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How to safely use an EP2500

After reading how this guy blew both of his TC Sounds 15" drivers right after he got his sub together I'm somewhat concerned by using the Behringer amp. The thing is after readings Chuck's measurements compared to the Crown I'm quite impressed.

Presently I'm using a HPSA 1000 but figure I could sell it for most of what the Behringer will cost. The idea of adding a second sub in our HT system seems like a good idea once I figure out an ingenious way of getting the female's approval.

What I'd like to know is:

1.) I see there's a 30hz rumble filter and wonder if this could be easily modded to say 10hz? Apparently the HPSA has an 18hz 3rd order high pass which seems too high for my RL-P 15" that's tuned to 18.5hz.

2.) It says there's "limiters". Does this mean maximum output can be adjusted? Can you set it for say 500 watts at 4 ohms?

If I am missing something please let me know. Thank You
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Re: How to safely us an EP2500

I've been using an EP2500 with 4 RLP-15's for quite some time now. Absolutely no problems. As a matter of fact quite a few people use the Behringer amps with no issues. I don't use the rumble filter and am not sure what you mean by limiters. I tuned the system and rely on common sense with the attenuation knob As long as you don't clip the amp and stay within the drivers designed parameters you should be fine.
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Re: How to safely us an EP2500

Agree with Darren. I use an EP2500 w/ a 4x18 IB and have no problems. Just use it with common sense and you will be fine.

-- Otto
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Re: How to safely us an EP2500

Yup... same here... except with a pair of RL-p15's in an LLT ~15Hz tune... no rumble filter and no problems. I've hit 128db on WOTW, haven't tried it that loud with anything else yet... and that was way too loud.

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Re: How to safely us an EP2500

same here . 2 15 tc 2000 300l 15 hz tune great set up . after reading the guy who blew his i got a high pass . it only takes 300 watts to bottom the driver at 10 hz or so . i run a sms 1 (yes i know ) protects the drivers from damage . i had some old diy 12's and just replaced them with these and man do they sound good very fast and when they went below 20 hz i jumped and im on concrete . infra sound rocks . i highly recommend super man some good base in there. with my rs spl meter i have hit around 110 (not pushing them hard still had alot to go)and they did not even faulter . i plan on updating the sms 1 and running a 5 hz high pass with the graphs i have seen this should be perfect for my set up because it still rolls off but in my set ups favor .
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Re: How to safely us an EP2500

Another one for the 2500. I've got one running 2 15TC1000 and so far no probs. I've had the system as loud as I dare and have yet to see the clip lights. Just make sure everything is wired properly, don't bottem them and stay away from clipping and you will be fine. When I bought the speakers Heather at TC told me they could realistically handle 900 Watts or so. That's a LOT! In real world conditions the 2500 won't see that so just keep an eye out for the red clip lights and enjoy!
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Re: How to safely use an EP2500

Yep, another thumbs up for the ep2500.....l run it bridged 4ohm into a 4x18" ava ib sub, no problems at all.......just do the fan mod and you'll be good to go.
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Re: How to safely use an EP2500

one way to safely use the EP2500 is the enable the 30hz or 50hz highpass

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Re: How to safely use an EP2500

Appreciate the feedback. Guess I'll go get one tomorrow. I'm not sure yet as I've not got it dialed in all the way but I think I'm going to need another. I brought up adding another sub in our living room to wifey poo and she laughed.

If you guys have any great ideas to help me get another sub into our living room I'd sure appreciate it. Maybe some diamond earrings? How do things like that actually work. It's been posted by others that it's a good idea but has anyone tried it?
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Re: How to safely use an EP2500

I got a 2500 and am loving it. I just need another outlet to really give it all the juice it needs, I also have a mini fridge, reciever, computer and projector on the same breaker.

Depending on what drivers you are using this may over power it a bit (or allot depending). Just use common sense and dont "bend the knob" and youll be fine. FYI my 15" FI Q ported to 14hz will take all the power from the 2500 (~1000 real watts on one channel) at 10hz and live to tell about it. pretty amazing.
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