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Help with KRK Ergo

I own a KRK Ergo (I guess you all know the product and have your opinions on its capabilities , and have ran some measurements on it with REQ. I can clearly HEAR a difference in the responce when using the Ergo in its three different modes (bypass, focus, global), and surely the graphs look different aswell. But I would need some expert help on interpreting the graphs!
Since the Ergo claims to fix the response below 500Hz I took the liberty of printing my graphs with a 0-500Hz window instead of the recommended 0-200Hz.
The first graph is a free field measurement that I made in a very large film studio for reference use.
The second is the same speaker setup with the Ergo bypassed in my home studio (W 4.05 mtrs L 5.24 mtrs H 3.20 mtrs).
The third pic is the Ergo in "global" mode and the fourth is from the Ergo in "focus" mode. So, what do you see?
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Help with KRK Ergo-krk_freefield.jpg  

Help with KRK Ergo-krk_bypass.jpg  

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Re: Help with KRK Ergo

I am not sure what you want us to tell you.

But here are a few reactions to the plots. This is not a review nor an analysis of Ergo!

First, I suspect you are measuring the frequency response with both speakers driven, as the comb filtering patterns seem indicative of destructive polar lobing due to the superposition of the two sources.

This tells more about the measurement process (a mistake as opposed to a source of error) than about the speakers or Ergo. Measure one speaker at a time.

Also, I m not sure how a measurement made “in a very large film studio” is supposed to function as a “reference”. Unless you are able to measure the frequency response of the direct signal of a single speaker sans the combination of indirect signals in a room, we are going to see the influence of the superposition of the direct with indirect signals (and possibly between the direct and indirect signals from a second speaker). And thus a measurement made in one space including such interaction is not a reference able to be used for comparison purposes.

Also, there appears to be substantial smoothing being applied. Don’t.

Seeing as how the frequency response will be a product of the speaker and room interaction (superposition), comparing the speakers response in one room that that in another room only serves to verify that they are “different”, with differing sets of casual influences. As far as how much influence is due to destructive superposition between the two speakers, or between each of the speakers and the room is unable to be determined. So many variables are present that render us unable to be able to determine a causal relationship between source(s) and result.

Combine that with the fact that the frequency response simply displays a summed ‘result’, without providing any insight into the various direct and indirect signals that interact to cause the spatial polar lobing that manifests itself as comb filtering.

Such is a classic limitation of trying to observe behavior that is casual in the time domain in the frequency domain.

Exactly what behavior you desire to isolate and observe will determine which measured responses are most advantageous. In order to determine what Ergo is doing you would have to structure a much more systematic experiment that is able to isolate both the direct and indirect signals of each source, as necessary, and to determine their character prior to, or in the absence of the the superposition of multiple causal sources of destructive interaction.

Again, whether you wish to view effects of EQ or changes of phase or gain or phase of a direct signal, or any superposition between direct and indirect or between, or of two direct signals will depend upon what it is you think you want to investigate. Additionally, one might also want to evaluate such changes with respect to multiple positions in order to discover how various device induced signal modifications impact the sound quality at difference locations.
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Re: Help with KRK Ergo

Thank you SAC for your response. My mother tongue is not english, so I can only hope I understood your reply

Ergos promise is to correct (or smoothen) the bass reponse in a listening room. What I would like to do is examine whether it does and how well it does it. How it actually does it is not of my interest at the moment. Because all speaker manufacturers boast with their ruler flat frequency response graphs, I thought the easiest way would be to examine and measure just that.

I had not thought about the comb filtering that multiple speakers inevitably induce. The speaker setup I used was indeed a stereo pair with a subwoofer. But since Ergo is said to correct frequencies up to 500 Hz, the subwoofer alone will only give me a partial truth, if I was to examine it alone. And vice versa the main speakers´frequency response drops below, say 80 Hz. But I guess it´s ok to use one main speaker plus the subwoofer, given that the crossover filter works (I plan to use Ergos own)?
When making the measurements in a large room (the studio) my goal was to obtain the frequency response of the speaker setup as it is. Of course I understand that this is not a definite truth, but since I do not have an anechoic chamber at my disposal, I wonder how I should test the speaker(s) alone, to be able to rule out their own imperfecitons from the equation?

All suggestions are highly apperciated. I hope no one is offended by my shortcomings and perhaps silly questions, as I only want to learn.
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