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Professional Calibrators - Where are you at and what areas do you service?

I know there's a thread like this at avs, but we might as well have one here as well for our members. This is for certified professionals only - no comments. Comments will be removed.

Company Name
Areas of Service/Specialty
Anything else you'd like to add

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Re: Professional Calibrators - Where are you at and what areas do you service?

I'm Ray Coronado from SoCalHT( RayJr ) located in Palmdale,CA.
I service the greater Southern California Area.

I offer Video and Audio Calibration

My Video equipment and software:

-Calman Pro Video Calibration Software Ver. 3.x and 4.x
-XRite i1Pro spectroradiometer
-Xrite Chroma 5 Colorimeter
-SpectraCal C6 Color Analyzer
-Accupel HDG-4000 Pattern Generator
-AVFoundry VideoForge HDMI Digital Video Generator
-Spears&Munsil HD Benchmark , DVE HD Basic Blu-Ray, AVSHD video test discs.

I am a THX Video Certified Professional and Certified Audyssey Installer.

My Contact Info is:

Ray Coronado

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Re: Professional Calibrators - Where are you at and what areas do you service?

Buzz Schranz
THX Certified Video Calibrator

Naples, FL mid-October through mid-May
Wausau, WI in the summer - frequent trips to Minneapolis

ChromaPure Pro
ControlCal for Panasonic VT30 Plasmas
DVDO iScan Duo Controller

X-Rite i1Pro Spectrophotometer
X-Rite Display 3 Colorimeter
X-Rite Chroma 5 Colorimeter
Accupel DVG-5000 2D/3D Signal Generator


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Re: Professional Calibrators - Where are you at and what areas do you service?

I am a THX Certified Video Calibrator. I perform calibrations in Florida and southern Georgia and am available 24/7 at your convenience.

I use the following test equipment and software to calibrate your display.

- X-RITE i1Pro Spectroradiometer
- Spectracal C6 Tristimulus Colorimeter
- ACCUPEL DVG-5000 Digital Video Calibration 2D & 3D Pattern Generator
- CalMAN 4.3 Pro Video Calibration Software
- Digital Video Essentials Calibration DVD (HD-DVD and Blu-ray version)
- AVS HD 709 Calibration DVD
- ControlCal ISFccc for Panasonic VT25, VT30 and Pioneer displays
- Calman VT30/DT30 Auto-Cal software

Don McLaughlin
Precision Video Calibraitons
Belleview, Fl

Display: Panasonic TC-P50V10, Vizio E320VL
AVR: Pioneer Elite VSX-51
BR Player: Panasonic DMP-BD-320
Sat Box: Directv HR-24

Precision Video Calibrations
THX Video Calibrator
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Re: Professional Calibrators - Where are you at and what areas do you service?


My name is John and I'm an ISF Certified Video Calibrator located in New York, servicing the Long Island and NYC area.

Calibration is not my main source of income, so my calibrations are only performed on weekends. I calibrate to feed a passion.

Service Area:
  • Long Island
  • NYC Area
  • Sencore OTC 1000 Tristimulus Colorimeter
  • X-RITE Eyeone Pro Spectroradiometer
  • DPG1000 Pattern Generator
  • CalMAN
  • ControlCal ISFccc
Calibration Discs:
  • Digital Video Essentials - Blu Ray
  • AVS HD 709
  • Spears & Munsil
John Bartolotta
JB Home Theatre Calibrations
ISF Certified Calibrator

Displays are like 100% cotton t-shirts. Always buy a size larger than you think you'll need, as they tend to shrink over time.

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Re: Professional Calibrators - Where are you at and what areas do you service?

AccuCal™ - Calibration And Design Services

My name is Jeff Meier and I offer video and audio calibration services for all types of displays out of Four Seasons Missouri. I also offer audio and video design services to assist you in obtaining the best value from your home theater. Tours are frequently scheduled around the state and nationally. I believe that the home theater experience consists of both audio and video reproduction. I offer exceptional quality in both areas that support that belief. My clientele consists of home theater enthusiasts, post production, movie professionals, music professionals, large commercial audio and video installations and am frequently called in to correct others work.

My color measurement instrument is the most accurate and sensitive portable spectrophotometer from the leading color measurement company Photo Research. This device along with my proprietary software and methodology guarantees that you will receive the best color calibration that one can have. When used to setup a high quality display the results are nothing short of astounding. Various other test equipment and reference material are used to optimize your display performance so you receive the image quality you paid for.

My audio capabilities go far beyond simple setup and extend into optimizing your audio within your acoustic environment. My audio test tools are the same as that used by the major studios. This along with my experience allows you to purchase this service at a phenomenal price point.

Current Major Cities Served: Austin, Baltimore. Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, D.C., Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Saint Louis, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Tulsa

Current States Served: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Current Traveling Schedule: Available on website.

Video Calibration Equipment: Photo Research PR-670 spectroradiometer, AccuCal™ Software with a GretagMacbeth spectroradiometer, AEMC CA813 light meter, AccuPel HDG-4000 Test Pattern Generator, Sencore VP403C Generator, VideoForge HD/3D Pattern Generator, Philips PM5936/10 front projector CRT color analyzer, Philips PM5936/00 CRT color analyzer and a Sony PVM-96 D65 reference display. ControlCal to access ISF modes in various products that require it.

Video Test Software: HD-DVD movies, Blu-Ray Movies, Digital Video Essentials 720p & 1080i D-VHS test tapes, AviaPro DVD test discs, THX Demo and Setup Laserdisc, Video Essentials System Setup Laserdisc and numerous other test DVDs.

Audio Calibration Equipment: Sencore SP495 Audio Analyzer.Earthworks M30 Measurement Microphone, ACO Pacific MK224PH Type 1 Measurement Microphone, TrueRTA™ Real Time Analyzer, Direct Sound Measurement, Waterfall Charts, CARA Design Software, Room Optimizer and Room Sizer Design Software.

Audio Test Software: Gold Line's "The 5.1 Audio Toolkit", Ovation's "Avia Guide To Home Theater", THX Calibration Disc, Various Movies and Audio Recordings in stereo and surround formats.

Certifications: Imaging Science Foundation, THX Certified Home Theater Technician Level II, Education: B.S. Engineering.

W. Jeff Meier

AV Consultant
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Re: Professional Calibrators - Where are you at and what areas do you service?

I'm Chad B, ISF and THX certified video calibrator from HDTVbyChadB.

I live in Ohio, but I travel to many states (at least half the continental US). Primary service areas include but are not limited to OH, VA, PA, IN, MI, Chicago, etc.

I use the Jeti 1211 5nm reference spectroratiometer, C6 colorimeter, CalMAN Commercial, and I just got ChromaPure Pro. I've been calibrating professionally since 2002.

I also do audio calibrations, which is what brought me here.
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Re: Professional Calibrators - Where are you at and what areas do you service?

All High Def LLC - Info deleted; obsolete.

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Re: Professional Calibrators - Where are you at and what areas do you service?

Shawn Byrne
Erskine Group/Cinema Forte

5+ years of experience for both audio and video calibration.

THX Certified Video Calibrator
Home Acoustics Alliance Level III Design Certified
Professional Audyssey Installer
CEDIA Member

We service all builds of Erskine Group and Cinema Forte world wide. For personal service of audio and video calibration non related to Erskine Group or Cinema Forte, I service Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Colorado and occasionally Minnesota and Eastern portions of the Dakotas.

My equipment list:

Video Calibration
CalMan Professional 3.7/4.5
X-Rite i1 Pro Spectrophotometer
Konica-Minolta CS200
Quantum Data 780 Handheld HDMI Analyzer 1.4a compliant
Accupel HDG-5000
ControlCal Software for Pioneer and Panasonic displays
Avia Pro
DVE (DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray)
AVS Blu-ray disc
S&M Blu-ray and HD-DVD test discs
THX DVD Test Disc
THX Blu-ray 3D Test Disc

TurboCAD Professional v.18 Platinum
MATLAB v.7 for acoustic software design
AV Pro Software

Audio Calibration
Sencore SP495 EX w/Type 1 mic
Sencore MX399
Sencore DAG5161
SoundPro Link
RS-95 Acoustic Software
QSC Signal and Venue Manager
Audyssey v.3.5
Numerous other software packages and test discs


Architectual Acoustics & Cinema Designer
HAA Level III/THX Video Certified Calibrator
Audyssey Professional Installer/Technician

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Re: Professional Calibrators - Where are you at and what areas do you service?

Paul Fink
The Stereo Shoppe in Williamsport PA 570-323-9014
ISF Calibrator
Sencore OTC1000
Sencore VP401 Signal Generator

Audyssey Pro Calibrator
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