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Re: MiniDSP UMIK-1 Microphone

I wonder how likely it is that an updated file can be produced. I don't know how the calibration works but surely if the measurements are incorrect the only way to get a valid file is to re calibrate and therefore send the mic back?

Disappointed to say the least, past 3 weeks have seemed to drag, was happy to see the shipped email and find it is now in customs only to stumble onto this. The cynical part of me (which if I'm being honest is a big part!) wonders at the timing of this issue, why all of a sudden change your calibration method / output? I hope it wasn't down to the sudden surge of orders that needed to be fulfilled :/

Anyway I guess there's no point speculating until we hear from them, which is also annoying as everyone is off on holiday for what I can only presume is down to the new year..wish everyone would stick to the Gregorian calendar!..just kidding!
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Re: MiniDSP UMIK-1 Microphone

I worked 9 years in Quality Control at my previous company, gauge verification/calibration was an important part of our responsibilities and some instruments are less sensitive to drift than others, some you have to watch like a hawk and pay attention to your results, checking the results is the most important part.

I would imagine due to the backlog they were in a hurry to get things shipped out and someone either didn't follow procedure or their procedure isn't robust enough to catch a bad result, the readings we were given should have been flagged as out of range from the norm and the problem corrected. To me this looks like a computer interface issue, like they should and didn't do a clean reboot and recal before running the job.

Before I joined this forum I bought a Dayton DATS Audio Test System, some of you are certainly familiar with it, it will measure the TS parameters of drivers and test capacitors etc. I had calibrated it and used it and then let it sit connected for some time, the computer may have gone to sleep, I don't remember but I tried using it again later on to test some capacitors and got some really screwy results, I rebooted and re-calibrated and all was well and this looks like a similar case.

I guess there's a small chance that the readings can be straightened out but I doubt it.

At least that's my 2 FWIW......
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Re: MiniDSP UMIK-1 Microphone

monomer wrote: View Post
.....the reality is that at some point those of us who may require more accuracy will need to send the mic back to Hong Kong for a re-calibration.
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Re: MiniDSP UMIK-1 Microphone

larft wrote: View Post
I guess there's a small chance that the readings can be straightened out but I doubt it.
It is conceivable that it can all be straightened out on their end, bit I, too, expect that returning the units in question for re-calibration will be necessary.

Mistakes happen. We may never get a complete explanation of how this all came about, but what matters is that
  1. the problem was caught relatively quickly and the user community knows to not be misled by potentially erroneous measurement results
  2. the problem has not cost anyone life or limb or loss of property or business; not minimizing the annoyance factor, just trying to keep it in perspective
  3. the problem is fixable
A good company will jump on a problem and do what it takes to regain customer confidence. I trust we will all be willing to allow MiniDSP the opportunity to make things right and regain OUR confidence, and one day soon we will all be back to posting about the wonderful progress we are making with our various measurement and improvement projects.
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Thumbs up Re: MiniDSP UMIK-1 Microphone

AudiocRaver wrote: View Post
dezibel-3: Nice work. Thank you for taking the time. Your charts really tell a story.

In case it is not already obvious to anyone, a UMIK-1 with serial number 7000190 or above is usable WITHOUT the calibration file installed in REW, for the purpose of getting rough measurement results, It would not be usable for critical or highly-accurate measurements at this time. When new calibration files are available for those UMIK-1's - calibration files known to accurately reflect the true frequency response for each unit respectively - then they will be useable for critical measurements with their new calibration files installed in REW.

Edit: Do not try to use one of the 7000190+ units with the calibration file installed. It will cause you to get unusable results.
You are absolutly right. It makes no sense using the "newer" cal-files which are in the range approximately of +6 dB to -8 dB instead of of the "older" files which have a range of about +2.4 to -2.9 dB. The highest deviations are within the frequency <16Hz and >2kHz (> +-1 dB).
I'll post an "AverageCal-File" separatly.
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Re: MiniDSP UMIK-1 Microphone

Here is the "AverageCalFile" whitch uses the average values from my erlier post.
I could load it into REW and it seems to be ok. If you have any problems with it, let me know.
Good luck
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Re: MiniDSP UMIK-1 Microphone

Is it verified that old calibration files where correct?
The file "" have a compensation factor of ~0.1dB at 10KHz.
If the UMIK-1 have the same panasonic capsule as the ECM8000 the new calibration files looks more correct in the 800-20KHz range (if you normalize it).
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MiniDSP UMIK-1 Microphone-ecm8000freqresp.jpg  

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Re: MiniDSP UMIK-1 Microphone

A simple solution - if only temporary - for those who have the mic already would be to simply replace the lines below 812Hz with a single line at 20 Hz, which has the value recorded for 812 Hz. In fact, just removing all lines below 812 Hz would probably work. If someone that has one of these could do that and run a sweep with a modified file, that would be helpful I think.

Or, if someone in AU has one (post-0190) and would like to overnight it to me, I'll do it and compare it against an M30 and a CSL-calibrated EMM-6. If the cal file isn't correct, I'll generate a new one for you as thanks for the loan

BTW I compared a UMIK (7000144) against the M30 and the CSL-calibrated EMM-6 and running without the cal file, it's within a dB down to 20 Hz.
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Re: MiniDSP UMIK-1 Microphone

@HifiZine I'm on the Gold Coast, I can overnight you one - serial number 7000248 .

I don't seem to be able to PM you, can you send me an email at and we'll organise shipping you one.


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Re: MiniDSP UMIK-1 Microphone

I requested to have my mic order put on hold/cancelled to this is figured out. The order has just been confirmed so they shouldn't have shipped it yet, etc. Thanks for the heads up everyone.

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