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REWing the Cinemar Theater

I'm looking for some guidance from the pro's. I'm openly in the dark on this new venture into REW.

I believe I've calibrated everything properly.

I set my Onkyo to Direct mode with just the F, L and SUB playing while running this sweep.

I'm just interested to see what these graphs actually mean and what I can do to improve the room acoustics within the existing design of the room.

My current build thread is located here:

Thanks for any input you guys can provide.

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Re: REWing the Cinemar Theater


I'll be following along to see If I can also learn - hope you don't mind
I tinkered with REW last year, and have probably forgotten more than I had learned.

(P.S> believe we have spoken in the past on AVS, I'm your neighbor from that corrupt county just south of your location, Cook Co IL)
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Can you run 3 sweeps, one for each speaker and Sub separately?

By the way, you have an amazing cinema.....

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Re: REWing the Cinemar Theater

mcascio wrote: View Post
Thanks for any input you guys can provide.
Unfortunately we can’t tell much from your frequency response graph because its vertical scaling is too expansive – see here:

Getting Graphs Ready to Post

As far as room acoustics, we have a separate Forum for that. You’ll get better advice than we can provide on this Forum.

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Re: REWing the Cinemar Theater

anybody can help me please?
I used Lu7R0n SL-4012 SL meter. how to calibrate this SL Meter?
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Re: REWing the Cinemar Theater

ahmed sihabudin wrote: View Post
anybody can help me please?
I used Lu7R0n SL-4012 SL meter. how to calibrate this SL Meter?
I'd recommend creating a new thread; You'll get more responses.
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Re: REWing the Cinemar Theater

Back in my younger days of the 60's when I just started in audio, the first thing I learned is to get the frequency response of the speaker in an anechoic chamber (see: that the manufacturer sometimes furnished. Fortunately in those days we only had to deal with one pair of speakers. The purpose of this is to get base performance of the individual speaker system, when mostly only two way speakers (woofer & tweeter) existed, without any interaction from it's environment. Basically this was to get the resonant frequency and the frequency response of them.

Obviously everyone knows (or should know) that the environment has a huge role in the way the sound is heard. This is due to an infinite number of factors such as room resonance, reflections, interactions with other speakers, furniture, your listening location, external noises, etc.

I constructed many speakers of different types and sizes: bass reflex, acoustic suspension, horn loaded, electrostatic (yes I made my own using Saranwrap and it worked), etc. These efforts further reinforced the fruitless quest for the absolute sound (no reflection of the magazine of the same name) that everyone was striving for.

In the next 50 years (has it been that long?) I came to the conclusion that no matter how many measurements you make, no matter what type of speakers you have, no matter where they are positioned, no matter what's driving them (tubes, MOSFET solid state, hybrid, etc.) there's no way to guarantee the sound will be ideal and what you like.

This is because of the infinite combination of everything making up the total sound experience.

The reason for the long comments above is that no matter what type of measurement system you use, no matter how many charts and graphs you create, it's has only a minimal effect to improve the sound experience using these tools. They may give you pretty waterfall graphs, log charts of the frequency response, etc. but none of these have anything to do with the sound you are going to be happy with. Having gone through all of this myself using the scientific methods of trying to get the ultimate sound and then failing to achieve Nirvana. All the efforts and expense may have helped in identifying some areas needing improvement, like standing waves in a particular spot (but it's only at one test frequency), dead spots, etc.

As a result of all these years of experimenting, rather than trying to scientifically establish what should be, I kept adding a little to the speaker system over a period of a year, tweaking all the positions, and letting my Yamaha receiver decide the correct setting for each one. Note that all the subwoofers have a built in amp, not sucking power from my receiver. Now my HT room has a total of 19 speakers as shown below:

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Re: REWing the Cinemar Theater

As Wayne said, the graph is not quite right, but what I can tell from these is that the volume of your subs is too low. Without subs you should try to get a flat response between 80 (depends on x-over) and 200 Hz set at 75dB.

For correct response with the subs the correct order is placement (in your case not an option ), timing (distance to sweet spot, depends on sub having DSP or not), phase (best SPL output and you cannot tell where the subs are) , level (volume of the subs should also have an average of 75dB) and optionally EQ/DSP.

Look forward to your next graphs...

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Re: REWing the Cinemar Theater

Basic response and waterfall is fairly typical. Response <40Hz shows total lack of bass extension. Peaks and dips >40Hz is classic boundary/room mode behavior. Tweaking speaker location, listening position, EQ and possibly room treatments can smooth this out.


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Re: REWing the Cinemar Theater

Sorry guys. Just getting caught up. Chris from M&K was kind enough to spend 2 hours with me on the phone to help setup my Onkyo for better more accurate room measurements.

Here are the results from just the subs one at a time.

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