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Help with hanging heavy surround speakers

I am trying to mount my four surround sound speakers onto 1/2 inch sheetrock. The speakers are Boston acoustic micro100x. The dimensions are HxWxD, 10.25x6.25x8 in. and weigh 11 -12 lbs each. The speakers are supplied with a U-shaped bracket. The speakers attach to the bracket which in turn attaches to the wall through two 3/16 non-threaded holes that are spaced about 8 inches apart.

My dilemma is that the location where I want to attach one of the speakers has only sheetrock and no studs to fix the bracket to. Iím concerned that the weight of the speaker distributed over two screws about 8 inches apart will be too heavy for the sheetrock to support. Iím looking for input/advice as to how I should proceed. Will the appropriate drywall screws hold my speakers no problem of will I have to do some elaborate fabrication?

Thanks for any help, Garth
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Re: Help with hanging heavy surround speakers

I've never been a fan of just putting screws into sheetrock, but if you use the anchors, that helps quite a bit.
If you don't have access to a stud, you could run a piece of solid wood between two studs, paint it to match the walls, and screw into that.
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Re: Help with hanging heavy surround speakers

Thanks Ryan,

A guy at home depot suggested something similar but much more elaborate. Cutting a hole in the sheetrock, putting one or two 1x3 inside the wall between two studs and then on top of the drywall, screw a plywood piece to the planks inside the wall. Last, attach the brackets to the plywood. Its a fine idea but a little too advanced for my skills.

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Re: Help with hanging heavy surround speakers

Tearing into your wall seems kinda drastic, Id buy a more beefy mount with more attachments to the wall before I did that. That having been said Ive used anchors three separate occasions to hang speakers on just sheet rock; 25lbs, 18lbs or 11lbs each speaker, each has gone off without a hitch and the 25 pounders continue to hang faithfully in my existing setup. Obviously use both holes when attaching to the wall, get the largest anchors available with a 3/16 bolt (just to be safe) and follow the directions to the letter on those anchors (theyre only effective if properly installed) and you should be fine. I like the anchors that advertise they make an audible "snap" to let you know they installed properly (and you can stop now), dont know the manufacture's name but probably available at most all home improvement stores. If you have your doubts you can anchor a safety strap to give you extra security and peace of mind but probably only prudent if you really crank your speakers and/or youre hanging speakers that are 25lbs plus.
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Re: Help with hanging heavy surround speakers

I was looking into the same type of problem and saw someone in another forum use these mounts,, with these locking anchors, (if the link doesn't work it's the Toggle Lock ones), with I think it was ~16 lbs speakers. Behind the wallplate there are 4 holes for the ancors. Some reviews of the mount on Amazon show people sticking them in drywall. Good luck.
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Re: Help with hanging heavy surround speakers

Those hold pretty well, but the size of the hole you need to create to get them in is a bit larger than doing the anchors so you will have some filler work to do.
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Re: Help with hanging heavy surround speakers

Here are my thoughts on using these various methods.. I have experience with a few of them:

EZ Anchors can work well and will hold a lot of weight. They have different "weight ratings" so ensure you get MORE than the weight you plan on using. Also, make sure you use the right screw thickness when securing your equipment so that the anchors "spreads" as seen in the picture. The downfall of these is that if you have to remove the screw from the anchor, you will compromise the integrity of the anchor.

Toggle Anchors: These puppies are really strong and reliable. Disadvantages are: You have to drill a fair sized hole to install; and if you need to un-install, the toggle gets left in the hole.

The best way is mount in a stud or joist.
One other way would be to mount a piece of "strapping" as mentioned, which would be fastened to studs/joists, and painted to match.
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Re: Help with hanging heavy surround speakers

At 12 lbs a simple drywall anchor will do the job. If you are really concerned you can use a toggle, but it's overkill imo. I've hung shelves with drywall anchors certainly a speaker isn't going to be a problem.

Drywall is a lot stronger than people realize.
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Re: Help with hanging heavy surround speakers

My issue with anchors has been that they tend to work themselves loose over time. However that could just be my bad luck. I definitely agree with finding a stud for the best overall support.
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