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First graph

I just got a BFD last night, and did some tests using the ECM-8000, I'll be able to play a lot more tonight and during the weekend (I only slept 4 hours because I could not refrain from "playing" a bit with what I could get).

I had been using the eq on the receiver before getting the BFD, and I only used one -6 db @ 40 Hz since that is my highest peak. I removed that before modifying anything again since my HD-A1 is connected via the analog inputs (I am not using HDMI since my TV is a Loewe Aconda set with only component inputs, and the HD-A1 does not support component video + HDMI audio) and I didn't want my other sources to have an extra filter there.

Here is my unfiltered response from my primary listening position.

First graph-original.jpg

It is slightly different from measurements I made about a month ago, but since I started late at night I didn't bother much fiddling with it, I was indeed impatient to try it.

After several filters (I think it was seven of them, I believed the mdat file saved the filter values and I didn't the paper where I wrote them to the office) and a raise in the sub volume I ended with the following graph:

First graph-result.jpg

But I wanted to see how much could be done and although I've read here it is a no-no, I did add some boosts to the mix and got the next graph. If I remember correctly they are:

20 Hz +4 Q10
55 Hz +8 Q10

First graph-gain.jpg

I believe I can do a better job with more time, what do you guys recommend?

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Re: First graph

Looks good. Further tweaking might get a better “looking” graph, but you probably won’t hear much difference.

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Re: First graph

Thanks Wayne I understand what you mean, tweaking it to look better won't get me any difference in sound.

But I went ahead and redid the thing and it turned out to be for my benefit since I had been entering the data in the wrong way to the BFD due to my hastiness. I didn't set REW to display the EQ values for the BFD 1124p, I had it as "Generic Equalizer" and I simply assumed the Q was the value to enter under bandwidth. I was taking some measurements and noticed my foolish mistake, redid the whole thing and ended like this with no boosts:

First graph-final.jpg

I am way happier now and I was deeply impressed t how precise REW predictions are on the effect of filters. Now, to listen to some music and find out how I like it. Suggestions are more than welcome.
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Re: First graph

Hey Snatcher,

How's the listening tests going after BFD/REW tweaks?

I'm in the process of calibrating right now and wonder how you like the difference in sound.


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Re: First graph

They went great Phil, thanks for asking. I must say that I can listen to a lot of detail that I didn't was there, and I also can raise the volume a lot more. Since I had that huge peak at 30-40Hz I was used to a very different experience. I played mostly music on Saturday, and when doing A-B comparisons with the BFD in bypass and with the filters on, teh difference was very noticeable.

I did have to explain to my girlfriend and a friend what the difference was about and allow them to listen to several tracks, but it was very obvious there was a difference. They could hear that with the BFD Off, there was more volume but in a bad way. And they did appreciate the higher detail revealed when the BFD was on.

Then, my friend asked me to test a movie. I selected Innocence (Ghost in the Shell 2) on Blu-ray and I was amazed. The experience was new again and I could feel the emotion, I must say I was really happy with the results. I also had to change teh Phase after using the BFD. Apparently my peaks were in phase before hand, and after removing them I had to invert the phase and got an even better integration.

Of course I listened to a bunch of HD-DVDs after that, including the NiN concert, Superman and V for Vendetta and was equally amazed by the great sound.

But I was more impressed when listening to the Pink panther Theme on SACD, the detail was very rich and integrated. I don't know how to describe it.

There are still some doubts there, like how "hot" I'd like to run teh sub over the mains, right now I have it running 3 db hot.

I also tweaked a bit the response when integrating it with the mains, I don't know if this is right or not.. I am experimenting. I want to ask a few questions heer after I do some graphs regarding that.. but mainly it is about having a more even response just before the crossover point when testing with the mains and sub. I have some bumps at 80 Hz and 100 Hz, is it recommended to "flatten" those to a more even curve when both are on?

I'd like you guys to give me your opinion in this matter, I will post the graphs of the situation tonight so I can explain the situation better. Thansk a lot, I really love the results and am learning a lot from you guys.
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