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Re: My Shiva Build Project

Thanks for the information, guys.
I know my descriptions are vague & I can not supply any data - but I know what I'm wanting & am listening to some of your suggestions.
I will try reduce the box volume to about 2 cu ft today & report back with my findings...
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Re: My Shiva Build Project

It's tough to go from a "boomy" higher tuned box to a low-tuned subsonic focused sub sometimes. I'm not sure if you've sorted things out by now or not, but like mentioned above, pile some bricks or something inside to reduce the effective cabinet volume, increase your HPF, put the sub in a corner, and try turning up the bass control on your receiver to see if those help. At least you've figured out the sound you like and can now work towards that.

Oh, and A9X, thanks for the link to Boxnotes, what a great little program!

- OJ -
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Re: My Shiva Build Project

I had the local Exodus Audio Distributor do some modelling on the sub & Bash 500 amp and he has advised me it is performing well as a sealed enclosure - but could be improved upon. He has played with the HPF & LPF and it now sounds pretty good!
Until I can afford the time - I have spent a little time on making this enclosure presentable.
I have wood filled, painted in gloss black (with a spray can!) & had a glass panel cut to size - which I also gloss painted the underside to look like a glass splashback!
It's looking pretty respectable now - I reckon!

I have had another enclosure building guru design me a small enclosure that will be mainly designed for music but will perform well with HT.
The enclosure will be 40 litres and sized approx 400mm x 400mm x 450mm in 25mm MDF. There will be a double front baffle with the outer making the sub recessed. The resultant box will have an anechoic F3 of 45Hz, but an in room (due to room gain) F3 of 21Hz so it will supposedly give good HT slam. Frequency response (allowing for room gain) will be in the region of 30Hz to 100Hz +/-3dB.
Anyone see any obvious dramas with this enclosure?
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Re: My Shiva Build Project

Looks good man. I'd be happy to have it in my living room. Glad to hear that you were able to play with the eq and get sound a bit more to your liking. Thats one really nice thing about the BASH500 is the parametric EQ. What did you end up doing? Giving it a low Q bump in the 50hz region?

Can't hurt to try the smaller sealed box, all it'll cost you is your time and a few dollars for MDF. let us know how it turns out.
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Re: My Shiva Build Project

deafwish wrote: View Post
p.s. What's wrong with not having a perfectly flat response?
Flat response is akin to what the microphone experienced during the original recording - ie the most realistic.
What you're used to is colouration, AKA "punch". If you were standing in the same room as the original recording, you would probably prefer to hear it in your car rather than actually being there.

As an example, drum & bass/ hip hop sounds good were-as rock is almost bass-less.
You can say that about real life, too. Rock really isn't the most bass-loud music. Bass Guitars aren't going to slam you in the chest the same way an 808 drum should, although the shiva in that box should be able to reproduce it. There's also many different kinds of kick drums. Some with a fundamental at ~35hz, and other with a fundamental at ~60hz. You may find that this alignment "struggles" with the kickdrums at 60hz yet does much more justice to larger kickdrums.

It really has nothing to do with the low frequencies if you think about it. A ruler flat response simply means that input = output. A curved response can mean that (input) = (output1 - 5) + (output2 - 2) + (output3 + 4)

In this case you're finding that you prefer "input + 5" = output1 instead of input = output - that is, you prefer to exaggerate certain sounds because that's what poor transduces do and what many of us are simply accustomed to. Maybe the true reality is that your preference in music was misguided by a speaker that distorted it so much that it doesn't sound like what the artist intended.

You're free to have your preferences mind you, but if your goal is to reproduce the music (which is a speaker's function) then you want accuracy. Flat frequency response isn't the only factor in accuracy - there's also transient response and harmonic distortion mind you. If your goal is loudness, then there's certainly many things you can do to get that even with a relatively unsensitive low fs driver like the shiva. There's things you can do to make it much more sensitive and still flat(quality horn-loading with a corner close to fs), or just make it more punchy and fake(band pass or horn loading with a corner as high as double fs). It'll likely still have better transient response and harmonic distortion compared to the car sub either way.

With all that said I'd love to see a pic of the finished box :P

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Re: My Shiva Build Project

Great explaination - with some truth to it!
Alot of the music I listen to is electronic (trance, D&B etc) & that genre is generally bass heavy.
What exactly is electronic music meant to sound like "what the artist intended" anyway?!
I can now listen to someone like Lionel Ritchie with the gain turned up a little & get a pretty good sound!
I have just aquired a Denon AVR2308 and plan to bi-amp my mains for (hopefully) an even better sound...

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Re: My Shiva Build Project

Why doesn't a passive radiator save on volume when calculating the amount of space taken by it shows it takes much less space than an equivalent port? I'm using passives on both my 3cf and my 4cf (before driver and passive volumes are taken into account) and they work very well and go very low. I guess it doesn't matter, it works for me and thats what matters.
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Re: My Shiva Build Project

PR's do save on cabinet volume.
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Re: My Shiva Build Project

I think 2.5cf or a bit more is optimum/minimum. Its the smallest that Exodus shows as working with the passive in their application notes. It shows it with a 22Hz 3db down point but can go lower with a sacrifice in power handling and efficiency, but both are still high enough for my space and taste.

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