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Re: Coffee Shop Sound System Setup

Going with some reasonably good large bookshelf speakers placed around the perimeter of the room would also work, a total of 7 speakers with the center channel placed by the till would be your best bet and would work well.
What are the dimensions of the space?

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Re: Coffee Shop Sound System Setup

.Spartan wrote: View Post
My question is what do I need to buy to make this happen at a reasonable cost? Most receivers only have 7.1 outputs and when I ask about using stereo on all channels and splicing two speakers on a line I get strange looks from people and told I need to buy a lot of stuff - expensive always. So what is the deal?
The deal is you’re trying to use home equipment, and a home listening situation, for a commercial application. Neither works well, which is why you’ll seldom see commercial installation companies taking this route.

Regarding the latter, stereo seldom works well outside the home or automotive environment. The problem with stereo is that it works best in a limited “sweet spot.” In your situation, the only people who will enjoy the benefits of the stereo scenario you’re proposing will be the ones lucky enough to be sitting in the “sweet spot” at or near dead-center between two of the speakers. Everyone else will hear only the speaker closest to them. This is one reason why mono is generally the standard for commercial installations.

Regarding equipment, assuming you’re going to be open regular business hours, here’s a reality check: Consumer hi-fi equipment is not designed or built for the rigors of continuous duty, 6, 8, 10+ hours a day. And it certainly isn’t designed to drive numerous speakers for hours on end. If you go with a home receiver, plan on replacing it every few years, if that long.

Commercial audio installations usually go with 70-volt systems, which allow numerous speakers to be run reliably from a single amplifier channel. A 70-volt system might not be fully compatible with your desires for a hi-fi installation, however.

And there are some pitfalls with a full-range system that you might want to consider as well. Specifically, when the room fills up with background noise from people chatting, it will drown out or mask the sound from the main speakers, since your patrons' voices naturally inhabit the same frequency range as the singers and many instruments being reproduced by the sound system. However, the extreme highs and (especially the) lows will cut through the din like a knife, and that’s mainly what the patrons will be hearing. Enduring droning bass notes under your conversation gets irritating in a hurry. Thus, it would be unwise to go overboard with the subwoofers. Their extension should probably be limited to something like 80 Hz, if not a bit higher.

Personally I think you should reconsider the requirement for ceiling speakers. As Tony noted, and your research has shown, their spread is fairly limited, and the lower your ceiling is, the more it will take to evenly cover the room. For a room your size, you could easily cover the whole thing with only four wall-mounted JBL Controls or something similar, or maybe six if you’re really worried about even volume everywhere in the room, with the other two mounted at the half-way points on the long wall. Maybe a couple of 6” or 8” subs at the 1/3-points to get a bit below the wall speakers. You can probably run two speakers (or subs) per amplifier channel, so two relatively low powered commercial amplifiers would do the trick. Maybe a small mixer for the pre-amp (it’ll convert a stereo signal from your computer to mono) and an electronic crossover, and you’re in business.

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Re: Coffee Shop Sound System Setup

I would use a powerful integrated stereo amplifier such as an NAD C372 ($800) and an impedence matching distribution box such as a Niles SMS-10C ($290).

This will easily handle ten pairs of speakers and run continually for years at the volume you want. I would also consider wall mounted speakers rather than in ceiling and would forgo the subwoofer. I would consider Insignia NS-B2111 speakers (eight pairs for $704, $880 for ten pairs) with Vantage Point PSM-B wall mounts ($272 for 8 pair, $340 for ten pair).

" 38" Copy the url inside the quotes, paste into your browser, remove the space in the 11380853541 38 and hit the Enter key.

If you must get in ceiling speakers then I'd say Audiosource AS8C with an appropriate sized enclosure behind them would get the nod. Under $52 a pair right now on Amazon.

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Re: Coffee Shop Sound System Setup


Sorry for the delay in responding to the thread guys. I have been very busy lately. Trying to run one company and start up another is demanding to say the least.

Anyway, I could not find anything that I like at a reasonable price point for import so I decided to go with a Yamaha wall mounted and free standing 7.1 Soavo speaker system, hooked up to a DSP-AX763 using Denon studio cable. The system comes in at a little over $10K installed but it is worth it to me. I should have very clean and crisp sound throughout the place and very low levels with at least a three (3) speaker focus throughout most of the place.

Now I have a big Bose night club system sitting here in my house with no idea what to do with it and a very angry wife...

Again I want to thank everyone for their input and help; it is appreciated.

BTW: I waited over a week for JBL to contact me. Sadly they emailed me yesterday - several days to late.

@Jack - thanks for the email.

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Re: Coffee Shop Sound System Setup

Wow! Going from a budget of $2,500 to $10,000 is quite a jump to be left with that system. Glad you like it.
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Re: Coffee Shop Sound System Setup

It just turned into to much trouble language and time wise and the shipping costs were astonishing to say the least. I really wanted to go with a in ceiling system but everyone advised against it and I could not find the parts here -etc... So I got tired of dealing with everything and simply asked for the best overall system cost wise and that is what I purchased. Budget wise I wiped out my promotional, and opening party line items as well as dipped into the initial inventory money but I figure it was worth it.

Oddly enough, it was a Denon guy who sold me the Yamaha system. He was very professional to say the least.

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