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View Poll Results: Is the xbox 360 a good media server type device too?
Yes, I think its great 3 33.33%
No, it needs a lot of work if MS want us to use it that way 2 22.22%
I dont really care to be honest 1 11.11%
Its OK, but most other devices do it much better. 3 33.33%
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Re: Xbox 360 as a media hub = Fail?

daylight savings are in effect, which will account for one of your lost hours.
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Re: Xbox 360 as a media hub = Fail?

Now if I can only remember which coat pocket I left the other one in....

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Re: Xbox 360 as a media hub = Fail?

Interesting read, I must admit Ive never really used my console as a music server. I have used it extensively as a netflix streaming portal, and lots of xbox marketplace video streaming, otherwise its just been my primary gaming rig. I cant say that Im surprised by your evaluation and its numerous short commings, I thinks its perfectly reasonable and expected to be displeased with a console as a music server. I also think it goes to show that there is just no substitute for the real thing, a dedicated music server. If my music media meant that much to me I would NOT use media center or a game console for the task. I feel so strongly about that idea that I replaced my PS3 with a stand alone blu ray player and will never go back to a console for such a critical function as blu ray playback. I just dont think its practical (despite the marketing hype) to expect a gaming console to do anything other than to be a gaming console, and something as simple as the PS3's lack of IR support is a perfect example of this ideal. In the end a gaming console is a computer that is crammed into a case that rivals most micro atx computer cases, which means theyll run hot OR loud, or both. The xbox isnt even really good at being a gaming console (not with its failure rate), so Id certainly never expect it to be more than what it is...just a gaming machine.
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Re: Xbox 360 as a media hub = Fail?

You make some good points. I think the PS3 was designed with media in mind more though, although no IR after all that expense is a bit of a downer. I take your point in not expect to much from games consoles, but they put the features in, so why not make them the best they can be. At the moment I have no dedicated kit for playing music, so I am stuck with the consoles. I like the advantage of storing your music on a single accessible device for playing it all, but you probably right in that a dedicated music server is the best way forward.

Thing that gets me, is I can buy a £300 laptop that does all this as smooth as, with much more flexibility in the processing department, a built in screen, a battery, speakers, more storage space and a multitude of software options to get the most from the kit we have. The xbox runs on a similar framework to windows, so why can they at least do what they do, but do it well. They are simply to busy trying to come up with more efficient ways of getting us to pay for stuff.

The new consoles are touted as total entertainment media hubs, so I think they should at least try live upto that, by eliminating the simplest of things that would at least give the impression they are trying. I would then on that score alone, be impressed. The main flaws are really just silly little things that shouldnt be an issue.
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Re: Xbox 360 as a media hub = Fail?

the xbox doesn't really become a media device (for local content) unless you are leveraging it as a media center extender connected to a media center pc with the MyMovies application installed

For online content the xbox is rock solid for zune/netflix/hulu/etc.

but for local content (owned music / movies / pictures) the xbox only solution is pretty weak. But via the media center solution (xbox as an extender) that version of the solution is very strong. Exspecially when you have the MyMovies application for playing ripped content. The plus is that with today's pc's you can easily run mc without requiring you to have a dedicated mce box.
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Re: Xbox 360 as a media hub = Fail?

I have some exp. on this matter. Seven (7) Xboxes in eight (8) years w/ only 2 working at the moment. ( I've only paid full price for the 1st and last ) My 360s is connected via cat6 to my modem/router. Now with that out of the way, here are my thoughts on the Xbox as a media hub.

Made as a gaming rig 1st and media hub 2nd.
Back in the early days, using the original Xbox to play games and store/play music was the only thing it did and did it well. Fast forward to the 360, media sharing via connected PC's and streaming came along.

Media sharing (video) w/ a PC running WMC failed for me, think the PC was the problem (under powered or not enough). Never tried getting music from PC back then, just ripped CD's to the HD.
Streaming Netflix worked ok but IP speeds were low and PQ suffered with stops and restarts.

Now, present day with 360s, a more powerful PC and faster IP speeds (30 Mbps down and 5 Mpbs up).
Where are we now, music sharing works very well w/ 3 different PC's connected via wired or wireless. Video on the other hand is still not an option for me as I find it too slow and PQ is nowhere as good as just watching it on the PC. Streaming services have exploded but I will stick to Netflix as my main point of reference. PQ with SD videos is still poor, HD videos look much better but are still limited by technology of the hardware used (video card).

Hopefully when MS releases the next Xbox they will get it, I currently use my 360s for gaming and leave all the rest to other devices with better hardware.

steiny93 wrote: View Post
imo;For online content the xbox is rock solid for zune/netflix/hulu/etc.
Rock solid yes, best PQ not even close.
Using anything with Advanced Qdeo Video Processing helps in the PQ department.
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