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Re: SVS Owners, Share your experiences

a Philipino [Hermie who lives in TPE county, TW], also uses Paradigm + SVS!

turbo56k wrote: View Post
I also have written a small review of the SB12+

A very positive experience.........
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Re: SVS Owners, Share your experiences

I got a Plus/2 in Dec. between Christmas and new years...
Now I as most people at first had a hard time deciding what to buy, and was emailing back and forth with SVS, and I was getting responces ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!
Now who does that... No-one that I know of...
They are very helpful, and in the end, I got what I wanted....
Sound from this sub is spectacular, and my SMS will be in this week, to be followed by a BFD as well....

I will be needing another one soon, either a plus in Piano Black, or maybe there will be a few used ultras coming available from the upgrades to the Ultra 13.

PM me please
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Re: SVS Owners, Share your experiences

Finaly took the plunge and ordered an SB12 Plus from AV-Sales (Kent Home Cinema) a couple of weeks ago. :rapedhe first one arrived dead, though AV-Sales were very quick to resolve this problem. Fantastic service from them and have no hesitation in recomending them.

Because of WAF the only place to position this sub was in the corner behind the AV unit. Have not had time to calibrate the sub (i.e. room responce etc) just a quick level check with the supplied SPL meter (thanks AV-Sales).

I appreciate that the sub needs to be given a few good hours to loosen (run in for about 100 hrs) but initial view is WOW !!

Coupled to a pair of Mission 773e's the sound stage has dynamically opened up, deep controled bass with very tight timing. My fav disk Dire Straits "Love over Gold" I have found has always been a difficult album to listen to. Opens with a low bass drone that on a poor system seems to overwelm, with the SB12+ it starts softly and low and just builds. No boom, no overhang, it's playing music. Heaven. The album comes alive and so much in it I wasn't aware of.

The Darla test is revealing. You realy feel as if you are in the tank.

I'm replaying all my DVD's and CD's with new enjoyment and hearing things that appeared not to be there before. Not only does this sub play with aplom but opens up the rest of my system with a texture and colour I would not have though possible.

This is truly a sub among subs and for smallish rooms an excelent addition.

Have I said the the service from AV-Sales is excellent !!!

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Re: SVS Owners, Share your experiences

Well based from what I read I'm giving SVS another try someday specially now when SVS added XLR connection to their subs which is a great news cause they are compatible with pro-gear now (monitors and such).
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Re: SVS Owners, Share your experiences

I own one of the latest (maybe the latest one ) SVS PC-Ultra since February 2007. I don't know any other SVS owners from Ukraine so maybe I'm the first one .

Before buying I listened a Paradigm Servo-15 sub and it sounds very good. But I haven't heard in his sound elastic impact in a breast on beep bass compositions. I hoped that SVS Ultra can do so and It did so! Bass was very musical, really deep and clean. I am liking PCU and really glad that I bought It. Now I recommend for all my friends this wonderful SVS subs.

Now I want to say about things I don't like. On volumes since 50% and more I hear big rumble. On 70% of volume subwoofer rocks my room and to stay in it is impossible. So I listen music on 10% of volume and look films on 40%. Maybe all this is only result of room response, maybe not only this. On small sound volumes subwoofer sounds perfectly.
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Re: SVS Owners, Share your experiences

I researched subs for 12 months.
We finally got a local distributer here in Australia.
Bought the PB12 Plus2 (so did a fello HT nut), and am more impressed every time i listen to it.
Service was excellent.
Product excellent for the price down under.
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Re: SVS Owners, Share your experiences

Although I generally find it distasteful to name products in head to head comparisons, I'll make an exception in the case of subs simply because I've spent good money on what I've learned to be unconscionably poor sub-woofers.

I owned a Definitive Technology sub for many years (about 13) and I always thought the bass was kinda unrefined, hollow and somewhat flabby. I also felt it had limited extension and volume. I figured 1000 dollars was about all I could spend and that Def Tech must be providing a decent value for money product, as they had been doing with their bipolar towers.

About two years ago, visitors accidentally sent a rocking chair leg through this sub. Now I could've replaced the driver, no doubt, but why when i was mostly dissatisfied with this design. Instead, I went to Circuit City and bought a "brand name" sub-woofer (Velodyne). Granted it was a low end model (VRP-1200), but hey, this is Velodyne, right? Would they put their name on a poor performing product. I got the thing home and basically heard no better, and perhaps worse performance from it, than from the Def Tech.

Ok, now I'm really curious...What's up with these subs? So at that point I'd read several positive comments on SVS products, researched it more, found nothing but praise for them, and settled on trying a 25-31PC+ with the new 12.3 woofer.

I got that monstrous looking thing delivered and set up, turned it on, cranked it up and my tongue and jaw dropped to the floor while my grin stretched from ear to ear

Thanks to SVS for teaching me that < $1000 subs from other manufacturers should instead be called "NOISE MAKERS" cause in my limited experience I've come to conclude that, with SVS being an exception, that's exactly what they are.
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Re: SVS Owners, Share your experiences

SVS owner since either 2001 when I got my first SVS sub, the 20-39PCi. Before owning that I had a Polk Audio PSW-650 which was a real kicker (at least I thought) at the time. Once the 20-39PCi came, I was floored at the difference it made and it was about the same price as the Polk Audio sub I had. The differences were amazing and not subtle, whatsoever!

Flash forward to 2003, I sold my 20-39PCi to my brother and picked up the SVS PC-Ultra (TV-12). A noticeable improvement and a very appreciable difference between the 20-39PCi and the Ultra. The Ultra had more articulation, dug deeper, cleaner, and more musical.

Now, in 2007, I still await my first SVS box sub, a Rosenut PB13-Ultra. I cannot tell you how stoked I am. After reading reports on the differences in the 12" and the 13" drivers, I am stoked to experience them for myself!

Every experience that I've had with SVS has been nothing but stellar! Any time anyone asks for a recommendation, SVS is my first pick!
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