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Re: Noob needs equitment help

daddywoofdawg wrote: View Post
I'm not planning to crank it,I will have neibors about 10' from me when I saying in an RV park.But I still like to rock out.
This is off topic but if you want enough volume to rock out but not disturb close neighbors, I would use bigger main speakers (floor standing if space permits) rather than using a separate sub (unless this sub is smaller that won't play much below 50hz). Even at lower volumes, those lower frequencies put out by a proper separate sub will travel right through your poorly insulated motor home and travel right into the next one.
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Re: Noob needs equitment help

nova wrote: View Post
Jack, Jack, Jack,... you forgot the Outlaw RR2150
Like a quite wise man once said, "I know I am forgetting someone"......

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Re: Noob needs equitment help

daddywoofdawg wrote: View Post
So then what your saying is I should go with a HT "amp"?
As far as the amp itself is concerned, 7 channel receivers generally have large power supplies that lends well to good 2-channel operation.

They're not foolproof though. Because they are in fact HT receivers, there's some brands that choose to overload a product with somewhat useless features like video upscaling etc.... specs and features are what sell after all! So you definitely need to exercize due diligence as far as quality construction and circuit design.

What do I look for in one?
Well, since you're using a sub, I'd prefer bass management of some sort. Whether to use a crossover or not can depend on the room and speakers so it's nice to have quick flexibility. I find auto-setup to do a good job with subwoofer levels as far as as inconspicuous integration is concerned (many manual subwoofer configurations are very poorly set up in my opinion, with bass around 60-80hz as much as 15db too loud.) As I stated earlier, I do like HDMI inputs and built-in DACs. I listen to all my music via HDMI.

As far as the amps are concerned, I generally focus on two primary things

1) distortion at LOW wattages (IE 1W or 0.5W) because this is where many amps are poor. It's odd to imagine but many amps have more distortion when the volume is low, than when volume is high; and because of this it can actually be the type of distortion masking details or causing grittyness. A good sign that anything is sketchy is if it's inexpensive, has lots of features, doesn't weigh a lot (note: this last part does not apply to amps advertising as being class D, but certainly for something advertising class AB operation... this is normally found on the spec sheet)

2) stable output into varying impedance loads. I generally treat all speakers as being 4 ohm... true 8 ohm speakers are an exception even if that is their nominal impedance on the spec sheet. Many 4 ohm speakers can dip down to the 2-3 ohm range. So you want amps that don't falter driving real speakers. Much of the time spec sheets are useless for amps. It would take a perfect amp to deliver 25w into 8 ohms, 50w into 4 ohms, 100w into 2 ohms, and 200w into 1 ohm (and that would still be... a 25w amp at the end of it all) but generally you want some indication somewhere that the amp isn't a lightweight designed for a pretty spec sheet; but rather for driving real life speakers!

As far as preamps or receivers, I like something that can deliver a lot of clean, unclipped voltage. My Marantz SR6003 can deliver around 7V which I think is about right. A true preamp or processor should be outputting over 10V in my opinion. This ensures a low system noise floor, amplifier flexibility, and consequently, a huge soundstage

My budget for an amp I would like to go used and get a better amp for the money.
Not a bad idea, but it's not always true that you get a better amp for the money just from going used. There's a lot of factors that go into the prices of hi-fi gear and a lot of the time it can even be paying for a name rather than paying for performance.

Just be careful and make your decision after gathering as much true knowledge about a product's performance (IE what I outlined above). If you don't understand a measurement, feel free to run it through the folks here. The main thing is just not to end up with a low end offering from a "brand that people say is great" but overall underperforms. You'll figure out what you want though

I'm only using the amp when I'm on the road about 4-5 months a year.SoI have no need to get what I would have if it was in my home. I'm just looking for some decent sounding tunes and if I can hook it up to my lcd that's a plus.
Well, IMO Marantz unit:

Should be an all-around solid performer, especially if limited to only 2-channel loads.

If you wanna stick to 2-channel gear / separates then there's some great choices out there, but my gut tells me you're looking for simplicity with great sound quality. and while it seems counterintuitive that something with more features could be more simple, i'd argue that's the case.

What is a silent HTPC?what do I look for in one.
Well HTPC stands for Home Theater PC - basically a computer specifically put together with the purpose of audio (and video I suppose) so the parts should be carefully chosen for the application. The silent part was just refering to freedom from fan / power supply noise. I'm big on water cooled PCs. I still don't have a firm grasp on the overall goal/budget so an HTPC might be more convoluted than you want to go, however.

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