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Re: Behringer products, are they good VFM and morso quality?

Behringer make affordable products for a particular market. I have had lots of their gear over the years, some it was good and some of it wasn't. Point being that they served their purpose. I only sold the gear when I needed something better or it just didn't fulfill a function for me anymore. Right now, I still have an UltraCurve in my rack among much higher quality products, the use I get out of it doesn't justify spending lots of money on an expensive alternative.

For beginners, there are 2 options:
  • Buy a few essential pieces of Behringer gear,
  • learn to use it
  • get better at what you do
  • make money with it
  • upgrade when needed have better gear and a few years experience.
  • Get a menial job
  • Play video games
  • Save and buy great gear
Now...You have great gear and lost a lot of valuable time learning your craft.
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Re: Behringer products, are they good VFM and morso quality?

My personal opinion (FWIW) is that you generally get what you pay for... but there are exceptions. Those generally seem to be known about and appreciated for what they are. In my experience (which is by no means exhaustive), their gear doesn't seem to be as robustly built as some more expensive alternatives - my philosophy is that it's cheaper in the long run to buy gear that will last. I use some of their MIDI stuff (e.g. their very cheap, tiny controller for changing presets on my interface), and I'll also use them in non-critical parts of the signal chain, like their headphone amps or similar.

Having said all that, I know of several great musicians who are getting great sounds while using some of their gear...
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Re: Behringer products, are they good VFM and morso quality?

When I was using ADAT on my Roland 2480 to bring in 8 more channels for tracking drums, I used the ADA8000 exclusively... Solid as a rock for over 2 years... My B-word DI's are the same... As someone already posted: 'built like tanks'.

That being said, a guitar player friend went through 3 Feedback Destroyers before giving up on em.
And then there's the whole 'light behind the tube' on their T1953 pres...

So... My take: Some good/Some bad

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Re: Behringer products, are they good VFM and morso quality?

my take is that they make a few good pieces
headphone amps

anything else and you are bound to upgrade (what IVE never owned a tube pre with leds behind it, yeah right) anyway ive bought and sold my way to the gear i would never part with. its better and cheaper to buy good stuff first even if its only one piece.

other issue is their obvious patent infringment issues and the lawsuits they have gone through. Ethical issues there to navigate.
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Re: Behringer products, are they good VFM and morso quality?

spacedout trumped me, but I have a joke: B... is ok if it's not in the signal path
But seriously it's a mixed bag of variability, controversy and requirement
digital circuits are easy to approximately replicate, along with algorithms. I guess the cost goes up with quality analog I/O and reliable power supply, so they tend to cut corners.
Taking it beyond bare need for speed would require being knowledgeable like a wine connoisseur.
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Re: Behringer products, are they good VFM and morso quality?

I like to chime in.

Imagine you are running a project studio (or a big studio) and you have (paying) clients COMING IN as planned.

Question: do you buy a top preamp and relay on it, or is it better to have 2 not so top preamps (for a given budget)?
Well, if the client is in, and you have only one preamp, and it is top (very expensive) and it fails (this can happen), it is a disaster, isn't it?

But if you have a spare Behringer preamp, maybe the day is saved.

I am not saying that now everybody has to run and buy a Behringer preamp.
I am trying to give a different light to this subject.

Note: I have chosen the preamp for the sake of this topic, but I could choose a compressor,....
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Re: Behringer products, are they good VFM and morso quality?

Bit late but Regarding the ADA8000: Even if the power supply is a problem any good tech should be able to build you a new one, or fix the current one for a relatively low cost as long as the transformer doesn't need replacing. It'd probably be about 10 bucks in parts and maybe a hundred bucks in labour tops to seriously fix the thing up?

Also you have to look at your clients are. If these are clients who are used to using good gear and are paying decent money, you should be using decent (relative to the money) gear on them, otherwise you are cheating them. If you're clients are paying enough to justify getting better gear, don't even think about it, you owe it to them.
IMHO of course.
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Re: Behringer products, are they good VFM and morso quality?

The Powerplay PRO-XL headphone amp has been a good Behringer product for me. It's not a part of the recording or monitor chain, so the sound quality is not critical. It's got plenty of power for headphones.
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Re: Behringer products, are they good VFM and morso quality?

Oh, and the first band I was in, we had a 32 channel mixer that was pretty cool, but I think it was the pre Mackie lawsuit version, so their design may have changed after that.
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Re: Behringer products, are they good VFM and morso quality?

My experience has generally been good except for one big exception. I have 3 DEQ2496 Ultracurve but probably have had maybe 10 through my hands. Ver1 was totally unreliable, Ver2 are rock solid and a great bit of kit. Must say the Behringer service department were incredibly helpful over several years and just kept sending me replacement units FOC independent of where they were strictly speaking out or warranty or not. Have had on DOA crossover and have had to fix a couple of problems myself (analogue component failures) but the pricing allows me to play with things otherwise probably would not. On the one occasion I decided to spend a little more and bought a DBX Drive Rack PA, guess what DOA, half the display was blank and took several weeks to get a replacement. Its Auto EQ function did not seem as good as the DEQ2496 but XO and EQ in the same 1U space it V nice. Have recently bought a DCX2496 and whilst have not spent enough time with it yet, feel it could do with more memory if you really want to do a lot of processing
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