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Favorite PC Games

What are your all time favorite PC games?

Year ago I started out with Ultima3. There were also all the games of early times - Doom & Quake come to mind here. This was all back in the mid 80s for you young whipper snappers!

Then I found a game called Cyberia which was a pretty fun game - kind of a sci-fi thriller. More recently there's Half Life, Half Life2 and the plethora of mods that came out for these - Team Fortress 1 & 2, CounterStrike, and Day of Defeat. Somewhere in the middle of all of that I found a game called Rise of Nations by Microsoft and became hooked on Real Time Strategy games (RTS). This was the time when I was really hooked on playing games online. I became quite good at Day of Defeat online. And there was Battlefield too. That was a very fun game.

Three years or so ago I found Company of Heroes and have achieved RTS nirvana. There have been three releases of CoH, the original, Opposing Fronts, and Tales of Valor. Even after three years of playing, I still keep gravitating back to CoH.

I've also played a lot of the other first person shooters, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Brotherhood in Arms, etc. The only one I've played recently is CoD4: Modern Warfare. I'm not that far into the single player mission though. And I don't seem to find time to play it. I attribute that more to my age though more than anything. It is a very fun game with exceptional graphics.

Out of all the games I've played over the years the two that stand out the most are the Half Life's and Company of Heroes.

So I've done quite a bit of PC gaming over the years, tell me a bit about your experiences, likes, and dislikes.
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Re: Favorite PC Games

I still like the classics, I loved playing Beyond castle Wolfenstein on the Apple IIe and Deluxe Gallaga on the Amiga. I dont really care to much for the shoot an kill 3D games of today but love playing Scorched 3D a 3D artillery tank game.
Im also into Trains so I found this great 3D railroad sim for the PC and Mac called Trainz

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Re: Favorite PC Games

Trains reminds me of another I forgot about and a great game programmer - Railroad Tycoon and Sid Meier. Which brings the Civilization series to mind. Sid Meier is probably the king of strategy game programming. I loved all of his games.

My memory is fading as I age.
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Re: Favorite PC Games

No shout outs for Dizzy on the Amstrad/spectrum/Commodores, and a little later the Amiga/Atari. Shame on yous

I also got a soft spot for Alone in the Dark, C&C, Flashback and Another World, Half Life 2, Escape from Monkey Island, Age of Empires, and god knows how many other games.
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Re: Favorite PC Games

For me the best PC game of all time is Baldur's Gate II. If you like RPG's it is still worth a play today.

Other games on my list would include Wing Commander, Diablo II, the entire Monkey Island series(curse is my favorite), The Longest Journey and Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within
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Re: Favorite PC Games

My favorites would have to be any of the Command and Conquer Games along with Star Wars Empire at War. We had our computer built for us, but we didn't have a gaming video card installed so the graphics sometimes aren't the best and we have computer running slow problems but the games still work just in slow motion sometimes.

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Re: Favorite PC Games

All-time favorite? Probably Battlefield 2.

Runners up?

Team Fortress 2
Battlefield 2142
Might and Magic 6
Quake III Arena.

Looking forward to Bad Company 2!
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Re: Favorite PC Games

90 % of RTS games
Joint task force
Faces or war
Red alert series
Act of war
Command and conquer series
Age of empires

First person (online gameing)
Ranidow 6 vegas series for Coop
Gears of war

Bad company 2 (beta)

but i also like the old school games the list is endless , i just use Mame emulater or other emulators.

i can fill a page of games as it is hard to pick a Best, if you play them this Guides to others But not to Fork lift Simulator ..

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Re: Favorite PC Games

favelle wrote: View Post
All-time favorite? Probably Battlefield 2.

Runners up?

Team Fortress 2
Battlefield 2142
Might and Magic 6
Quake III Arena.

Looking forward to Bad Company 2!
Yes, Battlefield 2, and 2142 for me too. I've probably invested waaay to much time in playing them. Currently playing the Bad Company 2 beta. I can see myself getting a bit obsessed with that too.
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