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Success and Thank you

Good Morning from Southeast Texas,

This is my first post to the forum and like others; I hope it is the right place. I purchased a Samsung 50Ē DLP TV (HLR5067WAX/XAA) 3 to 4 years ago. Within the last two months I have been experiencing a couple of problems. The first one was I could not turn off or on the unit with either the remote or the switch on the set. I unplugged the TV from the wall outlet, waited 30 or 40 sec. and plugged it back in. Everything seemed to work normal for a while.

However, about the same time the USA converted from analogue to digital TV transmission I started having some peculiar problems with my picture. The picture would freeze for 4 or 5 sec. then the screen would go black for 4 or 5 sec., then the picture would come back on operating as normal. A few a minutes later the cycle would start all over again. After three or four cycles, the picture would line itself out and continue to play normally. Now it was JUST THE PICTURE going out, NOT THE AUDIO. At first, I thought the problem was with my satellite service provider or the local TV stations having problems working the bugs out of switch over to digital broadcasting. This went on for about three weeks. Then, I found if I unplugged and plugged it back in the picture would stop freezing up and would work great until I turn off for the nigh. When I turned it back on to watch the next time it would start the cycle all over again, so I would unplug it. Until about 10 ten days ago, I turn the set on and the picture froze, I unplugged it and plugged it back in, but the screen stayed black. No picture (video), the audio was fine, but there wasnít a picture. The blinking lights on the front of the set went from red to green and red, and then it would turn itself off.

Ok, so I figured it is time for a new TV. After pricing a new Home Theater and saw the prices, I thought before I buy new. I better see if I could find out if it would be more cost effective to fix the old one first. So, I started searching the internet for some answers. Well, I found this website/forum. There were others websites I looked at, but I found that some of people posting here were experiencing some of the same problems. Now, I am not a computer or an electronics mechanic. I was a little concerned about spending several hundred dollars on parts and still in the end have a broken TV. However, after reading the responses to the post, it appeared that the advice and instructions on the forum made since to me. So, I decided to take a chance and try to fix it myself. I donít mind gambling. If I win I could save maybe a $1000 plus, but if I lose ÖÖ. Well I would have to buy a new TV.

After reading the conversations in the forum I figured I would need at least a new lamp and very good chance a digital video board. I went shopping. The two places that were suggested on the forum that had the correct replacement parts was Discount-Merchant and Samsung Parts. Discount Merchantís prices were cheaper, but they did not have the DVB in stock, Samsung parts were 15 to 20% higher, but they had both parts in stock. I wanted to fix the set quickly; I ordered the parts last Monday night. The parts were shipped the next day. According, to UPS tracking the order was schedule to be at my house the following Monday, but for some reason my order arrived on Friday. Four days after I place the ordered. The shipping response time may have been a fluke, but thatís OK.

My son and I had the new parts installed and the TV playing in less than an hour that night. It would have taken even less time if we hadnít had to remove the glue off one end of the 3 ribbon connectors. We would have not known about the glue on the connectors if it wasnít for the information given in this forum. As a matter of fact most All of the instruction, pictures, and advice were extremely helpful. If it hadnít been for the conversations and input form this forum I would not have even known what the problem was, much less know how and where to go for parts. Yes, I know some of the people posting on the forum want to save as much money as they can in repairing their TV. They are willing to wait for a back ordered parts or try other alternatives, such as pressing the chip. I wasnít willing to wait for a back ordered part and was willing to pay a slightly higher price for the parts. All in all, I will have spent $350 with shipping and after receiving the core charge back, but I figured I saved at least a $1000 with not having to buy a new TV right now.

I know this is a very long post, I apologize for it length and appreciate your patience. However, I wanted to THANK EVERY ONE of you for posting your problems and your fixes here on this forum. It has helped me and I will help other that comes here looking for answers and solutions. I guess I should end by saying my Samsung DLP is working better than it was when I bought 4 year ago. It has a great Digital picture and is working perfectly.

Thanks again for the help.

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Re: Success and Thank you

Welcome TSG,

Its good to hear that the service is delivering on its goals , hope to see you around more on the boards,

all the best

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Re: Success and Thank you

Glad to hear it worked. We put a lot of work into that topic.
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