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Re: How many folks have had their displays calibrated?

I'm waiting on an Email that will have the pdf file of the before and after settings. I saw it on his laptop but we were both rushed to pick up our kids from daycare. There is a Gamma setting on my set that was reduced to smooth out the dark end of the gray scale ramps. The gamut of the TV was corrected to bring it into spec, previously it looked a little extended in the blue and greatly extended in the green. Afterwards it lined up perfectly from what I could see. Also the gray scale curve was corrected, mostly bringing the blue down to close to the red and green. This wasn't perfect but it was a huge improvment in the graphs that I saw. Again this is from memory. The pdf file will have the details. Hope this is the type of info you were looking for.

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Re: How many folks have had their displays calibrated?

Okay I have some specifics...

The Chromacity Coordinates at various brightness levels IRE 30 -100 were bunched up near the blue end of the blue green red triangle. Afterwards they are much more towards the green red side. Close to D65 (TV white).
Temp tracking before was up around 10700 and after it was around 6100.
Color tracking (red green blue) was all over the map.
Red 85 - 80% Green was prety much 100% and blue was 150%.
Now its Red 100 -108, Green 100% and blue 100 -90 -100%. Perfect is 100%.

There were two images of a color gamut with 6 points defined for color, green, yellow, red, purple, blue and cyan on a triangle with end points at green, red and blue. It showed the target points for NTSC TV and then the measured points on the TV. The measured points had green extended and red a little short. What was most telling were the middle points for yellow, purple and cyan. Yellow was closer to the green, and cyan and purple were way to close to the blue.

Afterwards the green and red were very close to what they should be and the middle points of yellow, cyan and purple were dead on. It's the removal of the blue and green skewing of the colors, (color separation) that gives the colors more pop I think. It was most obvious watching HD cable. I watched a baseball game on ESPN and if felt like I was looking though a window for the first time since having HD cable.

I remember drooling over the Pioneer Elite rear projection TVs in the local AV shop. Watching the Hockey and baseball games looked stunning, but my TV never quite got there. Now I know they had been calibrated, the person who did the calibration on my TV was a co-owner.

Hope this helps
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Re: How many folks have had their displays calibrated?

You were afflicted with the "blue daze" that gives people cataracts... .I was curious about the gamma change. Usually when people see more "punch" it has a lot to do with the settings of black levels and gamma. My guess is that taking out some gamma allowed you to get blacks without giving up that last little bit of detail in the dark areas, where before you probably had to run the blacks gray to see dark detail. That, combined with the extreme blue gray scale probably took a lot of the "snap" out of the pix.

Glad you got service that you are happy with.

If he gave you the raw data, some handy spreadsheets are out there such as the CalMAN and one by Shawn Rader that let you plot the data a few different ways.

Looking for me, just google my username. I have used the same one for most sites for many years.
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Re: How many folks have had their displays calibrated?

lcaillo wrote:
If he gave you the raw data, some handy spreadsheets are out there such as the CalMAN and one by Shawn Rader that let you plot the data a few different ways.
Phil pointed this thread out to me, and invited me to respond in an official capacity. Leonard is absolutely right in that we provide users quite a bit of data about what is going on with their display. Most calibration packages generate a decent amount of data, but whether the calibrator provides that to the customer and/or makes that data accessible is definitely something that varies from calibrator to calibrator.

Do you want to know why your blacks are crushed? Your gamma is probably too high at low stimulus levels.

Do you want to know why your whites are crushed even after calibration? Your gamma is probably too low at high stimulus levels.

These are just a few of the things users should know after a calibration, so that they understand what the limitations of their displays are. If your calibrator does not offer this information, then get him or her to explain. If you are dissatisfied, then I might humbly suggest a side trip our way where we should be able to fill in at least a few of the gaps.

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Re: How many folks have had their displays calibrated?

It's been 2 months since my display was calibrated and I figured it was time to report back. I am still pleased with the results and glad I pony'd up the money to have it done. There was a question of Gama a few entries back. The Samsung DLPs have a gama setting the comes default to 2. I had set it to 0 in the service menu and then run through the AVIA/DVE dvds to adjust my settings prior to the calibration. Just before the set was calibrated I went back and reset it to the factory default. Post calibration the setting was back at 0 again.
The biggest difference I see is still the color separation. I notice it most with blue and yellow with red falling in about second. Blues and reds against a white background really stand out now. Watching the HD Discovery Channel has been a real thrill, the hot rods really look great. The program about the Blue Angels looked quite nice too.

I have put the before/after detail report here if anyone is interested.


Oh I also found a web site that posts before and after temp curves of many displays that they review. look down on the lower right hand side.

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