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Re: n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported

Bracing, bracing, bracing. By the time I got to this point, I was sick... to... death... of MDF dust (yes, mom, I wore my respirator!). Ugh. So, I decided to use some 2x2's I had laying around. This does not show all of the bracing but gives an idea, I think. I certainly can't detect any odd sounds or vibrations coming from the cabinet, so I call it "good enough!" for this time around.
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n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported-img_0291-custom-.jpg  

n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported-img_0292-custom-.jpg  

n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported-img_0293-custom-.jpg  

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Re: n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported

To quote the Squirrel Nut Zippers, "Put a lid on it!"

I weighed down the top with well over 200 lbs of "stuff" in the garage, but it did not work all that well. Yoda says, "Use clamps you must, or have gaps your box will." Sage advice. I ended up pumping glue into the crevices and clamping both the top and bottom.

You can see the slot port at the bottom of the enclosure.
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Re: n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported

And the not-quite-finished product in its place in the great room. Overall, I'm pleased with the result but not 100% satisfied. It definitely pressurizes the room, and the depth charge scene from U-571 had pictures rattling off the walls (literally) - good stuff!

I am, however, getting what I believe is near-field effect. The crossover on my receiver (Onkyo 707) is set for 40hz, the lowest it will go, but I can still localize the sub pretty easily, especially if I sit on the end of the couch (where the blue pillow is in the picture). Not real happy about that, but not sure what I can do about it at this point. The box is at the "right rear" of the room, and there really is no other place to put it.

I plan to finish it with some type of laminate and then trim the corners and add a nice top, either real stone or possibly tile. It will work quite well as a corner table where it is at.

I picked up WotW on Blu-ray for $15 at Wally World, because, hey ya gotta see what she'll do, right? With the volume up to "Hello Officer" levels, the lightning scene either clipped the amp, or possibly maxed the speaker excursion - I heard a very distinct (and loud) metallic *ping* twice during the lightning/pod opening sequence. According to the model, this thing should not be capable of exceeding xmax so I'm not sure if what I'm hearing is the amp (BASH 300) clipping or what. In any case, the anomaly was not present at more reasonable volumes, and no other material has caused a similar issue.

I'll update this again once I actually put the pretty on it. All in all a rewarding project. As for tools, the circle jig and flush cut router bit are absolute must-haves, as far as I'm concerned - especially the flush cut bit. Makes life much, much easier!

FWIW, my kids refer to this as the "Big Box of Boom", so that is the official name of all my projects from now on!
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n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported-img_0349-custom-.jpg  

n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported-img_0350-custom-.jpg  

n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported-img_0351-custom-.jpg  

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Re: n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported

The ping you heard probably was the sub bottoming out, and it was probably a transient well above 300W. As long as it doesn't happen too often just be happy the Bash 300 is giving you that kind of headroom Keep your gain in check and it shouldn't be a problem if it modelled to not exceed xmax, xmech (or xsusp) is a mystery unless published by the manufacturer.

As for the amp clipping, the Bash amps usually have a soft-clip mode that will level off output power when clipping is detected. Meaning if it's gained way too high the output will stay roughly around the same level, losing any dynamics or additional headroom. Aside from a quick transient not much should get passed the soft-clipping protection. In other words you shouldn't ever audibly hear the amp clip, which is good since that also means you won't be frying your sub by feeding it a giant dc value.

Cheers though! Get that bad boy finished.

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Re: n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported

Nice build. Ill be building a couple llt sonosubs with the same driver pretty soon. Cant wait.

Have you experimented with orientation if youre limited with placement?

If youre bottoming it out on a bash 300w, the ep4000 im picking up is gonna be supreme overkill on a scale ive not experienced in a while.

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Re: n00b build - Dayton RSS390HF, 8-ish ft^3, ported

One EP4000 could probably drive four of these drivers ;P

The key to not bottoming out is to have self control with the volume buttons on the remote and to double up with more subs when possible ;P. Luckily WotW is a sub killer while the other 99% of movies aren't

Re; nearfield effect - adding a second sub can really take away localization. Some people cross as high as 120hz and uet feel all the bass is coming from the center of the room! Corner placement doesn't help either for an unequalized vented sub. Try moving it 3-4 feet to the right and rotating it ~45 degrees and tell me if it made ny difference.
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