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Re: What brand & model remote do you use?

Harmony One
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Re: What brand & model remote do you use?

Harmony 659. Best remote I've ever found. Perfect peanut shape, so comfy to use. Uses standard batteries so I don't have to muck with custom chargers. (I use Eneloops and just rotate a fresh set in anytime it runs low... which is measured in months.)

Almost all hard buttons, and soft buttons on the LCD for the few custom features you need. Best backlight EVER on a remote... but rarely needed since it's so well laid out, it's really easy to operate by touch.

I have one in the LR, one in the MBR, and I've set up two at my parent's, another two at my in-law's, and several other random ones for friends. They all rave about them as well.

My first one died after 5+ years of hard daily service, and I picked up another cheap on eBay. I'll be buying a couple more at one point just to have spares, because the newer ones seem to be headed in the wrong way, IMO.

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Re: What brand & model remote do you use?

I"ve been using a URC MX-500 forever it seems and I'm quite used to it's functions, but lately I've been intrigued by some of the Harmony's, namely the Harmony One. I like the idea that Harmony's can updated on the website without much trouble as they have a listing for your particular equipment, so it looks like I'll be watching for a good deal on one of these.
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Re: What brand & model remote do you use?

I've been looking for a remote that can control my Lutron IR light switch, but be able to do the delayed time from a scene selection.

I don't know of one that can do that though yet . Can anyone chime in?
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Re: What brand & model remote do you use?

What exactly do you mean by "but be able to do the delayed time from a scene selection."

I know most of the programmable remotes can control the Lutron IR based switches, and URC even has some re-branded lutron switches which they can control via RF.

Pronto, URC, RTI, and even Harmony have delay options which can be built into Macros.

ISF Certified, HAA Trained, THX Installer I, Crestron Level II programmer, URC and RTI trained.
And various others but too much to list.
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Re: What brand & model remote do you use?

Products I have used personally included URC MX-500, MX-850, MX-900, MX-950 and Crestron controllers with ML-500/ML-600 which are re-branded MX-850s. I am currently using a Crestron processor with an older TPMC-10 touchscreen tablet and iPhone applications.

I have installed/programmed just about every brand out there and most models. I prefer little things in each brands devices but always end up going back to URC due to manufacturer support and the huge users base. I actually just installed my first Total Control system and that was fun, will be a nice system to compete with Control4 and Crestron Prodigy.

ISF Certified, HAA Trained, THX Installer I, Crestron Level II programmer, URC and RTI trained.
And various others but too much to list.
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Re: What brand & model remote do you use?

I use a URC-RFS200 Power Pack set-up Amazon link here

The URC is more capable, in some ways: no need for line-of-sight (as it is both IR & RF based). this also makes for a great 2nd zone (or part time 2nd zone) remote. It is easier to program in IR signals from other remotes vs. Harmony. However the Harmony database is usually stocked w/most codes.

For ease of initial programming and troubleshooting I give the edge to Harmony - they even have an on remote help guide that goes through a series of Std troubleshooting commands with simple question like "did this work?" which my wife adores - she loves to just press a macro button and not wait for ~3 seconds until the macro has finished its thing (though not an issue so much with the URC remote - being RF).

And a Harmony 520 amazon link here

I got the Harmony refurbished from Logitech for $30 and it is a great deal! Love the ease of programming it and the ever expanding data base. You will need a computer with internet and UBS; probably not an issue as you are posting here though.

**** Most importantly (or maybe not) my wife happily uses the Harmony with little to no issues and she still refuses to use the URC remote. I just don't get it. Although my 7 yr old can use either ,and program either too! ****
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Re: What brand & model remote do you use?

Harmony 700. It's not entirely adequate for my main home theater needs at only 6 supported devices, but I was hesitant to buy the Harmony One since it's an old product and at the time I bought the 700 (last Spring), I was sure that Logitech was going to replace it with a new model. Alas, that has not happened.
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Re: What brand & model remote do you use?

Been using a URC MX-900 for a while and am very happy with it for the most part. Programming is very flexible, for my needs anyway. A couple things I don't like, though, poor feedback/feel when pushing a button...no 'click' or 'clunk' feel, just kind of spongy. The buttons also require a little more force to push down and 'take' than other remotes. Oh, the button coating isn't especially durable either. It's very slowly fading away. URC's older Gemstone style buttons were the best.
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Hello, I have a couple I have been playing with over the years. My current rig is a MX-980 and it does everything I could ask of it...But it does not want to work with the RF pieces for some reason. I have called URC and they said there was a problem with some of them but no solution as yet. I have all my equipment in a smaller 5' rack behind my theater chairs and they block the IR going to my xbox. I also have several MX-850's and a MX-3000 to do something with I guess. I have used plenty of harmony's and I do like them but some of my customers want something a bit more custom. I am now getting into RTI after a 4 year hiatus, have a customer with 12 year old remotes and finally time to upgrade. Anyone try their new RTIpanel app? Supposed to be very cool and give a lot of control options...thanks...H. Roark
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