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New member, a few questions

Hey everyone! Great forum you have here. Should be a good place to learn about my system.

I have a Panasonic Viera TC-P42ST30 plasma and Panasonic DMP-BDT110 blu-ray player, and I need some help as to how to connect a set of external analog 2.1 speakers which don't have HDMI or digital optical inputs.

The plasma only has digital audio output, with no RCA audio outs, and no headphone jack. The TV and the blu-ray are connected by a single HDMI cable. I don't have an AV receiver.

The speakers I want to connect are Klipsch ProMedia. This is a 2.1 powered sub w/satellites set, which uses a 3.5mm stereo miniplug to connect, and the left & right satellites just wire into the sub. I have neither the space or need for a huge 5.1 or 7.1 setup and wire bird-nests.

I have read through both the TV and the blu-ray manuals, but nothing I can find seems to address this issue. I don't want to have to spend extra $$$ just to buy a receiver to be able to connect speakers. From what I understand and have read, that I may need a digital to analog audio decoder converter. Found one on Amazon after much searching (can't post links here yet). Copy/paste this search into Amazon and you'll see the one I'm looking at:

5.1 Audio Gear Digital to Analog Audio Converter Adapter Digital Sound Decoder (Support Decoding Dolby AC3/DTS Audio)

Does anyone know if this is the correct solution for what I'm trying to do? If I connect the converter to the TV using a digital optical cable, then plug the speakers' cable into the converter's Front Left/Front Right blue output jack, should that give me 2-channel audio to my speakers? I hope so.

Just don't quite understand mfr's leaving out such a basic option which would add only a couple of $ to include backward-compatible outputs on newer sets
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Re: New member, a few questions

Welcome aboard Gary.

I am sure someone here will offer a simple solution for you.


Silence is golden but duct tape is silver.

DIY completed:
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Re: New member, a few questions

Gary, this is going to be a tough one as the Promedia is a Computer Speaker Series and has no direct way to connect to a typical Home Theater Component. That is even if you purchased an AVR, the Speakers and AVR are not designed to work with each other. While something as you proposed might work, I really am not positive how well it will work.

I totally understand the desire to have a neat and clean setup. If you could provide a link to the Converter you are considering, I will do my best to ascertain how well it would work.

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Re: New member, a few questions


I can understand your frustration but, if I were you, I'd sell the Klipsch set-up and replace it with an HTIB. You don't have to hook up the speakers that you don't want to use. Sometimes trying to get incompatible components to work together is just not worth the effort it takes.
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Re: New member, a few questions

Welcome to HTS, Gary!

Understand, the Klipsch ProMedia is meant to be a desktop system, not to fill a room with sound.

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Re: New member, a few questions

Parts Express (and other companies) sell Toslink to RCA "converters" (basically an inexpensive DAC) for >$40-

It seems that your Klipsch Pro Media is self powered, so the "converter" above should be all that you need. I hope it helps.
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Re: New member, a few questions

Sorry, you probably need a cable (RCA to 3.5 stereo), too. Here are several from the same company- to 3.5 mm
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Re: New member, a few questions

+1 on the PE 180-997 and cable; it will do exactly what you need it to do.

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Found a solution to my speaker issue

Thanks everyone for your input. I eventually found this to be the solution to my speaker connectivity issue (currently out of stock on Amazon):

Cost was about $64. Well-built metal case and solid jacks and optical ports. Bright blue LED indicators and solid selector pushbuttons. Retains selected channel in memory even after total power off.

Connection was plug and play, and didn't require an intermediate RCA/miniplug cable. It also provides both 2.1 and 5.1 channel DAC, with 3 discrete outputs for L/R (center) and front/rear when using 5.1. Complete with a basic optical cable which worked fine, but I upgraded to a better-built Media Bridge cable for another $8.

Sound quality of the Klipsch has to be heard. With the premise these are "only" computer speakers, but are heavily under-rated as such. For less than $120, I find the audio experience challenges many 5.1 or better systems. I placed the sub into the corner of the room diagonally, with the satellites flanking the TV console. Sound imaging is seamless. You cannot tell where the sub is located by listening. It has more than enough presence and power to handle anything I've tried without distortion. Movies are superb, with no problems pounding out the extreme tracks and quiet scenes as well. The satellites have discrete mid and hi drivers, giving them a clean and pure sound. A great compact system without all the spiderweb of wiring and big money.

If I had to whine about something (and I'm REALLY being picky here) you don't get remote control of volume. Sometimes commercials will blast you, their tracks are played way too hot. You must actually get up and turn the knob a hair if you must adjust the volume (rarely). One other minor note, on a few (very few) broadcasts, the primary audio channel, usually the actors, does not get decoded by the box, but you can still hear the background music and sound effects. No problem. Simply click the TV speakers on in the menu, and enjoy the program. DVD soundtracks are not affected by this. A pleasant side effect of this, is some commercials also get hit with this feature. Their audio gets defeated the same way!!! Haha! Effective payback so I don't have to listen to their pitch! What's not to love?!

So if anyone else finds themselves in my position, this will make it happen for you.
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Re: New member, a few questions

Glad it's working good now . . .
I was going to suggest that you plug the Klipsh speakers into the headphone jack on the TV.

W o o f e r h o u n d
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