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I am sure u will enjoy whatever u go with.
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RTS100x5 wrote: View Post

Almost every Harmoney Ive setup has to be tweaked through tech support because it repeats commands for STB - fios in particular - causing channel up down channel #'s to repeat several times - yes even with the programming adjustment sensitivity set to 0 it still does it on 8 out of 10 Harmony's ..2 or 3 calls gets it right but if they move the RF base even a little its back to the way it was.... SO frustrating that I only use URC now..
I use the 900 upstairs and the ultimate downstairs and can attest to what you described. I did have to change the settings on the 900 for everything to work proper. However the ultimate fixed everything and is an amazing remote. You can even add or remove buttons from the remote and it saves settings to the hub. For anyone willing to spend around 300 dollars on a remote it is worth a look. I actually found it on sale on the line and best buy price matched it. It blows the 900 out of the water and have had no issues with it to date. It has been in use 4 6 months or so now. One blaster is in front of my epson projector, the other is in front of my dvd, ps3 and receiver. Logitech actually just sent out a survey asking how to improve this remote to there customers.
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Re: Which Remote??

Maybe in some instances the harmony may have it's flaws however I've had my 900 for almost a year and it's been 100% problem free. I use both the IR and RF and love how responsive it it. Changing channels on my Cisco PVR has never been an issue. It comes with the RF receiver and two blasters as well as the RF base station is also a blaster and very powerful.
The 900 can be found for under $150 so a really great bargin.

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Re: Which Remote??

I'm using a URC R40 (does not require PC to program) with a Monoprice IR repeater to control all of my gear inside a closet. So far I'm very pleased with the results. Picked up my R40 on eBay for about $100 (open box in new condition).
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Sounds like we need to have a remote challenge one here.
I still need to get a remote and would love to know some of the ins and outs of each remote as it relates to the real world.
Lay out
Set up etc.

I can't find anywhere on the internet that has compared remote or control systems side by side.
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Greenster wrote: View Post
Sounds like we need to have a remote challenge one here.
I still need to get a remote and would love to know some of the ins and outs of each remote as it relates to the real world.
Lay out
Set up etc.

I can't find anywhere on the internet that has compared remote or control systems side by side.
Plus one for a challenge, i am sure universal would be the best choice for many based on user reviews. However the more I use my Harmony app off my android the more I enjoy my ultimate with the hub. I have never used the better universal remotes though. So I could never say which is better.
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Quality of the remote comes down to programming. That will differ greatly from person to person.
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Re: Which Remote??

It's all about how you use it - that's for sure. That said, how you program a remote is dependent on its features and how easy and intuitive it is to access them.

I've used the Harmony One and 900 extensively. They are pretty intuitive without sacrificing a lot of programming power. That said, there are some pretty serious limits if you're using it for advanced tasks.

Some of my complaints:
- You can't pick the image to associate with the soft buttons on the One (you can on the 900, but only from a library, I believe)
- There is no way to program buttons to do things when no activity is selected, or maintain state separate from an activity (think - lighting, blinds, etc)
- There is no way to easily copy a set of soft buttons to several activities - you have to manually define the buttons for each activity (lighting, sound modes, etc)
- You have to use the Logitech software to program it, which is web-based and pretty slow.
- The software hides some options in unintuitive places, but Google can help with that.

Some things that are really good:
- They have the codes. I have not had to program more than a couple buttons over about 25 devices (lifetime, not using all at any one time...).
- Basic setup is really fast. Tell it what you have, how it is connected - done, start using it. Make incremental changes when you find things you don't like about the defaults
- Advanced options allow you to do most of the things you want - like leave the PS3 on when you go to watch TV, or dim the lights when you hit play before telling the BluRay to play, or do specific things as soon as you enter or leave an activity, or control the power-on/off order of devices
- the RF-to-IR box is pretty good for the 900
- 900 allows you to easily select which RF-to-IR box to use for each device
- The Help button almost always fixes things if they get out of sync (which is a problem with IR in general, not the remotes) - especially if your equipment has discrete on/off and input codes
- Rechargeable and good battery life
- Price is on the low end of fair for what it is, in my opinion
- I have to have real buttons for most things - fully touch interfaces require you to look at them, and I don't look at my remote often.

Bottom line - I love them. I've done some looking around and have not found anything with that amount of power that is commercially supported, in a nice looking package, and affordable.
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Totally agree it's very important to have programmed well thought out macros. And a nice flexible touchscreen is really cool with ample hard buttons. That said MANY ht dudes like the do it yourself solutions. Can't blame anybody for that. Harmony wins easily for the do it yourselfer.
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Re: Which Remote??

I retired my old Harmony 890 when I had to push harder and harder on the most used buttons to get them to work. It did however, last long enough to wear out 2 of its battery packs. I just read where the Touch's battery is not replaceable.

I finally popped for the Harmony Touch 3 weeks ago when I could no longer adjust the volume with the 890 no matter how hard I pushed the buttons. I, by far, prefer buttons to this touch screen. It is really annoying how often one accidentally brushes against it causing it to switch activities, or turn things off - not to mention you have to look at it in order to do most things. And by looking at it, I don't mean a quick glance. No, no, no, you have to fixate on it long enough to navigate through screen after screen to find what you need. The favorites list of icons would be cool...if they weren't microscopic!

I would trade this Harmony Touch for an 890 with RF repeater in a New York minute. Anyone know how to make the IR blaster that came with the 890 work with the Touch?

Perhaps I'll grow accustom to it as I did the 890. I still think it is the easiest remote to set up compared with every other remote I've used. Even though there are some things about it that I'm not real happy with, it beats the universal remote that came with my Marantz AV8003. An MX something or other. That thing took forever to program with its Wizzit software. Even after it was programmed it was impossible for anyone but me to use it, and I absolutely hated using it, preferring to use 3 or 4 device remotes rather than try to figure that thing out.

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