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Vienna Acoustics / Dr. Feickert Analogue / IsoTek / VANA

Vienna Acoustics / Dr. Feickert Analogue / IsoTek / VANA - Room 9023

The system configuration included:

Component MSRP
Vienna ACoustics The Kiss Loudspeakers $18,000 / pair
Boulder Amplifiers CD1021 Network CD Player $25,000
Boulder Amplifiers 1010 Preamp $15,000
Boulder Amplifiers 2008 Phono Amp $38,000
Boulder Amplifiers 1050 (x2) Mono Amplifiers $45,000 / pair
Dr. Feickert Analogue Firebird Turntable $14,000
Acoustical Systems Axiom Tonearm $22,500
Sumiko Palo Santos Cartridge $4,000
IsoTek GII Titan Power Mains Conditioner for Amplifiers $4,500
IsoTek GII Nova Power Mains Conditioner for Sources and Pre $5,000
IsoTek EVO Elite Power Cables $595 / each
Analysis Plus Analog Cables

Wayne's Impressions

The Vienna Acoustics Kiss speakers sounded extremely natural and open. They are a three-way system with coaxial midrange/tweeter, a small woofer section that performs down to 38 Hz, low efficiency (driven here by solid state 500W per channel amps), and the intriguing ability to swivel the mid/tweet section horizontally to accommodate listening position. The imaging was a little soft, but very stable. Highs were subdued but adequate. I mainly heard female vocals over them, which they handled beautifully. Theirs is an elegant look which takes up little space and could either be overlooked altogether or be a conversation piece. At the system's price point, the latter is more likely.
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A few years ago I had the opportunity to audition the Kiss and the Music at an Magnolia Audio Video while at conference in California. I was selling Vienna Acoustics through MHT in Best Buy at the time and was very eager to hear what the big boys sounded like. In true MAV fashion the Vienna's were being pushed by a pair of McIntosh monoblock tubes.

Both the Kiss and Music's had a clean smooth sound male voices were warm and rich and female singers sounded sweet and clear.

Vienna uses what they call a "spider" woofer. Basically the woofer section has been reinforced to prevent distortion. A quick look at the woofer in any Vienna product and you can tell why it's called a spider, the woofer's reinforcement bares a striking resemblance to a web. Vienna's tweeter material of choice is silk. These are no different. Silk sounds a little smoother and less harsh then say a ribbon or aluminum dome. Less sweetness but also less fatigue with longer listening sessions.

The kiss and music both employ a pivoting (Pitch and Yaw) coaxial mid/high driver, allowing you to more precisely position the speakers rake and toe.

The kiss speaker can only be called bookshelf speakers or monitors by the likes of Paul Bunion on Shaq'. I'm saying their big! Large and in charge! and they sound the part. Wonderful bass attach and sweet highs with a clean midrange. Very nice sounding speakers.
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Re: Vienna Acoustics / Dr. Feickert Analogue / IsoTek / VANA

Thanks for the extra detail.
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Re: Vienna Acoustics / Dr. Feickert Analogue / IsoTek / VANA

I like the finish on these Vienna Acoustics. From looking at the picture it is amazing how the speakers stay balanced and upright with that unique design. I went to the Vienna website and I like how you can have the driver pointed one way and the woofer below pointed another way.

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Re: Vienna Acoustics / Dr. Feickert Analogue / IsoTek / VANA

A buddy of mine has a pair of Concert Grand and they are look as beautiful as they sound.
A couple years ago Best Buy carried some of the Concert Grand speakers, when they decided to drop the line they were practically giving the Mozart Grand away.
I still wish I had picked up a pair or even two pair, if I had just ended up giving them to a needy relative it would have made a great gift that I would not otherwise be able to afford to give. Unfortunately I let practicality rule the day and the next time I was in the store the stock was sold out.
It's to bad that this brand is not more readily available, the sound is very well balanced and very easy to listen to.

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We dropped them at the same time we picked up bowers.

I always liked the Hayden bookshelfs, they had a surprising bass response for such a little box. Unfortunately at the time we didn't really have much to offer for amplification; they drew a lot of power. Would love to have a pair in the bedroom pushed with one of the marantz integrated amps.

Fun fact about the cabinets, Vienna sources whole lots (the entire shipment, not lots like many) of veneers so the wood grain matches on all sides. That's attention to detail you don't often find.
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