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Re: new toys new problems

Ok so new avr came today at 2:30 pm its now 12:35 am so I think I can give a pretty good idea of how I feel about it

First off I'd like to Thank Tonyvdb for your knowledge and help as well as your pointing me to a avr that could do a good job and helping me thru the 4-8 ohm thing, probably stopped me from filling the d-9s with tannerite and seeing how may AK rounds it took to blow them up. But it would have made a great you tube video

so then to Chashint i'll try to give you a good first 8 hour review but this is my first so bare with me please

Ok, I now have 4 avrs a Sony STR-DH820 7.2, Onkyo TX-SR504 7.1, Sony STR-DE545 5.1, and now the Onkyo TX-NR809 7.2 (and have had a Pioneer 5.1 a while ago sorry forgot model number) so these are what the 809 is up against.

First up looks and feel, All the other avrs have the same basic look a bunch of exposed buttons and knobs all plastic and about the same weight. The 809 is much more streamline and the buttons and knobs have a much sturdier feel and theres a door on the front hiding all other controls and the door is metal which I like but does account for the 40+ lbs this thing weights. The display is really nice, not to say the others we're bad but the 809 has a much smoother look about it. The only bad thing I can say in this department is I liked the Sony 820's remote better but maybe thats cause I've had it so long I'm used to it so that might change with time.

now hooking it up. Hook up was easy as all the others no difference.I do like that the 809 has a computer like power cord where as all the others just have a non removable cord. Thats about it for hook up.

now for Performance, this ones kinda hard for me cause the sony 820 sounded awesome with the d-9s it was just that overheating thing. Also I added a cerwin vega ve-5c center speaker now which the sony never had, so that has to be taken into account. so will go from there the Onkyo 809 sounds much cleaner (maybe the new center has something to do with that, I'm sure but how much ???) and can go a lot louder without distorting, and so far has only gotten warm to the touch (the sony forget cooking an egg it could burn one instantly) I played the new onkyo for over an hour straight so loud I could only go into the room to start next song and it only got warm. so it does what I wanted (again thank you Tonyvdb can't say that enough). But the menus in this thing are crazy (in a good way) the other avrs were very straight forward this thing I haven't even scratched the surface, menu after menu, one hell of a learning curve, but i'll get it. One thing I don't like and maybe I just haven't found it in the menu yet is the sony had hdmi auto pass thru so when turned off projector still showed picture, the 809, turn it off and screen goes blue. also the 809 came with no manual had to get it off internet. Not happy about that i'd rather have a book than having to keep referring to a pdf. on my laptop but that's me. overall this thing rocks and I think it will only get better as I learn more about it and get thru more of the menus.

only 2 more things I can say right now and that's I did have to call onkyo again for a minor glitch I couldn't get thru and this time I got a real nice knowledgeable guy who helped quickly and didn't act like I was wasting his time and he didn't have a problem with the 4 ohm fronts and I do have to say I think their tech support is in the US otherwise their English coach needs an award even voices in background we're fine, nothing to make me suspect outsourcing so my opinion of onkyo in general has changed just wish I had got first dudes name cause he needs to be fired!!!
and second thanks for the link Tonyvdb but I took the model number and bought thru amazon paid $100 more but I like new items, refurbs scare me and i'm a amazon prime member so I get 2ed day free shipping and I have dealt with amazon alot and I mean ALOT and they have never let me down even the cerwin vega center came from them.

so now I'm searching for new side surround speakers as my KLHs are now the weak point (think i'm going with Infinitys) but we'll see i'm in no hurry the KLHs are doing ok. as I see on this forum a lot home theaters are never really finished

oh yeah posters are now secured to wall, their not falling anymore

thanks again guys hope this review was acceptable
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I also purchased the 809 some time ago after also being steered in that direction (thanks Tony). I do believe you have the ability to do HDMI pass through though I'm not in a position at this time to look it up. It's buried in that vast menu somewhere but I always watch tv with the AVR on. It definitely will have plenty of juice to power all of the speakers in your setup. As for the remote I traded the Onkyo remote for a Harmony One and it's great so that might be something you'd want to consider. If someone hasn't provided you the info on the pass through by tomorrow evening I'll come back to help you with that. As for the PDF manual I agree I also prefer a hard copy to reference but I just printed it out.
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Re: new toys new problems

Glad to hear your happy with the 809

Have you run the auto room correction with the mic yet? thats going to make it sound even better once done.

Home theater:
Onkyo 805, Yamaha YDP2006EQ, Samson Servo 600 amp
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Living room system:
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Panasonic TC-P50ST60, HD-PVR & WDTV Live, Harmony 900

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tonyvdb wrote: View Post
Glad to hear your happy with the 809

Have you run the auto room correction with the mic yet? thats going to make it sound even better once done.
I purchased it in October of 2011 so yes I've run the Audyssey about 4 times now. New furniture…ran Audyssey. New rug…ran Audyssey. New sub…ran Audyssey. About to knock down a wall and have a granite top bar installed so soon to run it again.
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Re: new toys new problems

Thanks for the follow up.
Never any need to apologize about writing your impressions about a piece of gear.
I am glad the 809 is working well for you and you can jam your speakers as loud as you like.
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