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Re: IR Repeater installation

Hi guys,

Hopefully someone might be able to help me wiring my IR repeater to my Grafik Eye QS.

This is the IR repeater I am using. Unfortunately both the repeater and the GE QS manuals are pretty light on information.

Can anyone tell me what sort of voltages the GE QS is expecting when you wire up an IR emitter to the GE? I can control the GE with my harmony 1000 when pointing at the GE IR sensor. I can control it using an IR repeater if I place a bug/flasher in front of the GE IR sensor.

However when I wire a cable with a 3.5mm jack on one end into the GE IR posts nothing works. I have checked the continuity of the cable and it is fine. The voltage down the cable does change when the repeater is receiving commands and passing them on.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: IR Repeater installation

I recently had a similar problem with my IR system that had me pulling my hair out. Continuity in my wiring checked out fine, and I ended up replacing every piece in the system trying to track down the problem.

Turned out to be the last thing I would have expected: The power supply. The problem was one that slowly developed over the course of several months, so apparently my power supply gradually wasn’t putting out like it once had. I noticed that Xantech’s current power supplies had a higher current rating than the one mine came with 10 years ago. So I replaced the power supply and now everything works fine. And I have enough duplicate parts for a second IR system, if I ever need one.

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Re: IR Repeater installation

Hey All,
I thought I'd plough through the multiple layers of user sign-up security built into this forum to say "Thanks!" to the helpful people on this thread. I went with the setup described by the original poster and it went flawlessly. I used cat5e for the wiring which was cheap and easy. I have 3 flashers (one for future expansion). The IR parts I bought all came from a supplier in Ottawa (which was awesome because I'm in Canada). This is the icing on the cake to my biggest AV project where I bought an HDMI 4x4 matrix switch from Monoprice so I can send my PS3 and HD PVR signals to any combination of TVs in the house. I can start playing PS3 games in the basement, then finish in bed upstairs with barely a moments interruption. We keep the same PVR content for any screen in the house. Wifey is super happy, which is always key! I'm thinking the whole thing probably cost about $800-$1000 (conservatively), and the way I see it, if I could go to a store and buy a box that does this exact same thing I'd probably pay even more than that.

The only challenging part was fishing all the wiring without leaving my walls looking like swiss cheese. A nice roll of fish tape is definitely your friend here!

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Re: IR Repeater installation

new comer to the site, i found it thru looking for a suggestion for an IR repeater and universal remote,
My question is with a budget of around $350 what is the suggestion for a universal Remote and an IR repeater to handle 4 components plus an Apple TV, I would like not to have to run a separate HDMI for the Apple Tv and use the same universal remote for all components. thanks for your help.
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Re: IR Repeater installation

If you can do the programming a URC MX-350 and MRF-260 would work fine with that application and I have done it many times.

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Re: IR Repeater installation

Another option that I've had good experience with is the Hot Link Pro XL made by Microsmith - its pretty cheap I think I paid about $100, and its more of an all in one package, vs. the xantech where you pick and choose components. The IR Receiver is connected to the head (w/ emitters) by cat5, and can run 200' they say.

My HT construction thread

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Re: IR Repeater installation

I've got a question that hopefully someone can help me with.
I have a Xantech 789-44 and I just broke the IR receiver off the receiving cable. (I then lost the diode). Basically all I'm looking for is a IR reciever that has just 3 wires coming off the receiver. Because of my setup this is easier than one with a 3.5mm jack at the end of the cable; however, I could always just cut the jack off and use the wires.

I effectively want something that looks like this:

But is a receiver not a flasher. I also understand the receiver will be a little bit bigger, but I'm looking for the most minimalist design possible.


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Re: IR Repeater installation

I just got an IR repeater system and it doesn't work with most of my components. How frustrating. They must be just outside of its frequency range.
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EPA search for dinky link as that is the common name used, you should find quite a few online in table top, surface mount or in-cabinet designs. The in-cabinet would be your best bet just make sure it is compatible with your display as many older versions will have problems with picking up stray frequencies from plasma and LCD displays.

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And various others but too much to list.
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Thumbs up IR Repeater installation

Hey Buddy!

I am glad to find this site to talk IR repeater with you. I am a Chinese supplier of electronic items such as IR repeater, VGA splitter, HDMI splitter, Stud/metal/Voltage detector(DIY tool), Alcohol tester etc.

For the IR repeater system, there are two models. One is with fixed frequency like 38 Khz and 56 Khz. So people may encounter problem when using this fixed frequencey type. Now, we developed a broad frequency type(25-60Khz).
Our IR repeater system including:
1)A receiver, A repeater box and Up to 4(dual) emitters--8 connectors to 8 different devices
2)We have both USB or Adapter power supplier. For USB power supplier, the maximum q'ty of connector are 4.
For Adapter power supply, we can make it to 8 connectors or more.

On request, I could provide more detailed information for your reference. PLS feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.
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