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Samsung CLX-3160FN All-in-1 Color Laser Printer

here is a service manual if any of you have issues with this printer or a clx-3160n, clx-3160, clx-3160fn

My mom called me up because she was having issues with her samsung printer. She bought it about a year ago online as refurbished on ebay. She could still print and still scan from her computer but the fax and copier wouldn't work. none of the buttons on the top of the printer would work. I had her try a few basic things and then was like you bought a warranty from square trade call them up and have them send someone out to repair it. ( I live 5 hours away ) she called up square trade and they just refunded her back what she paid for the printer and told her to ether keep or discard it.

Since she got her money back my older brother came over at her house to see if he could fix it. He called me up and couldn't find out how to take it apart. I looked up the service manual online. I told him to check the area were the buttons are not working first. Here if he moved the wires for the ELA HOU-OPE 4IN1 board it made the printer beep and work. Here the solder was broken for the connector on the board. He soldered it for her and now it works fine. I guess it was cheaper for square trade to refund her money then to pay a repair man to come to her house and if it needed a part it would be two house calls plus cost of parts. They had no idea it was just a bad solder joint.

she only paid 168 for it with free shipping on ebay. I am not sure what a repair man charges for a house call. I know some places charge just to show up at your door then the hourly rate. I was surprized that square trade refunded her money. I know smaller items they have you ship them to a repair center but with the size and weight of her printer they would of done a house call.
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Re: Samsung CLX-3160FN All-in-1 Color Laser Printer


I have been a service/repairman before. Your experience shows exactly why I like to pick up 'broken' equipment. Square Trade did a logical thing by asking you to keep or discard the printer after refunding your money. It would not have made sense to pay to ship it back, and then pay to turn it over to electronics recycling. If you have tried to dispose of heavy electronic equipment, you know you have to pay for the priviledge. That is exactly why some vendors exist on eBay. They take long in the tooth or suspect equipment that no one wants to come out and fix (service call), and sell it to folks who will either be willing to work with the flaws, or dispose of it as individuals. Although you may pay a small fee at your recycling center to dispose of electronic equipment (I do), if you are a corporation and want to dispose of a pallet of such items, get ready to write a big check.

Your assesment and repair was classic in that what you found was representative of most faults. When I started on tube TV sets, every component was suspect in a hierarchical order, from tubes. A lot of problems were found by tapping, shaking, and wigggling and temporarily swapping tubes. Almost every solder joint was done by hand, so every one could be suspect.

Today, component placement on PCBs are automated and reflow solder parameters have been studied to the point that solder connection problems are found on the few remaining through-hole connections, such as connector pins, or where there is mechanical stress.

I had a very old technician friend who took me under his wing who gave me a secret that has held up to the test of time. 'Look first where people touch' was his initial debugging premise. He simply looked at controls, switch panels, joysticks, knobs. In other words, what the user fiddled with. It is surprising how much of the time this can either be the source of the error, or provide clues as to what the problem could be.

In your example, there were modes that existed in software that were not available. In modern operator interfaces, just as in the most primitive of systems, if a switch is open all the time, or stuck closed, you ain't gonna get that feature.

I don't know how many CD, DVD, and MiniDisc players I have rescued from the grave by reseating cables. Just like your favorite cold cereal, 'Some settling of contents may occur during shipping'.

In summary, a LOT of diagnose and repair of modern electronic equipment is looking for mechanical stuff. The difference now is not to beat on it while the power is on, since the digital world does not usually allow for intermittent operation, but to power down, inspect, reseat, power up and observe. And like shampoo, repeat if necessary.

I have a lot of diagnostic equipment available that I have extensive experience with, but is amazing how often I DON'T use it, if I pay attention to the initial complaint, look at external wear, and attempt normal operation myself a few times before I ever pick up a screwdriver. And if you have a good sense of smell, so much the better.

I am jealous you have landed a color laser for essentially an investment of TIME. So it was not FREE, even though your money was refunded, but isn't it great to have the feeling of returning it to full service? I learned this stuff slowly, as the technology evoved, with help from fellow techs, magazines, books, and experience. I would hate to be dropped into the mix now, to fend with the compexity of integration of digital systems, without what I learned about relay logic from pinball machines. I am afraid that might be the reason there are fewer folks who can even attempt an on-site repair anymore. We are becoming more and more disposable in our electronics purchases, while at the same time, demonizing the disposal.

Personally, I like being a seagull at the dump and rescuing a piece or two.

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Re: Samsung CLX-3160FN All-in-1 Color Laser Printer

It was my moms color laser 4 in one. she bought it for a great deal since it was a refurbished unit. If I check some web pages they charge alot of money for that all in one laser printer. It took a matter of about 15 mins to repair after finding the service manual online. I am sure if she would of bought it new and paid new prices squaretrade would of done something with it. this is what the printer looks like. I dont know how memory4less is going to be able to sell this refurbished printer at this price when you can find refurbished ones on ebay for 200 dollars with free shipping.

and here it is for about the price my mom paid.
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