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Hello everybody!

I would like to say a warm "hi" to everyone. I'm new to Home Theater Shack and still quite green when talking about home theater.... although I'm getting there. I've been an audiophile since a young age, but it was only just recently that I made the leap into home theater. This was only made possible when my 2ch preamp died, making my wife go slowly insane from lack of music. Fortunately, I was able to integrate a nice 7.1 A/V receiver into my existing setup.

Bad thing is that I jumped at a cheap center speaker and powered sub (Think: low level, mass marketed). Even though my system sounds "awkward", it still sounds better than it did before getting the cheap stuff! There's no question the movies are more superior. So now I'm down the road of building my own passive sub and center. That's one reason I've joined the shack. It looks like HTS has a nice DIY section for building speakers.

Another reason I'm here is because I'm not interest in designing or making my own crossovers........ I'm more interested in the woodworking/sound wave stuff. That got me looking for an external crossover/para eq which I found in the Behringer Feedback Destroyer. Many of the Google-BFD results point to HTS......and walla...here I am.

I will be sucking up every word about the BFD. I'm a tweak freak and intend to purchase two of them: one to sit between my receiver and 2ch amp..... the other, to characterize my soon-to-be-built passive sub. I will also need an external mono amp for the sub. I will use the amp specs to aid in speaker design.

Other things I'll be hunting for while here:

- Recommendations for a calibrated mic/SPL meter.
- Stories, comments, rants, and raves about the BFD.
- Information on how to use my receiver supplied calibration
microphone with the Room EQ Wizard.
- Pros n cons of the Wii, PS3, and Xbox consoles.
- Recommendations for awesome sounding movies or concerts.
- Information about creating an external processing loop to
compensate for a receiver that does not have that capability.
(long ago, this was called a "tape loop" and it was
very useful when hooking up an external graphic eq.)
- Information about universal remotes.
- DIY photos!!!!!!! Must Have More, Must Have More....
- Finding info on A/V-computer integration:
-Media serving
-Home networked
-Internet surfaging (dude)
-HD-DVR abilities
-A stylus-like input device so my
artist wife can use the TV as a canvas.
-Setting up my own HTML-based menu system
-HQ video card (w/HDMI out)
-HQ soundcard digitally output'd to A/V receiver.
-Permanently connected calibration meter (*and*)
-REW software closely integrated in A/V system.
I'm getting tired of hooking up my laptop
every time I want to play around.
-An external switch to allow the soundcard to easily
jump from Normal mode, to "Cal" mode... and back.
-Maybe Home Security and Automation in the way distant future.

After 20 years in the USAF..... plenty of it spent around running aircraft...... I can proudly say that my hearing is still 20/20. I love music and try to keep myself open to as many music styles as possible. Nowadays my only criteria for purchasing music is that I can never have heard of them before.

I suppose I should wrap this up. Sorry for the long post.....I just have a lot of ideas with nothing yet in bloom. I guess you could say that I'm using this space for therapy purposes!

I look forward to all your insights.

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Re: Hello everybody!

Welcome Brad -- excellent intro post.

Yep, centre speaker is the most important part of your setup, followed closely by the sub(s). Read on!
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Re: Hello everybody!

Welcome to the Shack, Brad! Enjoy the forums!
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Re: Hello everybody!

Hi Brad, Welcome aboard!

Enjoy your stay.

Home theater:
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Re: Hello everybody!

Howdy Brad and welcome to the Shack!

I don't think you'll have a problem finding all your answers here at the Shack...

Cedar Creek Cinema

PremierHomeAudio: Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Def Tech and more. Shoot me a PM!
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Re: Hello everybody!

Hi Ya Brad, Welcome to the Shack.

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Re: Hello everybody!

Hi Brad,

Normally a DIY sub does not need a crossover, instead you use the "Subwoofer Output" line level output that most AVRs have. That goes to a power amplifier of some type. Many of us go for the most bang for the buck by using a pro amp (the Behringer EP2500 is an example of one). Designing the sub is a science but programs such as WinISD or Unibox make it easier to get desired results.

The BFD is not really used by us as a crossover -- rather we use its parametric equalizer filters to smooth out (cut) the peaks in room measured bass frequencies. Using Room Eq Wizard with a RS SPL meter connected to a PC soundcard line level input enables us to compute the setup for the BFD's filters. The result is a smoother and more accurate bass response.

DIY a center channel with its needed crossovers is fairly involved. Perhaps you should try building to an existing plan such as those shown in the Parts Express website and catalogs.
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Re: Hello everybody!

Great post, Brad. Welcome. Have fun. Dennis

L Dennis Doan, DC
Gonstead Chiropractor
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