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Re: 2x A.E. TD15's

chrapladm wrote: View Post
Couldn't you put 2 drivers in a 163l box?
Not the 15X 6th. Each driver needs that volume to get the tuning indicated.

chrapladm wrote: View Post
Anyways looking at the info posted I like the look of the 15h in a 142l sealed. I think thats the black line.
If I put 'ea' after a volume, for multiple drivers, each would need to be a cab that size.

chrapladm wrote: View Post
But I think I would probably go with either the 15x ported 163l also in the beginning. Because of budget. I would love to try and build the 15h 142l but will have to wait on that one.
Note that I said you will also need an EQ unit capable of generating the appropriate EQ. Same if you choose an LT.

chrapladm wrote: View Post
The LT sounds just like what BAG END uses for their INFRA 18 cabs.
No, it's not.

chrapladm wrote: View Post
Once again thanks for all the helpful info and sims. I am still a ways off from building this cab but I wanted to see what I was going to want. I will have to look at the price of the yamaha amps. I could always get a Behringer for cheap also but I will see which ones even compare.
The Behringers are much cheaper, but heavier and after using Yamaha amps in my PA and bass rig, I wouldn't use anything else.

chrapladm wrote: View Post
Looks like I would be able to afford the 2500 not the 7000 but maybe I will save and see.
Soundcorp sell them on ebay for good prices - got a 7000S and a 2500S from them.

chrapladm wrote: View Post
What about 32"h x 24"w x 18"d?

185l before bracing and drivers.
Any volume the port takes needs to be removed too.
chrapladm wrote: View Post
Plus wouldn't I need to put the 18sound driver in its own sealed box?
It only needs a few litres, 6 from memory.

mayhem13 wrote: View Post
I'd like to add to something A9X eluded to earlier and that was the need for sub 30hz content in the acoustic realm on stage. From an engineer's standpoint, the last thing i EVER wanted on the stage was subsonic content. It get's into everything and creates uncontrollable feeback in both the FOTH and MON systems.
I agree so much I would scream it if I could and often did at someone. I did FOH and basically ran the PA (I usually owned it) when we played.
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Re: 2x A.E. TD15's

Guys I think you are making a little too much of a few things.

First there isn't a whole lot of difference between 25-30hz on stage and 40-100hz range. Both are long wavelengths relative to the stage distances involved. 25hz or 30hz will actually be less worrisome because stage monitors will be aggressively hpf'd well before even 50hz if the engineer is worth a hoot. 'Even the main PA stack will likely be hpf'd at 30hz or 40hz and rolling off even before then. Also add in the fact that unless you are in a well established, relatively "big" group there will be plenty of occasions where there is not much PA to speak of and the only things that will be mic'd are vocals and maybe a kick drum. Also the amount of actual energy at the fundamental on the lowest strings of the bass guitar is lower than you would think. Usually the H2 is stronger. The OP just wants cabs that are clean and can legitimately reproduce what fundamental tone is there from the lowest notes on a 7string bass. Yes one string lower than a "B" string. He also wants it to be very powerful and compression free. Most commercial bass cabs don't have much to speak of below about 50-60hz. For bass guitar you ideally want to cover the range of about 30-6khz. Some people say even higher than that but realistically the majority of the output is in the 80-1khz range give or take. The stuff higher up is all harmonics. I've been fooling with the idea of building my own bass guitar cabs for awhile. I will use the TD series 15's. They can get up to 5khz and beyond on axis and should more than do justice to full range bass guitar. Yes they will beam up much past 1200hz off axis but so does most every other bass guitar cab you've ever heard. IMHO imaging and extreme off axis performance is not much of a concern for live bass guitar. Magnet weight of TD15's isn't really that much. There should be no problem with damage to them from being toted around on the road. They've been used in quite a few PA rigs before. Wheels usually help take the strain off of the back. I would look at the TD15H's. Some eq boost will probably be needed to get flat to the 25-30hz area.
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Re: 2x A.E. TD15's

Well I was already going to go with your thought s Ricci. I have seen quite a few different designs now and am likely to still try and build the biggest setup I can. I unfortunately wont be able to afford 4xtd15 but we'll see what I can get out of what I can afford.

The lowest string I will have will be a Low B .214gauge string.(B00 15.4hz) SO 30hz would be fine for this build but they do have a low G# string which is 12.98hz. So 25hz would be low enough for even that string. So I wanted to build a cab that could play all strings that I might play with.

Most guys I know who play their subcontra bass are not on the PA. They use their own rigs and quite a few use the Whappo Grande cab for their extended range 7 string +. And just like Ricci was saying the vocals and kick were mic'd in my friends videos and that what I would be doing.

"Music is the space between the notes"
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