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I started this thread.
Re: Need Help adjusting delay on AVR ...

You mentioned having two systems (HT and whole house), Which one are you trying to adjust???

Actually both. but for now let's only deal with the the whole house as it seems to be a much larger delay, as would be expected. and just for the record I have the wholoe house and the HT set up on a single system. would I be better to add another unit? I figured the HK 745 would handle this ok.

It seems to me that the setting is not correct, you can check the settings or start from scratch (reset everything and start again) ...Do you have anything connected on Coax 3??? ...It could be the handshake problem too.

Well I plan on getting back there tonight, after the kids go to bed, to see but I don't believe I have anything on coax3, it almost appears as though it defaults to that setting if it experiences some sort of problem.

Can you adjust the delay in your speakercraft amp??? ...that's what you use to power the speakers in the living room, Right???

Can you describe how did you setup everything???

There is no delay in the amp that I am aware of, it only offers me the ability to adjust the output to each speaker. The amp does supply all speakers outside of the HT area. While the 745 controls the fronts, center, rears, sub and TV.

I'll go through and get a detail description of how everything is set up and post it later tonight.

This has got me thinking that maybe it's a default setting on the avr beacuse it's not expecting hdmi so there is a conflict. I will check this and post back as well

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Re: Need Help adjusting delay on AVR ...

The delay your experiencing is normal due to the distance your rooms are from the source. The receiver will not be able to compensate for it however, there are external delay units that can adjust this but it can get costly.

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Since: Jan 2009
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Orange County California
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I started this thread.
Re: Need Help adjusting delay on AVR ...

That's exactly what I was looking for. I knew that the delay was because f the distance the sound had to travel but I wasn't sure if the AV units had a way to advance it by delaying/buffering the actual sound at the head unit so that it could cathc up and appear to be synched.

what are these external delay units called?

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