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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

as a pc technician for over 15 years personaly I use another (2nd) hard drive, make a complete backup to it, unlpug it and leave it be untouched unless you need to do a restore, for smaller things I use a thumbdrive
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

Great suggestions here. Agree wholeheartedly with backing up to an external HDD. An old adage: If your data doesn't exist in at least two places, then it doesn't really exist. And unless one of those places is another building from the first, then your data isn't safe.

I accomplish this by cross-backups, using two external USB HDD's for critical data backup, one at work and one at home.

I'll add my little $0.02:

1) Make an image of your OS volume. Others have mentioned Acronis (a very good product) but I also recommend Image for Windows by Terabyte Unlimited. If you have Win7, the software needed to do this is included in Backup Center. Be sure to make a bootable recovery disk too (e.g. on optical media). This will make it much easier to recover the state of your OS directly back to the drive while it's still on the same machine.

2) Partition your main OS drive. Make your OS partition as big as it needs to be to conatina the OS, and only about 5-10 GB bigger (or whatever is eough for you to feel safe with). That will tame the size of the OS volume, and limit fragmentation due to OS updates and installs. The remainder of your physical OS disk can then contain other partitions for general data, like media data, that do not require special imaging software for backing up.

3) If you like, create a separate partition just for your Windows Cache. This will further tame fragmentation, and will enhance defrag performance, since the cache cannot usually be defragmented. (And besides, you don't really need to back it up... Windows would just rebuild it on the OS refresh.)
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

If you have not checked out dropbox yet, you should. 2gb are free and you can earn more for free by inviting new members to use it:

I use it every day, though, even the paid option may not be big enough for a full computer backup. Still, for the price and with the added functionality (public file serving, sharing w/ other DB users, photo galleries), I find it invaluable. I use it daily to back up my most important files, share files with others, and make sure my work, notebook, and home computers are never out of sync.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

At home I backup my Mac to an external Western Digital Hard Drive using SuperDuper. Pretty easy program to use and you have quite a few options as to how you back up everything (or just some things).

At work we have a Network Attached Storage and we run an automated backup on it twice daily to flash drives. Our work files aren't overly bloated so we're able to keep the file sizes small enough to fit on flash drives. At some point in the near future we'll need to get larger ones in order to accommodate for new files though.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

For bullet proof backup, the 3-2-1 approach is recommended. 3 copies of your important files, 2 of them off-site, and 1 in the cloud. I use a 500GB and syncback to store valuable files (and a copy of my media library), and then use dropbox as my cloud solution.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

I use MS Home Server for PCs and Time Machine for the Macs because let's face it, if your backups are not automated then they're probably not getting done.

Now if I could figure out how to get the Time Machine to backup the Home Server and vice-versa.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

The only thing I do NOT like about my Acer Home Server and Time Machine is the don't support RAID so they are susceptible to drive failures.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

+1 to Time-Machine. its like your favorite piece of gear... Set it and forget it! Assuming you're running a mac. You can set the frequency it backs up, where it backs up and, aside from the first back up which takes a long time, it does it automatically in the background and doesn't slow down your computer at all.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

I use ghost to backup the OS partition. I take a fresh image before any any change to the OS or applications. The audio files are backed up to 2 external drives. If its only in 2 places, its no place.
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Re: How do you back up your hard drive data?

For me the most important data is the data from music projects. I back that up to an external drive as well as keep it on the original computer for as long as space will allow. Project files are kept on at least 2 computer drives in case of failure.

I'm not too concerned about OS backups as a reinstall is fairly easy to do and so is installing applications. Keys and authorization codes I tend to keep on flash drives and in email as my email application runs from a flash drive. So I carry my email with me to whatever computer I am working on.

I use external enclosures for drives and also the latest toy is the SATA docking station which supports up to 2TB drives and drives are hot swapable.

I have used Ghost before and it is handy for making images of discs. Images are compressed and you can mount the disc image later as a drive letter.
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