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~6cu ft slot ported IXL-18.2.2

Well i finally built and my dad finished his sub. Its pretty much exactly the same as mine except for the driver. Mine is a Tempest-x2. Only reason for this is I built mine and was traveling. my dad was using my sub and wanted to build one for himself. So he got the wood all cut and wanted me to build it for him. by the time the weather got nice and we had time the Tempest-x2 was no longer available. So after some help here we decided on the IXL-18.2.2. Must say its a rather nice driver!

So the build. There arent to many pictures as most can just be found in my other build here (same with dimensions and the such)

I did learn a couple things that i took into this build. 3/4" is nicer to use We did the top, sides, front and back out of 3/4". The bottom we did the recessed baffle with two 1/2" pieces. The internals were all 1/2" as well. (port and brace). I also decided to leave out the "brace" inside the port from my other build. Same with i didnt do a forward to rear brace either.

First major hurdle was the wood. We got it cut at lowe's and man their saw must have been jacked up. Should have measured. All the pieces worked but needed some trimming. its like it would be 20"x20" on onside but 20"x20.25-.5" on the other end. Easy enough to trim down but annoying at the same time.

After i trimmed it all down though the actually build went fast. We glued and screwed every piece so there was basically zero downtime waiting for the glue. Which was great as mine took almost 2 weeks just cause of waiting on glue to dry (i didnt screw mine)

So jumped right into building. I'd basically build a part and "fix" each piece needed at the same time. Got the port done pretty dang quick.

Got the rest of the main box sized up and "dry" fit everything. You can see all the scrap from having to trim the pieces on the ground.

With all the cutting done i cleaned up and moved inside. Put it all together this time. Got the brace screwed in. Followed by the everything but the top and bottoms put together.

Well then i decided to go climb a mountain

And my dad finished up construction of the box. put the feet on and the top and bottom. Sanded it all down and put paint on it. he decided to go with a gloss black paint. Actually turned out rather nice. you can see the wood grain quite well.

Got the driver too. Got the driver and the box was rather damaged. Quickly opened it up and the driver was fine thankfully. Packaging could be a bit better but it isnt terrible. Came in a old dell computer box turned inside out. Then had a piece of plywood over the cone part and a sort of square made out of plywood to fit around the magnet. Not the best as it left the sides exposed (and thats where our box was damaged). But thankfully it was all good. Took out the tempest-x as that box is next up for finishing. Snapped a quick side by side. Its kind of interesting the tempest is small but weights a decent amount more. Just an observation i noted while moving the drivers around.

Last htign to do....hook it all up! So of course like a dumbass i use the flashlight to hookup the speaker wire to the terminals inside the box. Put the driver in place and screw it down. Only to wonder where my flashlight went.......yep so i unscrewed the driver took it ou and grabbed the flashlight. D'oh. Then it was all buttoned up and good to go.

And lastly it took the spot next to the couch of the tempest-x box. We did put a piece of formica on the top. This was just since we used it as a end table and drinks get put on it. Just sort of a protection thing. And i actually like the look of it. Wasnt our first choice for formica but after going to lowes, home depot, and another hardware store this was the best we found. With light on it, the formica looks a lot lighter in color (more brownish as in my picture) but with the lights off/not shining on it (as will be most of the time) its actually a lot darker looking (the brown looks more blackish) and matches the sub pretty well.

Only thing left is to get a amp for my dad (in the mean time we plan to just use the two channels on my ep4000) and then something for eqing. hopefully the inukes come out and work great.

And thats it! Sound wise....it definitely matches the tempest-x nearly perfectly. I didnt change any settings so its the same as i had the tempest-x. Only 650W of power going to it at the moment. I think it does sound a bit different...cleaner maybe? And i didnt notice while playing war of the worlds there was a bit more port noise than the tempest-x. Nothing bad and hopefully once my box is back in action i can run some REW measurements and compare the two more closely and scientifically

And thats it! Time to get my up and finish mine now lol.
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Re: ~6cu ft slot ported IXL-18.2.2

Nice job! I know what you mean about the colour changing in different light conditions. I have curtains that look brown on first inspection but are actually a very dark purple. When you take a picture of them with a flash they look bright purple.
I like the legs, simple yet effective.

Silence is golden but duct tape is silver.

DIY completed:
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