah keep a chubby face for a year on the ark and 10 years building it ? I would be skinny as a rail eating berries and stuff.
Lol, that's true! I'll be watching this one soon.
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Re: Noah - Blu-ray Review

Finally got my copy today and watched it through lunch. I thought the movies video and audio was fantastic. The content of the movie was just ok. Thought it to be more Gilgamesh at times than Noah and I was baffled at Noah going bat crack crazy even considering killing innocent babies, imo totally unnecessary. The Kane element was a bit much as well. I wonder if we will see a directors cut.

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Re: Noah - Blu-ray Review

Yup, watched this too on the weekend. Very disappointed in the liberties that were taken in the story.

I understand that Hollywood likes to take a story based on true events and make it more interesting but this was so bad I almost turned it off. Clearly they never even bothered to read the biblical facts as wow what a mess.

The only thing they got even close to right was it had Noah and lots of Water

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Re: Noah - Blu-ray Review

Honestly I never heard of Seth, then I Googled Adam and Eve family tree, I guess someone figured it out..
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