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Re: Dual LMS Ultra 5400 sealed blew up melted coil

Definitive Tech 18 look,s pratty awesome!!
Idd i know the TC are very good,only to give them a correct calculation like i do Whit some other sub,s.
It seems you have to overpower it,s RMS a lot to get to the Xmax,that,s seems strange to me.
I believe you that JL does not make the best sub,s in the world,than everybody would own one.

I do believe what you say about: I can only go by my ears. Yours may be different

So many set,s i have seen ,so many difrent set or speakers /combi,s.
I think everybody has his own taste,so what the best brand is ? ? is likely our taste in sound.

Simulation is no substitute for thought.
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Re: Dual LMS Ultra 5400 sealed blew up melted coil

The JL F113 was the best SQ sub I had ever owned prior to going DIY crazy. This included a list of subs I owned which included the SVS CS-Ultra pair, Revel Sub15, Velodyne HGS-18, Bag End Infrasub 18 pair, Genelec HTS4B, Earthquake Supernova 12 and 15", Vandersteen 2Wq, NHT Sub2 pair, HSU TN1225 pair, RBH SEN1010, Triad Platinum 18 and probably about 10 more.

The only sub which sounded as good or surpassed the F113 for SQ was the LMS-Ultra, many surpassed the F113 for output though.

It had to have been a bad set-up when you demoed the Gotham compared to the Def tech 18's, properly set-up the Gotham's are a much better sub.

BeeMan458 wrote:

It's easier for you to prove I'm crazy than it is for me to prove I'm not.
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Re: Dual LMS Ultra 5400 sealed blew up melted coil

Could it be a lacking of quality in the last produced one? When did you buy them?

I'm having a problem with a new 15" quad axis which was dead on arrival (demagnetized motor) and PE confirmed that the last batch they received was all defective with demagnetized motor. Have they always been built in China?

Here's a link if you are interested to my problem:
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Re: Dual LMS Ultra 5400 sealed blew up melted coil


I got them about 4 months ago. It was user error why they blew....

I have 2 new cones now. Gotta say though that the quality of these new ones is not what you would expect for a 1k driver. The new cones look like they have been sprayed by Stevie Wonder. They have a gloss finish (others had mat finish) and there are particles of dust in the paint finish on the cone. Also, the mountings holes are out on one of the cones by a good 30mm so the top screw is off centre to line up the "TC Sounds" symbol.

I live in UK and cannot be bothered to send them back (having waited 2 months for them from PE being out of stock).

They sound the same so I figure why bother.

Just got a Antimode dual core to control these beasts. Works real well + fan modded the fp14000. Everything is nice.... Just being careful now. Saying that, I removed the braces from cabs to give 0.2 cu/ft more volume and have gunned them for hours. No more warm cone, so figure the braces did not help with my small box. For anyone reading, I have also limited amp to 3 k per side which works nice and trust me war of the worlds still shakes the house.#
Hope this helps
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Re: Dual LMS Ultra 5400 sealed blew up melted coil

Can you post pics of the new cones? I don't like that they switched to a gloss finish sprayed by Stevie Wonder ......good one. I always like the matte finish.

BeeMan458 wrote:

It's easier for you to prove I'm crazy than it is for me to prove I'm not.
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Re: Dual LMS Ultra 5400 sealed blew up melted coil

You feel bad when you see the pictures ugh
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Re: Dual LMS Ultra 5400 sealed blew up melted coil

Take some time and read these about your LMS 5400s:

1) http://www.hometheatershack.com/foru...aled-100l.html

2) http://www.data-bass.com/systems

Home Link
About / Contact Forums


Drivers List › TC Sounds Drivers › LMS-5400
Manufacture TC Sounds
Motor Type LMS
Driver Size 18 "
Driver Weight 80 lbs
Coil Diameter 4 "
Coil Material AL
Coil Length 3.25 "
Gap Height 0.6 "
Manufacture's Xmax 38 mm
Geometric Xmax 33.7 mm
Aprox. Price $875 USD
Year 2007
TS Parameters (Measured by Data-Bass.com)
Qts 0.293
Qes 0.3
Qms 13.43
Fs 20.8 Hz
Res 3.78 Ω
Le 1khz 3.83 mH
Sd 0.115 m2
Vas 214.1 liters
Mms 502.5 grams
Cms 116 μm/N
BL 28.8 Tm
BL2/Res 219.5 N2/W
L/R Time Constant 1.01 milliseconds
SplSens 89.95 dB


This is the original version of the TC LMS-5400 driver as denoted by the red frame color. The driver uses linear motor technology which consists of a variable wound voice coil which works to linearize the motor force of the stroke. This driver feature a very large 10" diameter motor consisting of four ferrite slugs and a large pole vent. This version has a threaded motor and top assembly that screw together for quick assembly or servicing. The frame is a very large with room for wide spiders and high excursion. This driver utilizes dual 10" spiders with a spacer in between. The inductance performance is also rather good considering the massive voice coil and amount of steel in the gap. To combat inductance and modulation, the 5400 motor contains a large aluminum shorting ring just under the gap.

The surround is a high roll rubber type and the cone is a one piece aluminum dish with a reinforcement collar where the former attaches. The motor force is good on this driver due to the massive motor despite the LMS design which sacrifices some potential BL at the rest position. The top end response of this driver is flat and does not start to roll up until past two to three hundred hertz. The manufacturers xmax rating is 38mm and the stroke is quite clean from mechanical noise up until about 30mm one way excursion. There is some surround dimpling and mechanical noise at 40mm and the mecanical limit is rated as 44mm. Driving the woofer to this limit may result in damage to the cone which is a one of the biggest shortcomings and can quickly turn a good day into a disaster.

Overall the distortion and compression performance from this driver are extremely good due to the exceptional displacement and linearity. The 5400 demonstrates a good balance between displacement and efficiency.
TC Sounds 18" LMS-5400 Systems

Copyright 2012 - 2013 by Data-Bass.com
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