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Newbie here building a new home

First off, awesome site and forum, can see alot of questions answered down the road when I am stuck. Therefore the reason for post:

I am building a new construction home, one of the items that I selected to be added was the HDMI cable installed above the fireplace. There will be an electrical outlet installed as well directly next to it. In our walk thru, the electrician asked me where my components are going to be placed, I stated I would LOVE to put them in the basement and run some type of IR or RF system.

The electrician tells me no problem he will run the HDMI cable to the corner of the house where my breaker box will be located and I can add my surge protector right next to the breaker and hook up my components right from there (approx 30' from tv to the breaker box)

I have been searching high and low and I know I have not invented something new here, but maybe not as common, but i can not find anything that gives me some direction on how to do this correctly (run my components from upstairs with one remote while everything is downstairs).

I know it will have to do with RF or IR but any suggestions on systems to use and things to expect?

With two small children I needed as much space as possible upstairs until I can finish off the basement.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Newbie here building a new home

Parts Express has a great selection of whole house control systems including IR and RF, give them a look to see whats available for your situation.
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Re: Newbie here building a new home

To be clear, are you simply looking for a solution for your room with the fireplace? Also, what type of gear will you be using with for that room? Satellite/Cable box? BD player? CD player? Receiver?

If all you are trying to do is have equipment, dedicated for that room, down in the basement, I would suggest looking at a universal remote with RF capability. I would strongly suggest looking into the Harmony line of remotes. I use a Harmony 890, and it's great. It's very easy to program, and I can control all of my gear with it. It is an RF remote that uses an IR repeater to control the devices. The IR repeater receives the RF from the remote and outputs IR to your gear. The 890 is no longer in service, but Harmony has newer remotes available with the same capability.

Long story short, the IR repeater would be located down in the basement with your gear controlling it all via IR. The RF remote would be up in the family room with you. Very easy.
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Re: Newbie here building a new home

Also, I don't know what your budget is, but don't let the price of the Harmony remotes scare you off. They can regularly be found for much less than MSRP. I bought my 890 a couple years ago for just over $100. That included the remote, the IR extender, and the accessory IR cables.
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Re: Newbie here building a new home

Thank you both for the insight and help with my situation, it sounds like all I need is the RF remote with the IR repeater in the basement. The price does not scare me as I think it would be a great ROI if it gets what I want done.

To answer you other question, yes it will be controlling my cable or dish depending on what I choose, my dvd player and home theater system.

I checked out parts express and they are loaded with options so I appreciate you sending that link as well.
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Re: Newbie here building a new home

One; Make sure that you run a pair of cat53 drops from where the TV will mount to the basement as well. Leave a long service loop( like 100 ft. extra for each drop) on each of them. Reason for this is there are very good HDMI conversion boxes that do a much better job of transfering HD video over distances greater that 15' than many of the longer HDMI cables. You accomplish two things. You give your self a good back up and you give yourself the latitude to move all the gear to a new location down the line if you choose.
2; for remote control via RF there is no better unit than the MRF-260 from universal. It works well with the universal remotes that they make and you will love the macro command sets which you can progam yourself after spending some time with the manual. A good basic remote would be the MX350. There is a learning curve for the remote but you will experience that with any universal remote. These units also learn individual commands from original remotes when no code is available. Just a freindly suggestion, always leave a substantial service loop at the end of any video or speaker cable drop. It gives you the latitude to change your mind.
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