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Need help with Sylvania Customer Service issue!!!

OK, here's the scenario:

My LC427SSX 42" LCD TV set has had issues in the past (pixilization that no one could figure out how to fix) and recently the backlight totally went out on it. It was still under warranty and after digging through old receipts I sent in all the information that Sylvania requested. I took the TV to their authorized repair person. When inquiring how it was going I was told that the inverter board was bad. The bad part about that is that it is attached to the display portion of the TV and not a separate ordable item. Here is where it gets frustrating. When I then called Sylvania, at the prompting of the service repair tech, I was told that I needed to have the service repair tech call them....not me call them. I called the service repair tech back and told him so. Next day: I call the service repair tech to ask him how it is going. He called the number I gave him and they told him they don't deal with my set. They gave him another number to call. He called that one and they told him the same thing and then gave him the original number to call. I then called the original number and asked them to please step up and help. They called the tech and everything seemed to be OK. Two days later and no word. I call Sylvania and ask about the status. They say they are waiting on the service tech to fill out the correct form. I call the service tech and ask him what is going on. This is the first he has heard of it and he thought Sylvania had everything per their phone conversation. I call Sylvania back and again ask them what is going on. They dig through their notes and see that it is with the Regional Business Manager to decide. I wait a few more days. I call again and get the same response (waiting on the form.) I explain that every time I call, I get the story and then they dig through their notes and tell me it is with the Regional Business Manager. (Disclaimer: I don't know if I called an additional time besides what is mentioned here as it is starting to run together.) I explain that this has been a terrible way to handle the repair of a TV and ask that they consider a refund. They operator moves me up a level to their Customer Relations division. I repeat the issue and then I am told that without a doubt no refund will be given. She explains that these types of things take "around 20 days to resolve." At this point I am more adamant about this not going well and that getting a refurbished set (they still couldn't tell me when that would happen if they decide to go that route) is not really what we were hoping for. I am told that the soonest I could see a refurbished set is one week after the decision is made. I told her that if I can't have a TV for Thanksgiving Day that to please send me a refund check and I will go purchase a different brand's TV. At this point I lose exact track of the conversation, but I am told that it is my right to go buy another TV but then I will have two TV's as they will NOT do a refund even if it is under warranty.
My wife then calls and is a bit more lively with them. She gets absolutely no where and they will not let her talk to anyone else.

Besides never buying this brand again, does anyone have any advice, insight, or solution????
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Re: Need help with Sylvania Customer Service issue!!!

It sounds like you have been diligent in pursuing the matter and I really cannot offer much help in this case. Sylvania is a Funai brand and I believe they have some products sold through certain outlets like Walmart that have a different service network than others. Don't be surprised if you get the same thing from many other lower end brands, even worse treatment from some.

I recommend developing a relationship with a local servicer and before buying anything ask him about the brand and what kind of service support they provide. The state of the consumer electronics repair business is such that many brands have virtually no support at all or it can be a convoluted mess like this case. A servicer who has a good working relationship with a manufacturer that is responsive and well organized is always best, if you can find that combination. The sad fact is that products like this one are essentially considered disposable by most consumers and many manufacturers.

Looking for me, just google my username. I have used the same one for most sites for many years.
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