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Re: PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi

Manic Miner wrote: View Post

They are mostly harmless unless you push them to hard, then they will make frightning noises
I'm going back behind the sofa!
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Re: PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi

Hehe. you can come out again, the Infinity is gone and it's never coming back!

But it should be said that the Kappa sub was responsible for making me buy a PB10. At the time I read a lot about how the PB10 managed to make the 'Darla' scene from Finding Nemo a physical experience. I took a quick look at the stats for the Kappa and compared them to the PB10 and deceided that the Kappa should also be able to deliver the same kind of experience.

So I popped Finding Nemo from in the DVD player and tried. I could hear each and every tap, but it wasn't a physical experience. So I increased the volume by 4db and tried again. I will never forget the noise the sub made! I dove over the coffe table and hit the 'off' switch on the receiver just in time to prevent the Kappa from self destructing.

The next day I placed an order for a PB10, and the rest is history
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Re: PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi

Too funny. My prior sub was a 10", 150w Infinity Servo Sub. ... eek, what a wheezing thumpbox. It didn't play notes, but it did make sounds.

I made up my mind to resolve what all the chatter was about real subs like SVS/HSU, etc, and purchased a 20-39 PC+. Talk about an "Ahah" experience...

Once I got the concept, I soon traded that in for a PC Ultra, and my sub needs have been well fed ever since.


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Re: PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi

Not so much a sob story as a sub story.

I like my stories with happy endings.
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Re: PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi

Well all my 25-31 PCi is its way and should be here Friday. Unfortunately (depending on your point of view) that's the same day me and the wife leave for Orlando for a short vacation. But I'll be back on Monday. Signature is required so I'm hoping the UPS guy doesn't leave the package outside my door all weekend like he normally does. Hopefully they don't do that with big packages.

I can't wait to get this baby hooked up. I may need to take another day off from work next week.
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Re: PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi

Ron Stimpson wrote: View Post
DIY is a GREAT way to get great bass, and has rewards that go way beyond mere audio.

Don't do DIY because you want to try and outgun a particular sub we sell for a bit less money. If you value your time at all, the math is against you there. Do it for the satisfaction of making something from the hours or research, parts sourcing, then plenty of dust and sweat it'll take to make it all look good and work good.

No OEM appreciates the personal satisfaction you can get from DIY more than SVS does, but you have to be realistic about what you are going to achieve, or even why you are doing it. Making a better sub for less money would be way down the list of most guys that have done it more than once.

Ron is absolutely right, if you have any doubts of going DIY, then buy an SVS.. After spending two weeks of time on my new enclosure (which still isn't pretty). I must say that yeah next time I just look to the guys who can get me both performance and cosmetics in one package.

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Re: PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi

Well everyone I haven't been on here too much lately because I've been enjoying the sub.

My first impressions: awesome! I can't believe I wondered if there would be a huge difference between my Dayton 10" sub and the 25-31 Pci. The bass goes much deeper and easily fills the room. The SVS has plenty of room to breathe too, as the gain is only set at 1/4 for my setup. I popped in a couple music CDs and could clearly hear lower bass that I hadn't heard before. I watched Finding Nemo and War of the Worlds and was amazed at what the sub could do. It really brought my entire home theather to a new level. It's crazy how much more realism is added in movies from having a good sub.

While watching War of the Worlds, my wife was actually getting scared from the tripods because you could hear everything about them. She listened one of her new CDs, "Danity Kane" and when we were in the car later that night she mentioned, dang there's so much more bass on this song that you can't hear in the car now.. It's pretty cool when your wife notices something with your setup.

Anyway, just want to say I'm one very happy customer! Thanks Ron!

PS: The sub looks great in my living room, I'll take pics later on..
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Re: PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi

Few pics...

PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi-img_1560.jpg

PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi-img_1561.jpg

PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi-img_1563.jpg
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Re: PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi

Nice... glad you are liking it so well. I've actually never heard one of the cyliners yet... maybe one day. You setup looks good all around.

SIDE NOTE: "Go Advanced" and then use the little gemclip drop down menu in the tools bar above the message posting area... just to the right of the little white smiley face. Once you've uploaded the photos, place your cursor in the message posting area and then drop down the menu and click on whichever attachment you want placed where you had your cursor at.

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Re: PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi

Thanks Sonnie! I'll keep those steps in mind next time I post pics.


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