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REW V5 Beta feedback

Please post all comments, issues etc on the REW V5 beta release here. The beta files are available in the downloads area, a summary of the new features can be found here. Hope you like it

Latest update (16th January 2011, Beta 9)
  • Increased the maximum number of measurements to 30
  • Added Thiele-Small Parameter calculation tool
  • Added an overlay graph in the main window, second graph in list
  • Selection states of traces in single measurement graphs (not overlays) are remembered for the next startup
  • Added option in SPL log graph controls to show times as time of day
  • Added Tools menu entry and ctrl+shift+O shortcut to show the SPL Logger window
  • Right side of SPL Log window is automatically updated when traces reach right edge
  • Greatly reduced the graphics and processor load when logging SPL data
  • SPL logger time axis was limited to 500s max (now allows 24h span)
  • Cursor position on SPL log graph was not shown as hh:mm:ss
  • SPL log trace values were offset by 1 sample
  • Last SPL Logger axis settings were not restored on next powerup
  • Traces below valid frequency were not shown dashed when smoothing was applied
  • When IR windows were not under REW automatic control the frequency resolution in the IR windows frame did not update correctly and the window edges on the impulse plot were not shown correctly
  • Measurement info frame was not closed when all measurements were removed
  • Calibration message was not visible when setting refR to zero for Impedance measurement calibration
  • Impedance measurement reference resistor value was not restored on next startup
  • Adjusted RTA "Forever" average to fix trace error that occurred after several hours
  • Updated measurement info window to correctly label data range for impedance measurements
  • Reminder about calibration shown on measurement dialog if measuring impedance and calibration not done
  • Filter export failed if there were no filters active
  • Under OS X launching REW by double-clicking an mdat file would give a null pointer exception after loading the measurements
  • Reduce height of Preferences window if screen height less than 640 pixels

12th December 2010 (Beta 8):
  • Revamped SPL meter with full integrating and logging functionality including equivalent sound level and sound exposure level. Meter uses mic/meter and soundcard calibration and allows A, C or Z weighting. SPL values can be logged and saved to file.
  • Added a message at end of SPL meter calibration showing the maximum SPL that can be recorded without clipping
  • Removed the SPL meter calibration controls from the Mic/Meter Preferences
  • Changed the "Averaged" overlay graph to an "Arithmetic" graph, adding the ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide, vector average and merge pairs of measurements as well as SPL average sets of measurements
  • Allow multiple SPL Average measurements to be generated and their names to be edited
  • Added All Pass filters to Generic and MiniDSP equalisers
  • Added an "Adjust RTA Levels" option to shift RTA plot levels so they correspond to sweep levels
  • RTA now updates plot at input capture rate (every 8k samples) and overlaps FFT blocks. The degree of overlap is shown in RTA window title and can be lmiited by an overlap control. An Update Interval control has been added to allow the rate at which the plot is redrawn to be reduced if processor loading is too high.
  • Added option to write filters to both banks of BFD DSP1124P and FBQ2496
  • Remember BFD DSP1124P bank and preset and FBQ2496 bank for next startup
  • Changed 96PPO log spaced conversion to be off by default
  • Phase trace defaults to not selected
  • Measurement cal file dialogs default to directories of default cal files
  • Added all smoothing steps to the graph menu, removed smoothing selector box from SPL & Phase and GD graph groups
  • Added default impulse response window width controls to the Analysis preferences
  • EQ match settings (match range, boost allowed, flatness) remembered for next startup
  • Forced dot as the decimal format separator for MinDSP file exports
  • Fixed occasional incorrect downward blip in VU meter peak bars
  • Measurement plots did not appear on RTA panel when axis was set to dB FS

27th October 2010:
  • Fixed bug that stopped EQ target match running for some measurements

24th October 2010
  • Added a MiniDSP EQ setting (same filters as Generic), filter coefficients are saved to file for use with the MiniDSP advanced plugin
  • Generic equaliser setting now allows 0.01Hz frequency adjustments below 100Hz
  • Added "LPQ" and "HPQ" 2nd order LP and HP filters with adjustable Q for Generic and MiniDSP equalisers
  • Added checks for sensible target level before running Match to Target (within 10dB of REW estimate and less than 75% of the span lying above or below the target)
  • EQ window target settings now operate without a measurement loaded
  • EQ Window pole-zero plot can now show filter poles/zeroes without having to load a measurement
  • Added new graph "Filtered IR" to view octave and one-third octave filtered impulse response for ISO 3382 acoustic decay parameters, when a filter is active all traces are affected, which is indicated by (for example) [500Hz 1/3] in the trace name in the graph legend
  • Show the EDT, T20, T30 and Topt traces separately on the individual measurement RT60 plot
  • Extended the one-third octave RT60 values to include the 63 and 80Hz bands
  • Show correlation coefficient in RT60 decay time trace name when selected for display
  • Show Schroeder integral dB range used to derive Topt in trace name
  • Removed Schroeder trace from Impulse graph, now shown on Filtered IR graph
  • Modified Schroeder calculation to use the 1st point the IR exceeds 1% of the peak as the start time (previously used the time of the peak)
  • Added a most-recently-used list to the File menu for measurement files and imported impulse response files
  • Added an option in the graph image capture to choose whether the cursor is included
  • Added a check box on the soundcard settings to enable a high pass filter (for use if the soundcard has a DC offset)
  • Allowed an additional soundcard error message to be suppressed (no input mixers)
  • Added help section on the basics of signals and measurements
  • Added help section on what EQ can and cannot do for us
  • Added an Analysis setting to allow responses to be plotted at frequencies below the minimum valid frequency for the current IR window width (drawn dashed below valid frequency)
  • Exported response data starts at lowest frequency in measurement even if this is below the min valid freq for the current IR window
  • Reduced waterfall smoothing from 1/24 octave to 1/48 octave
  • Added a check box in View Preferences to control whether a confirmation is requested when removing an unsaved measurement, box also shown on the confirmation dialog
  • Added a File menu entry to restore the last measurement that was removed (places it at end of measurement list)
  • Added a new colour scheme for spectrograms, "Copper", and a gamma control to alter the color scale distribution
  • Added an entry under the File -> Export menu to set the character to use as a delimiter for measurements exported as text
  • Window widths for IR windows, spectrogram, waterfall and decay allow 1 decimal place for values < 10, min value of 0.5ms
  • Modified the input warning messages to better distinguish between measured and reference input errors
  • Increased interval between filters on FBQ Midi transfer to 1200ms (from 1000ms) after report of intermittent filter loading, added a control to adjust the delay in the Comms Preferences
  • Speeded up deleting of old measurements to make way for new
  • Use circles instead of squares to show trace data points
  • Prevented REW altering mixer volume controls unless the check boxes for controlling volume are selected
  • RT60 and ETC overlay tooltips did not show measurement notes
  • Filter Q and T60 controls were not enabled correctly after sorting
  • Modal simulation impulse was inverted when including response filters
  • If impulse is inverted, equalised impulse should be inverted also
  • Change Cal panel mic/meter cal file text did not update when changing inverse C check box
  • Inverse C flag was not being applied for predicted measurement
  • 1/6th octave smoothing was missing from the graph menu
  • Offset spinner in SPL & Phase controls did not update when a different measurement was selected
  • Switching between normal and time-reversed filtering for RT60 calculations could sometimes give erroneous values in some bands
  • Improved overall max boost limiting in Match Target function
  • Faster and more precise IR envelope calculation
  • More precision for ETC smoothing selection
  • Fixed possible exception when importing long impulse responses
  • Changed default for individual EQ filter boost max to 9dB and overall max boost to 0dB

Known issues
  • Under OS X the waterfall plot can be obscured by the grid when the waterfall is generated, workaround is to move the mouse cursor over the measurement name in the legend panel below the graph.

Beta 5 2nd August 2010:
  • Added modal analysis feature in EQ window with an associated pole-zero plot type
  • Updated EQ Window help to cover modal analysis features and pole-zero plot
  • Changed REW icon and splash image
  • Zero-pad imported impulse responses so they span at least 1 second
  • Removed "Calculate Phase" buttons from SPL & Phase controls and Overlay Phase controls, can use Apply Windows if phase not present on an old measurement
  • Reduced button left/right border space on displays with horz resolution <= 1024 pixels
  • Added button in EQ panel to collapse/expand the task panes on right hand side
  • Updated help files, added Tools menu help
  • Faster waterfall, decay and spectrogram generation
  • If a window gets too narrow to show all its graph select buttons a continuation button is shown which brings up a list of the other graphs that can be selected
  • Added a check box to the update notification to allow beta versions found during automatic update checks to be ignored
  • Improvements in Modal simulation tool
  • "New version" dialog will show info about the features of the available version
  • Changed labelling of Modal filters from "MO" to "Modal"
  • Modified plot interpolation to prevent under/overshoot near large transients
  • Put the measurement number back in the EQ window title
  • Disable predicted phase and predicted SPL traces for impedance measurements, predictions only valid for SPL measurements
  • Added tooltips showing the measurement notes for traces in the overlay window
  • Allowed longer measurement names
  • Modified the trace color chooser dialog to add a "Set Default Colours" button that sets all trace colours to the defaults
  • Fixed a bug with waterfall, decay and spectrogram plots that caused the plots to be shifted along the frequency axis for window widths < 100ms in some circumstances
  • Fixed a minor graph redraw bug
  • Fixed a bug with Gaussian window at long window durations
  • Fixed bug in handling of RH scroll bar on graphs
  • Fixed a bug that meant AWT file dialog was used under Windows, should only be used under OS X

New Features/Changes in V5
  • New user interface
  • Separate Overlay, RTA and EQ windows
  • Increased max measurements to 20
  • Added an "SPL & Phase" graph group to show magnitude and phase of current tab with controls to unwrap the phase
  • Added button to estimate the IR delay (by cross correlation with a minimum phase converted version of the IR)
  • Added a "Phase" graph group to show the phase response of measurements
  • Added a "Group Delay" graph group to show the group delay of measurements
  • With the addition of the phase & group delay plots absolute time becomes important, so a left channel loopback can be used as a timing reference (selected via the Analysis Settings), the old use of "left as cal ref" has been removed as has the "System Delay" from the info panel, no longer valid with left as timing ref.
  • Added a step response plot to the impulse graph group and a step responses overlay graph group
  • Added spectrogram display
  • Added impedance measurement
  • Waterfall and spectral decay minimum window widths reduced to 0.5ms (from 50ms), min waterfall range reduced to 10ms (from 200ms)
  • Waterfall maximum window width increased to 1500ms, maximum time range increased to 1500ms
  • Decay maximum window width increased to 1500ms
  • Waterfall time range and window settings remembered for next startup
  • Waterfall automatically updated if window or time range are changed
  • Button added to restore default waterfall settings
  • Decay time step and window settings remembered for next startup
  • Decay automatically updated if window or time step are changed
  • Button added to restore default decay settings
  • Assigned shortcut keys to the graph corner buttons (Alt+G for Generate etc)
  • Frequency responses are converted to logarithmically spaced data at 96 points per octave if this uses less memory than linearly spaced data, provided the associated check box is selected in the Analysis settings (it is selected by default)
  • Changed RTA averaging to offer exponential with varying filter factor and a "Forever" linear average
  • Modified the check levels routine on the measurement panel to use subcal for sweep end <= 300Hz, spkrcal for sweep that includes 500..2000Hz or a custom pink that spans the sweep range otherwise
  • Changed ETC y axis default to percent
  • File previewer shows delta frequency and data length for MLSSA .frq files
  • MLSSA .frq exports limited to 32k samples
  • Text exports of measurements are limited to 65,530 rows so data can be pasted into spreadsheets with 64k row limits
  • Small changes to the format of the IR exported as text to allow easier parsing of the file
  • Changed default freq axis setting for waterfall and spectral decay plots to logarithmic
  • Added option in Save Graph As JPEG dialog to include the graph legend
  • Graph JPEGs optionally include the title of the graph and show whether smoothing has been applied
  • Added option in Save Graph As JPEG dialog to include a line of text to appear under the title
  • Added a Cancel button to the exit warning dialog which appears if there are unsaved measurements
  • Made the y axis grid steps independent for each Y axis type
  • When saving a measurement the filename defaults to the measurement name
  • Graph cursor shows level as well as frequency
  • Automatic trace highlighting when the mouse cursor is placed over the trace legend name. This changes the trace plotting order so that the highlighted trace is drawn last, on top of all others, and with a translucent background to help it stand out. Particularly useful for overlay plots.
  • Label the fundamental with "1" when showing distortion harmonics on the RTA plot, draw labels on translucent background
  • The IR start time can be offset by a specified time as well as a specified number of samples
  • Added Alt+Up Arrow and Alt+Down Arrow shortcuts to select the previous or next measurement respectively
  • Mic/meter and soundcard calibrations accept phase as well as SPL corrections
  • Soundcard calibration procedure generates phase as well as SPL corrections
  • The individual data points in the stimulus, captured and impulse traces are shown when the trace is zoomed in sufficiently (this can be turned on/off via the trace controls panel in each case)
  • Added an Analysis setting to select between setting the zero time for the impulse response at the peak of the impulse or at the first point the response goes above 1% of peak energy (10% of peak level)
  • Added support for impulse response import from AIFF files
  • FR thumbnail is updated when smoothing is changed
  • Mic/Meter and Soundcard cal data are held within the mdat file
  • Mic/Meter and Soundcard cal filenames are shown on the measurement panel
  • Mic/Meter and Soundcard cal full file paths are shown in the Info Panel
  • If, when a measurement which does not contain cal data is loaded, the cal files it used match the current default cal files they are automatically copied into the measurement
  • Added 1/6 octave smoothing shortcut ctrl+shift+6
  • Allow semicolon as value separator in imported data
  • Added cut/copy/paste popup menu for measurement notes area
  • Changed default interpolation for house curves to logarithmic
  • Impulse Response import from .wav/.aiff/.pcm takes first 256k samples (was 128k)
  • Increased font size for help text by 1 point
  • SPL meter cal allows cal ref values up to 150dB (previous 100dB limit too low in some cases)

EQ Features
  • Separate EQ window with split screen graph display, the top graph is like the old Filter Adjust graph, while below that there are plots of either the waterfall for the measurement or the impulse response. The divider between the upper and lower plots can be moved by dragging it.
  • In the Filter Tasks pane there is a "Match filters to Target" that uses some new algorithms to assign EQ filters to bring the measured response onto the target response (as selected/adjusted from the Target pane)
  • The Predicted results of EQ can be seen on the waterfall and impulse response displays with optional live update as filter settings are changed
  • Modal analysis feature added to determine room resonances
  • Predicted results are generated by applying filters directly to the measurement impulse response
  • There is a new Modal (MO) filter type to help targeting modal resonances, it is a convenience for configuring a PK filter to match a specific mode decay time. To match any particular mode RT60 time the filter bandwidth needs to be adjusted whenever the filter gain is changed, when the "MO" type is selected and the required RT60 time dialled up REW will control the bandwidth to match the gain you select, and alter the bandwidth if you adjust the gain.
  • Added options to fill the filter responses, show individual filter responses and fill the individual responses on the filter Adjust graph page
  • EQ controls accelerate when arrow buttons held down
  • Added a "Predicted Phase" overlay group
  • Took filter sort key and direction selection out of Equaliser settings and put them on filters panel, added bandwidth and area sort keys
  • To change the currently selected measurement from the EQ panel (or anywhere else) use Alt+the number of the measurement, e.g. Alt+1 to select the first measurement

Bug fixes (from V4)
  • Waterfall and decay plots were sometimes drawn incorrectly when frequency axis was linear
  • Using left as ref caused boosting of LF noise
  • Changing EQ type did not realign internal filter settings to match ranges and resolutions of newly selected EQ
  • Start time of captured data trace on scope plot was at -1s when not using left channel as ref
  • Trace graph label was not immediately updated when measurement name was changed
  • Rounding errors could accumulate when full range measurements were exported as text giving incorrect frequencies at the end of the file
  • Data import failed on data using comma as decimal separator
  • Values in MLSSA .frq exports were dB SPL, changed to linear magnitude
  • Adding trace offset to data when trace was smoothed would result in the offset being lost when smoothing was changed
  • Check box for regression line on impulse response page is only enabled when y axis is dB FS
  • ETC smoothing spinner on impulse controls page was not updated when changing between measurements
  • Corrected direction of y axis scroll bar
  • Mic/Meter cal file trace is active if "C weighted SPL meter" is selected
  • Corrected part number and image for Radio Shack 1/8" to RCA Y adaptor cable in help
  • When smoothing is applied to a measurement the Predicted trace now correctly shows the effect of smoothing the filtered measurement
  • The Predicted trace now correctly shows the effect of IR windowing the filtered measurement
  • The RTA graph showed dB values for the current saved measurement even when the axis was set to dB FS
  • Soundcard level at 1kHz could be reported incorrectly in soundcard measurement
  • Added filename validation to restrict saved filenames to alphanumeric, -, . and _ characters as certain illegal characters (e.g. ":") could cause internal errors
  • Minimum displayed frequency would not reduce to reflect correct minimum for IR window width
  • Peak sample in filter or impulse responses exported as WAV could be inverted
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Re: REW V5 Beta feedback

wow, looks great!

i'm already checking out my waterfalls and spectograms, and the new ui is excellent.

would / could the prospect of scaleograms be used for polar maps?

thanks al
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Re: REW V5 Beta feedback

Thank you, John. This will be an adventure figuring out the new displays and what all the information means, especially the effect of converting the impulse response to minimum phase.

Playing with the SPL and Phase window, for a particular measurement dataset I can change the smoothing from Smooth 1/1 to Smooth 1/24, but it does not seem to let me select No Smoothing. When I try, the pulldown switches to 1/24. I've not yet tried comparing the resulting display to v4.11 to see if the displayed data is really unsmoothed or 1/24. If it matters, I see this loading a pre-existing v4.11 .mdat file, I've not yet tried generating a new one. This is on the Windows version, running on XP.

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Re: REW V5 Beta feedback

i can select no smoothing fine in the same window from a v4.11 mdat.. i'm running wondows 7 though?
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Re: REW V5 Beta feedback

laser188139 wrote: View Post
for a particular measurement dataset I can change the smoothing from Smooth 1/1 to Smooth 1/24, but it does not seem to let me select No Smoothing. When I try, the pulldown switches to 1/24.
The default behaviour for REW V5 is to convert the measurements to log spaced at 96PPO if the resulting file would be smaller than leaving the data linearly spaced (usually the case if the end frequency is above 1kHz or so). To allow 96PPO sampling the data has to be smoothed to prevent aliasing, hence you cannot go back to a completely unsmoothed measurement in that case. There is an option in the Analysis settings to control whether the 96PPO log spaced conversion is used, it would usually be worth allowing it.
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Re: REW V5 Beta feedback

JohnM wrote: View Post
... There is an option in the Analysis settings to control whether the 96PPO log spaced conversion is used, it would usually be worth allowing it.
That explains it, John. I saw the same issue when generating a new measurement, even on a sub measurement to just 400Hz (but with a maximum 1M sweep length). I disabled the 96PPO log spaced conversion, generated a new measurement, and No smoothing is an available option and the initial selection.

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Re: REW V5 Beta Feedback

Crashes on my MacBook Pro 15 Core 2 Duo on launch. OSX 10.5.8.
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Re: REW V5 Beta Feedback


Error during launching the application.

I am on Linux (Ubuntu Lucid) and use java 1.6.0_20.

The GUI start to open but freeze during launching.

This error is report:
$ java -jar RoomEQ_Wizard_obf.jar
2 mai 2010 10:28:30 roomeqwizard.RoomEQ_Wizard main
INFO: Room EQ Wizard started
2 mai 2010 10:28:30 roomeqwizard.RoomEQ_Wizard main
GRAVE: Error during startup java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jdesktop/jxlayer/plaf/LayerUI

The jxlayer.jar is present in the current directory (with RoomEQ_Wizard_obf.jar).

Thank you
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Re: REW V5 Beta Feedback

Java crashes on my Mac Mini with OSX 10.6.3

It works smoothly on Windows 7.
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Re: REW V5 Beta Feedback

newsound wrote: View Post
Crashes on my MacBook Pro 15 Core 2 Duo on launch. OSX 10.5.8.
antani wrote: View Post
Java crashes on my Mac Mini with OSX 10.6.3
Please look in the log files in your home directory under library -> logs -> REW to see if any error messages have been recorded there.
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