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Dayton 10" RSS265HF-4 Build Summary

Hi Folks!

Just a quick summery of my first design and build of a subwoofer. Prior to this I was running a pair of Velodyne VX-11 that I wasn't quite in love with. Those now serve as stands for the front speakers (RB-61 book shelf units) and power the tactile transducers in the couch and recliner.

I know I didn't end up with the most efficient or high power speaker, but I was after fast and accurate response down to 20hz or so and am quite happy with my results. I was also after something that sounded great at low levels since I'm sharing an apartment building with 3 other tenants. The VX-11 had a bad habit of going to "sleep" when I turned them down for late night listening. It's a beast that takes two people to lift and serves as my new end table but the cabinet doesn't knock and it keeps up with anything I can throw at it. The room is L or boot shaped with the TV in the "toe" and the sub in the "heel" with the foot portion being the listening area and the calf region is the kitchen. The listening area is only 11' wide about 14' long but I have a 8' wide by 6' tall Roxul panel in the rear and top and bottom corner traps up front so it keeps the base in the room where it belongs.

Now to the good part:

Driver = Dayton RSS265HF-4, 10" Reference Series in 4ohm
Amp = Bash 300S
Interior Volume Starting = 3.45 cf
Interior Volume Final (estimate after speaker, port, fill) = 2.6 cf
Port = 4" x 25" Dual flare Precision Port
F3 (per WinISD) = 20hz (I think I may have put the wrong value in a previous post, sorry)
Finished L x H x W = 30" x 20" x 16"

The construction was pretty basic. I used dual layer MDF for all 6 panels and cut each so that when the two sub panels were laminated they form a rabbit joint. There is no internal bracing yet but at the volumes I can play in this apartment (louder than I should anyway) I haven't heard a need for bracing. It's easy enough to add down the road anyway. The rear baffle is glued in place but the front baffle is removable. The driver is front firing and the port is to the rear. I ended up making this a passive speaker and housed the amp in a separate box as I didn't really have room to put the amp in the back of the speaker. Eventually I want this to be part of a 3 way LFE system driven by a Emotive or similar amp so this gives me some flexibility. The driver is recessed one panel thickness. That is to say I cut the outside baffle piece to match the OD of the speaker and the inside panel to catch the flange. I did a little 45 chamfer on the outside panel to make it look a little better. In researching my next build I've learned this wouldn't be a good approach for higher frequencies but I'm not sure it makes much difference here. There is a recessed, spring loaded handle in the front and back panels to make moving the thing a little more feasible which chewed up the available space as well.

How's it sound? Well, I love it. All parents think their kids are the best, but I honestly think I'd be hard pressed to find a better sounding speaker for what I paid to build this little guy. I like to call it the little 10" that thinks it's a 15". I'd share a REW sweep but I have my doubts about the calibration of the Dayton USB mic. Comparing it to the previous sweeps there is a portion from 18-30hz that simply wasn't there before though. The test frequency at 18hz is very much felt but the 20hz response is noticeably more present. I have it sitting even with my main listening position, tilted up a little and reflecting off the back wall which makes it fairly omni-directional. It sounds like it is in front of me and not at all beside me.

More importantly it sounds smooth and natural. I run the LFE from the sub through a volume control box on it's way to the sub so I can adjust album to album and such. It's just a Monoprice RCA cable with a potentiometer in a little project box, but works well. With this I keep the plate amp at about 3/4 and keep the volume control at about 1/2. I ran the same setup on the VX-11 (actually split into two channels so I could adjust the volume but keep the balance) and with those they sounded "bassy" when I turned them up to normal levels. Hard to explain, but it sounded like the bass was turned up, not quite a floor hum but sort of. The Dayton will still do that if I turn it WAY up but under reasonable conditions it just sounds like that bass instrument is louder. The silence between kick drums is well, silent. Bass strings "thunk" then fade down to nothing and synthesized bass sounds nice and even.

This driver does push out a bit. I don't run it loud as it out paces my Yamaha receiver and current speakers anyway but I am a bit worried about the possibility to over extend it. WinISD predicted a max power of 200w at 30hz (speakers rated for 350rms) but I can't see what I would be listening to that would put that much power into that narrow of a band. Letting it run with the Yamaha at about -5 (don't have a reliable meter, but loud enough border on uncomfortable) the cone moves a good +/- .25" by my eye. The sub still sounds really solid at that level but the fronts are falling apart.

Which brings me to my next project, new fronts!

Anyway, feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, steal from my design and so on.
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Re: Dayton 10" RSS265HF-4 Build Summary

Thanks for posting. Could you upload the Driver file for the RSS265HF-4? That is one Driver file I don't have and I'd lie to see how it models.

A pic of your sub would be nice to see.
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Re: Dayton 10" RSS265HF-4 Build Summary

Sounds like it should be a solid build. Can you post some pictures?
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