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REW Newbie looking for some help

Yesterday I got my UMIK-1 and was excited to start rolling thru REW. But I ran into a couple of things that I could use some help on. I have an Asus laptop with Windows 8, running latest version of REW, Beta 17 I believe it is, UMIK-1 hooked up via USB to laptop, and using the headphone out with a splitter and rca patch cables to my Prepro (Sherbourn PT7020c4), XLR cables from prepro to amp (Emotiva XPR5)

1. Am I better off using an HDMI cable from the laptop to my prepro instead of the RCA's out of the headphone jack?

2. No test tones when trying the Level Setting option when using Java drivers. I switched this to ASIO and got tones, though. Anyone know why I couldn't use the Java drivers? And if I have to use the ASIO drivers, I've read about Asio4All, is that something I need to download and install?

3. I chose the option to check levels using my Subwoofer, but I noticed that the tone was actually coming out of my Left Front tower instead of the subwoofer. Did I miss something on the my PC Soundcard setup maybe? Or is there a setting in REW that I missed?

4. I couldn't get the UMIK-1 to work as an SPL meter when trying to Check Levels. I think I missed this step:
While the test tone was playing, I clicked on the SPL option in REW, which opened a new box. But the db reading was blacked out.

5. Finally, in more general terms, I downloaded REW to help me with my room correction on the PT7020c4, which was awful. It got my phases wrong on my speakers and the distances were way off. Hence, I believe the settings it chose are also way off. So I want to use REW to help me smooth out all 5.1 of my speakers. But the more and more I read about REW, it's sounding like it's used more for 2.1 instead of 5.1. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my impressions after reading thru the first 20 pages of the UMIK-1 thread. Can anyone tell me if I'm going to be able to eq all 5.1 of my speakers using REW?

Thanks in advance to anyone that help me out. I'm excited to get into REW, just need to get past these initial barriers. The wife will be out on Friday night so I have the house to myself to get thru this!
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Re: REW Newbie looking for some help

There are two ways to get test signals to the individual channels of most multi-channel system:
  1. Direct connection using the multi-channel analog inputs of a processor or going straight to the amp inputs if you have separate amps and manually moving the cable from input to input, or
  2. Connect via HDMI and select the individual HDMI channels in the REW soundcard preferences

The individual HDMI channels can sometimes be selected when using Java drivers in REW, but it is more common to need to use ASIO drivers. If the laptop/PC doesn't have ASIO drivers for the HDMI output ASIO4All can often be used to provide an ASIO interface REW can access.

There are handy guides to setting up the UMIK-1, including with HDMI, on the MiniDSP site at

Note that to start REW's SPL meter listening you need to click the button in the bottom right corner.
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Re: REW Newbie looking for some help

I finally have REW working. Downloaded the ASIO4All software. A little buggy. Took me about 20 times trying to get all the different HDMI channels to show up as Output devices along with my UMIK-1. Kept giving me one option or the other. But I have it working now.

Now onto my latest issue.....I see a valley I'm trying to correct at 250Hz. So I went into my Sherbourn PT7020c4 Manual Room EQ options. I increased the slider there by 5 dB. When I ran a new measurement, I got the exact same graph. It didn't increase at all. When I send a signal to my prrocessor, it shows up as Multi-PCM. But if I click the mode buttons, the only option I have available to me is Direct mode. So I think that because it's in Direct, it's bypassing the room eq setup altogether, but my processor does show it as multi-PCM when it's getting a signal.

I posted on the Emotiva forums as well, hopefully some one can point me to how to get the mode out of Direct. But what mode is best to use for REW?
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Re: REW Newbie looking for some help

Is the valley for one channel or all of them together? If it is a major null (suck out due to room acoustics), no amount of eq is going to change it.

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Re: REW Newbie looking for some help

Finally got the processor out of Direct mode. Had to switch to a different input, change the mode on that input to Dolby Digital, then changed input back to Aux2 where I have my PC hooked up via hdmi to the processor. Now when I make changes, they actually take! I'll read up on the sticky on how to post my graphs and try to post them tomorrow.
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