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Re: Wine Barrel Sub Build

OK, it's been a while since an update. I'll post pictures a few when I get home.

I have mounted the subwoofer using threaded inserts similiar to this except they have no flange. The sub is bolted down into the threaded inserts using M6 hex socket (allen key) bolts similiar to these. This worked really well and should ensure that mounting/unmounting the sub many times will never be a problem. There are two old pillows suspended roughly mid-way inside the barrel, that's all I've done for damping/stuffing at the moment. It seems to work well.

Can anybody say sealed... At first I thought it wasn't very airtight. After the obligatory test, push down, hold for a few seconds and release of the sub, it returned to centre almost immediately. However, after holding it down for longer, it actually very slowly returns to centre.

So as discussed earlier the plan is to use the sub (still sealed) so it breaks in a bit, then once its properly broken in measure it inside and outside (still sealed) to determine room gain and I will remodel with that info and decide whether or not to port, what sort of boost I'll use in the amp etc. At the moment I have it unfinished sitting on interesting legs... umm chunks of wood, so it sits about 8cm from the floor. I think 10cm would breath a little better according to my calculations. The end cap doesn't resonate any detectable amount. It seems mighty solid and there was no problems using it as an ornament stand, with nothing trying to walk off the top of the sub. Even things did walk they won't fall off because of the circular ridge running around the top circumference of the barrel.

First impressions. Wow! Even while not broken in she's got plenty of authority. I seem to have a room mode around 25hz, this makes it a bit harder to gauge the extension. I've only recently purchased an analog radioshack SPL meter, but I don't have a USB sound card yet, so sorry no REW plots at the moment. The house is elevated with hardwood bearers, joists and flooring. Fortunately the 65+kg sub is sitting in a corner very near a brick foundation, I'd hate to try it out sitting mid-span on the joists. As it is there is some serious vibration in the floor at <30hz signals. I certainly won't need any tactile transducers.

After playing a few hours of music and watching about three movies, I can safely say the other half thinks its the best thing since sliced bread! She loves it and its not even finished, hows that for WAF! The sub has definitely become more efficient (at least 3db) since I started using it, and seems to blend in with the mains better. Can you tell I love it already!
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Re: Wine Barrel Sub Build

Thats awesome new. Everyone loves a success story

Source: SB Duet, Pre/Pro: Integra DHC-9.9, Speakers: SGR MT3FSL (active), Sub Amp: Crown K2, Subs: 2x SGR Maelstrom-X (125L Sealed)
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Re: Wine Barrel Sub Build

Pictures as promised... A little late sorry.

This shows the threaded inserts and bolts used to mount the sub. Notice how the threaded inserts are slightly tapered. For other builders out there, I was a bit dubious at first so I tested one where the pilot hole was right on the edge of the wood. Even though the hole actually broke through the edge of wood the insert still worked great.

The pillows mounted slightly higher than mid-way within the barrel. This ensures that even if the elastic stretches completely there will be plenty of clearance from the sub.

This shot shows the unfinished and legless placement of the sub until it breaks-in some more.
It'll be much prettier when finished. It fits in with the rest of the decor surprising well.

Hopefully in a few days I will have a USB sound card for my laptop that will enable me to run some REW sweeps. I think I will port it still, but I wouldn't mind coming up with a decent port plug solution. With such a large enclosure you would think the pressure would be somewhat low. Any ideas for DIY PVC port plugs?
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Re: Wine Barrel Sub Build

Hey man that looks awesome! where did you get the threaded bolts/inserts?
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Re: Wine Barrel Sub Build

Cheers! Well in Australia we have a large hardware chain called Bunnings. That's where I got all the hardware from. I think nine of them and eight bolts was about $AUD15 all up.

It doesn't seem anywhere near as big when its sitting in the corner like that.
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Re: Wine Barrel Sub Build

Chester wrote: View Post
Hey man that looks awesome! where did you get the threaded bolts/inserts?
EZLok makes em.
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Re: Wine Barrel Sub Build

Wow Mark!
That looks fantastic buddy. Great work.

Any ideas on external finish?
It still looks great raw!
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Re: Wine Barrel Sub Build

Thanks! I've fallen victim to the 80% complete 80% of the time problem. I still haven't gotten around to finishing it yet. That said it sounds fantastic! If work would only stop sending me away 3 weeks out of each month, I might get a chance!

Still not sure what to use for legs. Everything I've seen is so expensive, like 10$ for each leg at hardware stores for a cylindrical bit of wood and pine at that! If only I had access to a lathe...

For the barrel I still think decking oil and leaving the straps bare.

Thanks again!
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Re: Wine Barrel Sub Build

Looks great, Can't wait to see what you do with a finish.
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Re: Wine Barrel Sub Build

My compliments on a great DIY!

I am sure you will get many years of listening pleasure from your efforts.

Purely out of curiosity...

Ever get those legs installed? Outer finish applied? Break-in completed? Graphs?

Again, great job, and I wish you happy listening.
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