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Duel Peerless 830952 sealed sub

Ok I thought i would add this here as it is a very DIY forum.

I did attempt a few graphs a while ago but have been unable to get a decent sound card calibration as yet, maybe when i get a few hours to mess around gain i will re-attempyt some measurements.

After looking around for a sub about a year ago I decided i could probably make one that would do a pretty good job for both HT and for music.

I went for a sealed duel 12 inch peerless driver sub, using the aluminium cone 830952 drivers.

After much considerations on amps i went with a passive sub ( so i could try other options down the road ) and i used the Dayton 1000w rack mount amp. The two drivers have been wired in series so the amp sees an 8 ohm load.

The box has been loosley lined with polyester wadding about 3 inches thick, a bit more in the bottom chamber.

The front baffel consists of 3 pieces of mdf, 18mm, 12mm, and 15mm

The sides are 18mm mdf, as are the internal baffels / bracing, all holes are rounded over. All joins are routed, screwed, and glued. top and bottom are un braced but are 36mm thick ( the bottom is actually nearly 70mm when the "foot" is included

Some more construction pics, sides shoing routing grooves

dry fit of bracing

side view assembled

another view

the sides were done in a cherry iron on veneer, and has about 5 coates of varnish and stain, mixed so it would closely match the existing entrertainment unit.

front, top and back are done in vinyl black ash stuff. A finished pic

And were it lives everyday, next to the unit, and the JBL E 80 mains, behind the sub is open to the dinning area

Not sure what it is tuned to goes pretty deep, but still quite musical, and accurate.
Box volume taking into account drivers, and bracing is about 130+L, weighs just over 64kg (141lbs)

I have planes to make it a twin before christmas 08..was lots of fun, learnt a bit about speakers and how to make heavy boxes!

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Re: Duel Peerless 830952 sub.

Welcome to the Shack Mick,

Beautiful work after all , I can't see a port so apparently this is a sealed design? How big is the enclosure?

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Re: Duel Peerless 830952 sub.

It's sealed right? There is no tuning per se with sealed enclosures. I like it and what you have done with the back of it and the base. A twin is in order.
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Re: Duel Peerless 830952 sub.

Good looking sub and well built too!
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Re: Duel Peerless 830952 sub.

Enclosure is sealed, stands 960mm high, 350mm wide, and 570mm at its deepest.

Thanks for the comments, The second one will come together much quicker!

I thought about a discrete enclosure, then I settled for why hide it, in your face but still pretty. The drivers and black front, matches the JBL L series surrounds nicely aswell, and the future L890 mains.
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Re: Duel Peerless 830952 sub.

Great job-looks fantastic!
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Re: Duel Peerless 830952 sub.

I can't believe I missed this build thread before. =O

I must say I really like the looks of that cabinet - looks professional! Those drivers look kind of mid-range but I've heard many subjective descriptions saying they offer fantastic SQ. You think so too? How do they keep up on the lows? They should be able to be pushed to their limits with that 1000 watt amp, no?
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Re: Duel Peerless 830952 sub.

Thanks for the cabinet comments, when i made the sub i vowed not to get the speakers until i was happy i could build a box to do them justice...also they were not available in oz until late last year.

the two drivers together do a pretty good job of hitting the low notes, still have to get proper measurements, but all the bass movie scences i have used on them seem to come up pretty great, war of the worlds lighning scared the out of the wife, and the iron hide cartwheel scene in transformers notably resonates the entire couch. plus many others.. they are classed as subwoofers in the peerless range.

I feel the amp is a tad underpowered, and i have managed to clip it on one occasion, 110+db palying some rather bassy dance music. the drivers were covering a fair distance but were definetly not bottoming out....yay sealed box lol., I then turned the gain nob up from 5 to 8 and tried again, no clipping this time, and way too loud in a small room. so I didnt get i the master volume back up to were it clipped.
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Re: Duel Peerless 830952 sub.

I put two of the 830952 into an off the shelf box(76.5 L). I also built a Linkwitz Transform EQ from scratch following the plans at Elliot Sound Products. I power my sub using an old B&K ST-2140 that I picked up off of Ebay pretty cheap($200).

I would like to have built my own box but I don't have access to a table saw.

I highly recommend giving the Linkwitz Transform a try, it makes a pretty big difference on the very low end. It can be built for about $45 U.S. if you use a prototyping circuit board. ESP sales a custom Linkwitz Transform circuit board that is inexpensive and will give you a more professional looking EQ. If you have WinISD you can see what it will do for your frequency response. WinISD will also give you the values you will need to help determine what parts you need to build the Linkwitz Transform.

The ST-2140 is a high current amp and delivers plenty of power. I went with B&K because I was very pleased with a B&K Reference 200.2 I have powering my Magnepan III.

After I had everything together and working I watched 'Minority Report'. The scene where Tom Cruise is wearing a rocket pack and being chased scared me because of the sudden amount of base that is produced(it caught me by surprise). The speakers looked like they were moving 2" when I had it cranked up; I've never seen anything like it before.

I've been using this setup for a little over a 1 1/2 years and I'm still impressed with it every time I put in a movie. I have used the sub for the low end every now and then while listening to music but I live in an apartment and have to be mindful of my neighbors. It's easy to forget how much sound that they produce.

Once again I would like to recommend a Linkwitz Transform circuit to go between your receiver and your amp.

Have a good day,
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