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Re: More filters for MiniDSP? (Save predicted as measurement?)

Only level controls I see are all set to -0- (unity) in the plugin. I see where the 2x4 mini has provisions to add a volume pot, but pot I ain't got ...

It was all eq issues anyway. Reset the system to test at 82db per your suggestion, and ran TWO sets of measurements per channel. First set targeted 20-200hz, and the second 250-2500hz. Built two sets of filters from those, and loaded them into the EQ Advanced plugin. Not to get too much into the fiddlybits, here's the results with the raw curve at the top of each pic ...



Now that's more like it. Sounds good with very little variance in overall volume in or out, and the settings are close enough to what I had in my Technics SH9010 parametric that it's instant smiles. Too radical a difference, and it's always a good idea to let your brain get used to it before giving it a thumbs up or down. You can also see how the room curve is affecting the mids, giving a close approximation of the infamous "smiley face" that's ever so popular. Only real issue I see is the radical dip at 300hz on the right side could use a tweak to bring it up a few db, but ... too much of a change can sound worse than just leaving it be. That looks like a good candidate for room treatment.

Here's a pic that shows why I was looking for a way to add more filters ...

I just stitched the two pics together from the two filter sets. Yet again, a macro view without the details, but enough to show the need. The wizard left a couple slots open, so that leaves me room to manually enter a shelf or band pass if I've a mind to. So far - maybe won't need it. The filters in the low mids seem to have eliminated all the ringing and flutter that I would have thought were happening higher in the range.

And ... just to show what horrible things can happen when you don't read the book ...

First time I loaded the filter sets to the MiniDSP, I forgot to turn off one of the bypass buttons on channel two input in the crossover section. Or was that forgot to turn on the bypass button which turns off the bypass. Or vice versa ... that part of the interface needs some work. Confused me anyway. But ... all's well that ends well.

Gonna leave it go as is for now and just enjoy for a while. I'll probably get into playing about with the FILTER TASK settings again later and see if I can smooth things out a bit more. I also had a brainfart - I'm using a room curve (X-small) and that's a simple text file. I see no reason why I couldn't tweak that to raise or lower specific frequencies. Here's a small sample from the room curve I'm using ...

50 -0.5
51.874 -0.435
53.394 -0.361
54.958 -0.2555
56.57 -0.25
58.226 -0.1055
59.932 -0.0585

As you can see, it allows you to get real finicky on output levels and runs in REW independent of the filters.

Enough for now ... thanx for the help. I'm gonna go listen to some music!
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Re: More filters for MiniDSP? (Save predicted as measurement?)

It looks like you are getting there alright.

It doesn't look like you have any really bad nulls so you might want to try being a little more agressive with the filter settings. Save what you have first of course.

Regarding the level control at 0 in the MiniDSP, yes, it's a trim, so it will only allow you to lower the level, but at least it will give you some control.

I think the room curve (house curve) just adjusts the target that you want, so the auto-filter will try to change your current measurement to match it. It is very useful though, I use it to add a small boost to the lower end. There are some (long) threads here on the topic.

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Re: More filters for MiniDSP? (Save predicted as measurement?)

I think the room curve (house curve) just adjusts the target that you want, so the auto-filter will try to change your current measurement to match it.

My thought exactly - so for example if I do a bit of a bump DOWN at 300 in the room curve file, the wizard should give me a bit more boost in that area ... theoretically of course. Only way to know for certain is to run the wizard, check the filters, and then do it again with a modded house curve and see what (if anything) changes. I also plan to run the filter wizard using the same measurement set without the house curve and see what that sounds like. I may find I don't really need it after all.

When I first started listening to the current filter set, it seemed a bit ... dull ... for want of a better word. A/B between the MiniDSP and the analog SH9010 parametric, and the SH9010 sounded "better". A couple short sessions later, I noticed I was hearing a lot more detail with the MiniDSP, it was coming to life, and the SH9010 was fast losing the lead with no other changes to the system. Important lesson to learn - Can't forget to include "psycho-acoustics" in the equation when doing eq, as it may take some time to retrain the ear. Always give yourself time to acclimate to any macro adjustments to the sound before trying to fine tune the fiddlybits. I still think that SH9010 will be handy down the road for on-the-fly tweaks - just a bit here and there if I feel the need without having to modify the filter program.

Next step I suppose would be to add another MiniDSP for the rear channel speakers - being a quad kinda guy and all. That could get interesting, as I'm really running "sexophonic" sound by running the rear channel outputs into a Dynaco Quadrapter and having two sets of rears - one directly behind the listening chair, and another around 10 feet back, all balanced to hit the ear about the same. That makes for all sorts of interesting effects and one moo baby moo deep sound stage, but does complicate eq a bit. Then again, I just use those for ambiance and I haven't noticed any real issues from the back that need to be addressed.
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