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Madisound - Room 417, 418

Madisound built a couple of their speaker kits to display / listen to at the show. The ScanSpeak B741 was the set that was playing when we came into the room. The kit is available from Madisound for roughly $3,500 and the plans for the cabinet are public. If you wanted to purchase the speaker from the manufacturer, it would be roughly $8,000.

Joe's Impressions

The cabinet has a sloped front baffle design which I personally thinks helps to give the speaker some personality. Obviously, as a kit you can finish it anyway you please.

The B741s imaged well for vocals - there was slight image smearing on one track, but I believe that was the track as every other vocal track imaged dead center. Both male and female vocals were very dynamic and the female part on the Roger Waters track imaged left as was expected.

Instrument separation was very good with fairly good detail. The guitar riff at the three minute mark of the Roger Waters track sounded good although I did have a hard time discerning the pluck and vibrations of the strings. I had similar experiences with high hats and piano pieces.

Overall, I thought the setup sounded good and at $3,500 would be good value for someone looking for a build project.

Wayne's Impressions

When I visited the Madisound room, they were playing the new KingRO4Y 3-way powered loudspeaker, a DIY bookshelf kit consisting of an aluminum cone subwoofer, a coaxial magnesium cone midrange and dome tweeter combo, and a 2-way Hypex plate amplifier with DSP capability. A passive crossover for the mid-tweeter coaxial unit - 2nd order for the tweeter and 3rd order for the midrange - completes the electronics. Plans include detailed cabinet drawings.

I have never gotten into speaker building. It seems like a good way to get started would be with a complete kit like this one. The all-SEAS driver complement looked impressive enough on its own, the aluminum and magnesium-white made a striking pair.

And the sound was very impressive, presenting a natural and open sound field with smooth, balanced tonality and much deeper bass than one would expect from the sealed cabinet. The box is a dual chamber design with 16.7 L for the woofer and 11 L for the midrange. DSP tuning helps boost the low end, which felt tight from what I could hear. The concentric midrange/tweeter combination along with the active woofer-to-midrange crossover result in imaging that is solid and very tight - no signs of smearing or wandering whatsoever.

The SEAS design is laid out in an application note on the Madisound web site. If I was in a speaker-kit-building mood, this is almost certainly the one I would start with, I was that impressed with the sound, the specs, and the concept. I like the active crossover approach (between woofer and midrange) and available DSP for fine tuning. With 2x400W into 4 ohms, the Hypex plate has lots of headroom for the design, which also appeals to me. The result easily kept up with the sound quality of the $2K to $4K finished bookshelf models offered by others at the show, and would be a satisfying project for the DIYer or budget-conscious listener willing to roll up sleeves for a build project.

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Re: Madisound

The Madisound website is always an interesting browse. Lots of cool stuff. Exotic (and expensive) drivers and a plethora of DIY kits. (yes, a plethora ) Many components they sell are the same or similar to those used in high end commercial offerings. I've purchased a couple car audio kits from them at a great value.

Sonnie wrote: View Post

Joe's Impressions

The cabinet has a sloped front baffle design which I personally thinks helps to give the speaker some personality. Obviously, as a kit you can finish it anyway you please.
Usually when I see a sloped front baffle design I associate it with an attempt to correct time alignment of the drivers. The origin of the point source is a little further back from the baffle on the larger midrange drivers than on the tweeter so a sloped baffle helps correct this.
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Re: Madisound

vann_d wrote: View Post
Usually when I see a sloped front baffle design I associate it with an attempt to correct time alignment of the drivers. The origin of the point source is a little further back from the baffle on the larger midrange drivers than on the tweeter so a sloped baffle helps correct this.
Very true - as with most anything, there is a pro and con....
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Re: Madisound

I wasn't aware that Madisound (or any speaker kit company) showed up to the audio shows. Pretty cool. A lot of the kits they offer seem to be a great deal and if I had the spare money and time, I'd love to try some of them out.
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Re: Madisound

You know, I missed the part about it being a kit also. Seeing that they are a sponsor, I wonder if they would lend the pair for the proposed/possibly upcoming bookshelf evaluations? At that price, I would think they would be in the higher end catagory.
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Re: Madisound

The trapezoid speaker in the far right pic... Does that use the SB Satori tweeter?

Must be a new design, since I don't see a kit for it at Madisound's site.

The DIY folks have been impressed by the Satori drivers from what I gather.

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Re: Madisound

Very interesting I've never heard a trapezoid speaker like that one do they have a different sound-stage , unique sound??
I can not dream of affording $3500 speakers, but wow they look like they sound amazing.
Perhaps Ill keep an eye out for there lower priced kids Madisound. I've never heard -SEAS drivers before wonder if they sell anything in Ohio.
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Re: Madisound

I have had very good experiences with Madisound having ordered from them several times and just finished building the Zaph ZRT speakers which sound great. Since Seas speakers are manufactured in Norway and ScanSpeak are from Denmark, I don't think you will find anywhere to audition them locally. High quality products with excellent support from Madisound. The crossover design service they offer (Leap) is very good.
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Re: Madisound

Madisound is great. I built the Linkwitz Orions several years ago and bought the supplies from Madisound. Thinking of doing the LX521's.
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Re: Madisound

I wish I could've been there to see this particular room. I've spent many hours browsing their website. I have most of the drivers on their website memorized. I did a 2-way tower build several years ago using Scanspeak drivers. Madisound designed and custom built the crossover for me. They sounded great. I'd love to hear some of their new build projects, and I plan to build again.
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