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REW V4.10 and V4.11 Release

V4.11 of Room EQ Wizard is now available for download from the Downloads Page

What's New in V4.10 / V4.11

Spectrum and RTA Displays

The Spectrum graph page offers a spectrum analyser plot with resolution of up to 0.3Hz or Real time Analyser (RTA) plots with resolutions up to 1/48th octave. It calculates THD and THD+N distortion figures and shows the relative levels of the 2nd to 9th harmonics of test tones. It allows high resolution measurement of system responses without having to connect to the system being measured by either playing a pink noise signal through the system or, for much more precise low frequency measurements without the very long averaging required for pink noise, playing the new pink periodic noise signals from REW's own signal generator saved as WAV files. More details...

Reverberation Time Displays

The RT60 graph page shows reverberation times in octave or one-third octave bands calculated in accordance with ISO 3382. Related plots for the current measurement, including the Schroeder curve used to derive the RT60 figures and the linear fits for the various RT60 parameters, can be viewed on the Impulse graph page. The Impulse page also allows an octave or one-third octave band filter to be applied to the current measurement and the associated frequency responses. More details...

Extended Range for Waterfall and Spectral Decay

The waterfall and Spectral Decay plots now span the full range of the measurement. The waterfall controls have also been revised and extended and offer further control over the plot. More details...

Automatic Soundcard Compensation

A loopback connection on the left soundcard channel can be used to provide an automatic calibration reference settings as an alternative to using a soundcard cal file. This has the advantage of removing the soundcard's influence from the impulse response as well as the frequency response (the calibration file method only corrects the frequency response) and allows measurement of the delay through the system being tested, useful for checking or setting speaker distances. More details...

Sweep Start Frequency

The measurement panel now allows the start of the sweep to be specified as well as the end, allowing convenient measurement of equipment that is not tolerant of low frequencies (tweeters, for example).

Many other improvements
  • Analysis setting to enable IR Decimation, reducing sampling frequency of the IR for low frequency measurements to greatly reduce data size (as much as 30 times for measurements up to 200Hz) and increase processing speed
  • Added a Clip indicator in the SPL Meter to warn of clipping on the input
  • Inverse C weighting correction is not applied below 5Hz
  • Added option in house curve settings to use logarithmic interpolation between data points
  • Logarithmic interpolation is applied between data points in mic/meter calibration files
  • Improved fractional octave smoothing of traces
  • Added Ctrl+Shift+1 and Ctrl+Shift+2 shortcuts for full and half octave smoothing respectively
  • Improved quality of graph JPEGs when JPEG is larger than original graph
  • Improved speed of preview thumbnail for image files in file chooser
  • Updated R-DES EQ setting to allow 5 filters
  • Allow data import files to have .txt, .dat and .frd extensions and remember the import file name independently of other text files
  • Zoom/measure box shows units in delta values, time deltas also show equivalent distance in metres and feet
  • Improved cursor readout on graphs so maxima are returned
  • Added dither option for sine gen output
  • Simplified the SPL meter (removed tracking and harmonic levels) and incorporated it in the toolbar
  • Changed VU meters to show Left and Right instead of just Input
  • Added impulse response envelope (aka ETC) to the Impulses graph page
  • Added View settings to set the font size for the interface elements and the graph axes (applied after restart)
  • Moved the REW log files into a folder called "REW"
  • Changed the impulse start (zero) time to be first point response exceeds 10% of the peak amplitude (1% of peak energy)
  • Various GUI updates to correct layout and formatting problems on Mac
  • Various bug fixes as detailed in the revision history

V4.10 is available as a Windows installer executable, an OS X application bundle and a set of
jar files for Linux and other java platforms.
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Re: REW V4.10 release

Wow guys, this is spectacular!
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Re: REW V4.10 release

Great Work! This has just become the one package needed for 99% of analysis tasks! well done.
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Re: REW V4.10 release

Great work guys!
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Re: REW V4.10 release

Thanks, this is really great
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Re: REW V4.10 release

A small comma problem appears when you try to import data from ETF5.
John M. kindly answered to the ETF5 user that I am.
" The problem with the file is that it uses a mix of decimal delimiters, with comma used as the delimiter in the frequency but decimal point in the spl, it should really be either one or the other. If you want to do more than look at frequency responses you are best importing the impulse response from the pcm data. "

Thank you very much for quick reply and this free great work .

In french, now !
ETF5 exporte les données texte sous cette forme :
,"t= 0 ms."

entre les guillemets, nous avons la fréquence ;
après « ", », nous avons le niveau SPL

La dernière version de REW ne peut pas importer les données sous cette forme. Il faut transformer les virgules des fréquences en points.
Avec le Bloc-notes de Windows, la manœuvre n’est pas compliquée. On procède comme suit :
1) Edition _ Remplacer « ", » par « "xxx » par exemple
2) Edition _ Remplacer « , » par « . »
3) Edition _ Remplacer « "xxx » par « ", »
et on obtient le résultat suivant :
."t= 0 ms."

Il ne vous reste plus qu’à enregistrer le fichier.

Une autre méthode :
modifier les options régionales dans le panneau de configuration Windows (CE QUI VA INFLUER SUR TOUS VOS DOCUMENTS BUREAUTIQUES...), choisir le « . » comme séparateur de décimale, relancer tous vos fichiers dans ETF5 et exporter les données texte pour écraser les anciens fichiers. A éviter, AMHA.

English people have the famous Oxford comma
and we, french speakers, have a comma as a decimal delimiter.
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Re: REW V4.10 release


Es-ce un effort de renforcer la francophonie aux Etas-Unis? Just kiddin'

Thank you so much and congratulations for the improvements!

This program is what makes HTS so special and unique!

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- "You can never have too much headroom" (talking about bass)
- "you can never have too big a screen" (talking about still pictures)

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Re: REW V4.10 release

I think there is a bug in this new REW version: I can only get it to generate a sound once, after that I have to restart it to get it to produce any test tone. This goes for any REW function that should generate a sound, such as calibrating the sound card or playing a sine wave. Reverting to version 4.0'fixed' this issue, but that's ofcourse not the solution I'm looking for

An easy way to reproduce the issue is this:
- startup REW
- open the Generator window
- play a Sine wave (at any desired frequency) by pressing the play button in that window
- press the play button repeatedly to stop/start playing the testtone
- in the last step, 4.10 only plays a tone the first time, after that it just stays quiet, whereas this works perfectly in 4.0

I'm using Windows XP (everything up-to-date) with a Creative X-Fi Audio soundcard.
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Re: REW V4.10 release


If you look in the log files in the REW subdirectory of your home directory (location is shown in the Help -> About box) are there any error messages?
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Re: REW V4.10 release

JohnM wrote: View Post

If you look in the log files in the REW subdirectory of your home directory (location is shown in the Help -> About box) are there any error messages?
Nope.. several logfiles are located in that directory, but all just contain lines like this:

9-mrt-2008 15:15:39 roomeqwizard.RoomEQ_Wizard main
INFO: Room EQ Wizard started
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release , rew , v410 , v411

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