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My first hour with REW..

Hi guys,

I have just spent a few hours tinkering with my set up and wanted to post to say hi and show you where I am so far.

Eventually I hope to have a three way plus stereo subwoofer set up, all crossed over, eq'd, time aligned and controlled actively using my MiniDSP 2x8.

So far I have built a small box containing the MiniDSP 2x8, MiniDigi and Ministreamer. This takes the optical SPDIF signal from my laptop into the DSP. This is routed through the internal matrix mixer to one pair of analogue outputs. From here I have looped back into the ADC of the MiniDSP which is routed to the digital out of the MiniDigi. This goes to the MiniStreamer which effectively acts as a USB recording device in this case.

It took a long time to find the right driver settings in REW and Windows. I am not sure quite how I got it to work after it all! The problem seemed to be that the ministreamer would only record at 24/96 due to the MiniDigi being set to the MiniDSP's internal I2S master clock. I used the ASIO4ALL drivers to try and set re-sampling up so I could use REW at 48kzh but this didn't seem to help, In the end I removed all devices in windows except for the ministreamer as a recording device and the SPDIF out as a playback device. I then set 'default device' for each in REW using the Java drivers. Before doing this the results were all over the place!

I will try and post the results of my sound-card calibration here and a picture or two of the MiniDSP.. I am new to this forum so it may take a couple of attempts!

My next question is: Where next? I think I will need an SPL meter, calibrated Mic and a pre-amp. This will enable me to EQ the basic system I have at the moment and perhaps tidy up my room response a little. I am yet to build any amps or speakers but want to get to understand the measurements that this powerful DIY set up will allow me to make/use!

Many thanks for your interest and I look forward to your advice..

Kind regards,

Jai Stanley - Coventry, England
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Re: My first hour with REW..

For speaker measurement you'll definitely need the calibrated mic. The SPL meter is somewhat optional - if you want to be sure that when the graph shows 78dB (say) it really is 78dB and not 70 or 85, using an SPL meter to calibrate REW's own meter will give you results as accurate as the meter you bought. However, if it is response shapes you are primarily interested in then 'calibrate' REW's meter by playing pink noise at a comfortable listening level and telling REW that level is 75dB.
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Re: My first hour with REW..

Hi again..

I have ordered a Dayton EMM-6 and a mic cable from the states (I'm in the UK). Had to spend nearly as much on shipping as the mic! Still cheaper than a Behringer MC8000 and calibration here in the UK though.

I will get myself a cheap and cheerful SPL meter. I also have a friend that works for a company that does a lot of very high end measurement - he probably has one I can borrow for ten minutes to calibrate the level.

I think I am going to buy an E-MU 0404 USB to do measurements etc. It looks like it has a few nice features: It will allow me bit perfect play-back of my files, let me do measurements away from my HTPC with my laptop, act as a nice dac/headphone amp for listening to music and let me play my guitar through the PC too. I would need to buy a phantom powered mic pre amp regardless so a second hand E-MU will provide many more features at not too much more cost.

Looking forward to getting started! First step will be to equalise my two way stand-mounters. Next will be to add some subs then onto building my own speakers..



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Re: My first hour with REW..

OK.. My E-Mu 0404USB has arrived. I've been playing around with it and using it as a headphone dac/amp for a couple of days and LOVE the sound it makes. The noise floor is so low that I can't hear any hiss and it is very easy to use. My only complaint is that the SPDIF channels are 3 and 4 so you can't output general windows sound from them without a crazy loop-back (dac to adc) set up. I will continue to use my ministreamer as my output device in the long run and use the E-Mu as a tool for measurement and recording Vinyl to the PC. It also makes a great little headphone sound card for the laptop I have at my desk and the output of that works fine in windows.

Anyway: I have calibrated the card using the loop-back. It looks a LOT more flat and the phase a lot mroe in control than the ministreamer and minidsp set up.

My question is: How should I connect the system? I assume I want to calibrate against all timing arrors and frequency response of the system as a whole. Plugging the analogue outs from the E-Mu into the minidsp as if it were a receiver will work, but then I will be measuring the system response with:


I fi connect the E-Mu to the minidsp I will be connected as follows:


I can loop-back through either the analogue outs of the E-Mu or the analogue outs of the DSP in either case.

Which is the best strategy? I will probably have to draw a connection diagram to show what I mean!

Still waiting for my calibrated mic to turn up. Turns out america is miles away!

Kind regards,

Jai Stanley
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Re: My first hour with REW..

right channel:
mic -> preamp right channel input
pre-amp right channel output ->receiver

left channel:
left channel output -> left channel input (loopback for calibration and later for measurements

USB or Firewire from pre-amp to computer.

That's it.
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