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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

I back up all my computers to a Windows Home Server that sits in my network room. It does it automatically every night.

One of these days I'll get around to setting it up as a full fledged media server. Right now it just serves up music.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

For those of you using the Mac, SuperDuper, is an excellent program and alternative to TimeMachine. It's one of the few 3rd party programs that gets the permissions correct, and it will also backup/copy bootable partitions correctly. It's very fast in "Smart Update" mode - where it updates the backup copy to look like the current version of the source (not doing snapshots going back in time like Time Machine, which can also take up alot of space). Running a backup once a week with SuperDuper or Time Machine to a disk that's only used for backups (and only powered on when backups are being done) should be a bare minimum for anyone with valuable data.

As far as backup strategy goes, it all depends upon how much content you have/produce, and what your budget is. Multiple backups are a good idea, and in order of expense these are usually "live" or "hot swappable" backups, followed by optical (DVD-R or BLU Ray), followed by magnetic media (4mm or 8mm tape). People who are producing gigabytes of content per week, often have hot swappable backups, and/or use a mirrored RAID configuration. Unfortunately, running drives all the time makes them fail more quickly. Swappable distributed storage, like the low end products from Data RObotics (the DroboStore) line, can workaround a failed drive - just have an extra one to swap out.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

I usually back up on my external HD, every second day, all the projects I'm currently working on. When the project is done, I make a DVD back-up and I encourage the client to bring his/her own back solution (usually and external HD) too.
I store the DVD backups in a dry, light-less place...

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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

For project data I backup once to a redundant drive (constantly) and once to DVD (usually when I'm finished with something).

For personal data...I'm lazy, I really need a better system. I have backups all over the place on multiple machines but I don't know where anything is really.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

Firstly, understand the difference between 'backup' and 'archive'.

During tracking and mixing, I buy a 2.5" portable HDD for each customer/project backups during the job. The 2.5" are sturdier than the 3.5" units since the smaller drives are made for laptops which get knocked around quite a bit.

Each day the entire job is backed up onto the drive. For example, a recent jazz band CD used approximately 30GB including all tracking files and the project files and stereo mixdowns for each track.
This backup is stored offsite and is used in the case of catastrophic loss of the data.

Once the project is completed and I have the copy of the master CD (the master CD is never played, it is ready to go to the manufacturer) then the complete project is archived to optical media and stored away with the master CD copy.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

I have been considering a new solution which would monitor in real-time and do an active backup. I mainly use Acronis with schedules or Alwaysync manually as I like to have my local backup powered down and "offline".

My wife's laptop was just stolen on Monday, so I'll have to see how on top of my backups I actually was.....!

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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

Making an image with Norton Ghost of all my HD's. I have 5 of them, but I'm only imaging 3 HD's every week.

Reminds that I have to back-up my drives this weekend
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

For backing up on windows, it really depends on which version you're using.

That is an awesome program for any backup needs. Alternatively an external hard drive is useful as well, you can get a 1TB external for 99 bucks on newegg .
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

Yeah, Acronis can also do the trick.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

Well. As someone who did consumer level technical support, I can't emphasize the importance of backing up. Google did a study a few year back, and they found that about ten percent of their desktop sized, stationary drives failed annually! (This is my first post, so I can't yet post a link )

With that said, I think that the best way to backup a computer is with either a mirrored RAID 1 solution, or a constant, incremental backup to an external hard drive. As a previous poster(s) have mentioned, Apple makes a great application called Time Machine that does wonders.
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