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Re: Control Room Acoustics

KlankOntwerp wrote: View Post
I'm currently rebuilding my small studio. The room behind me is not symmetrical (the angles are not 90 degrees; the left side is somewhat longer than the right side). I chose this as the rear wall because the front wall is symmetrical (except for a window on the right side). My plan is to make the rear wall act as a diffuser, at the same time compensating for the difference in length. The window is asymmetrically placed too, and I am really contemplating what to do with it. A little bit of daylight would be nice... So I was thinking about lexan in combination with absorption/diffusion right behind the speaker (on the lexan). Or else I will use the window as an extra bass trap (the window is about 20 cm deeper than the wall). Do all of you work without sunlight?
Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Daylight is good, but windows seem to get sacrificed for sound quickly if there is an auditory benefit.

Asymmetry is always a challenge, the right absorptive treatments minimize the downside.

A diagram and pics would be nice, maybe a few REW measurement files.
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Re: Control Room Acoustics

I have not used REW yet, only Fuzzmeasure. I know the problems and I am currently making a few boxes that I will place throughout the room and fix. Those boxes are made of wood and filled with rockwool. They will be 10 cm deep, 61 cm wide and 122 cm long and will include two layers of rockwool fixed to the backside. the front panel will resonate freely. I calculated the density of the front plate and together with the depth and rockwool know the resonance frequency is around 90 Hz, close to one of the worse standing waves in my room (45 Hz is another but I have to see how I can get rid of it without sacrificing space - I was thinking of placing some of the panels in the corners, maybe I'll get some double action that way, I have to see).

This is a rough sketch of my studio:

This is a waterfall spectral delay graph made with an ECM8000 at the sweet spot.

Note that the sketchup picture is not my real setup. My speakers are setup on stands, I only use a small table and sit at 38%. I have placed my speakers in the known 60 degree angles and the tweeters are never symmetrical in distances from floor/walls/ceiling (all distances are non-dividable). My sweet spot has soundproofing at the top and left and right wall, though this is only for frequencies above 300 Hz of course. Behind my sweet spot I have carpet on the floor (tightly woven, short hair) to control the chatter there. I understand my room is a bit dry but I prefer a bit dry above chatter (echoing of high frequencies). The room is (too) small anyway.

I am thinking about building a new table for my laptop and mixing table that will function as a bass trap. That way I can build a bass trap that is deeper than 20 cm without sacrificing space in the room. I understand it will be less functional than bass traps in the corners but I think it could help.

I have Adam A7X monitors as L & R and for surround I use three Yamaha HS50M. I understand they sound different (a little harsher) but I rarely have to mix surround and when I do it's for theater which will always be sound checked on locations. The surround speakers are placed in a circle around the sweet spot at 0 degrees and 110 degrees respectively. I do not have a sub (yet) although I use this in live theater (5.1) so I am still thinking of buying one. But... Because the studio is so small I wonder if this would make any sense because the sound waves do not fit in the studio. The studio walls (except the window side) are drywall though, so maybe they can propagate through the rest of the house and end up back in my studio though

Making sense or not: Now I cannot really mixdown the .1 so I probably need a sub (or better: an LFE) anyway, just to check the mix. I have not made any choice yet what kind of sub this would be because the standard Adam (and a lot of other studio monitor subs) seem to have quite a rolloff below 45 Hz which makes absolutely no sense to me in a .1 mix (yes I would like to go deeper please!).

So there are all my ponderings for now.
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Re: Control Room Acoustics

built a small studio , using a x-32 mixer. Need to measure and set-up the room acoustics.
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Re: Control Room Acoustics

Short, & simple, but very nice
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Re: Control Room Acoustics

If you have an unsymmetrical room, you may(read: must) deviate from the standard angles. Use our ears to find the optimum positions and angles for the stereo image only. Start from the 60 degrees. Move them inward and outward one at a time.

Use a laser on axis of the speaker and think about the reflection from the surface that is hits.

if you think you found an optimum, than remeasure using your ECM8000 and study the results. Repeat this until you think it can't get better and then position the surround units while taking the same approach.

Once you're done with that procedure, start installing absorbers designed on the basis of your last results.
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