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Noob hanging in Germany

Hi all. Names Rod, and I've been living in Germany now for eight years. I am currently a recovering AudioPhile of sorts, but not nearly in the same league of most of you, mostly a window shopper. I say 'recovering' because the spousal-unit (one each) is trying to cure me! I'm here to find out what you all (the smart folks) are talkin' about and learn as much as I can for ammunition against my SU. Since we have been married she has guilted me out of my Bose 901's, and 601's as well as some Infinity SM152's, my Yamaha MX, CX, and TX 1000's and my full size Stevie Nicks poster! At this point I had her bags packed, but found out she was pregnant with our second child so reluctantly decided to keep her despite the Yamaha seperates and only if she would allow me to get a 52" Sony Bravia. But seriouly the Infinity's were really not her fault. They just sat there in the corner minding there own business, thwarting all effort by children to remove their protective covers, until that fateful night when a highschool buddy from stateside decides to visit and just has to hear the Crazy Train guitar solo at maximum volume and POOF! Nuttin' but speaker foam for as far as the eye can see! Granted, a little Jose' was also involved I still blame the dry, radiator heat, environment of the German houses as not being condusive to the soft pliable underbelly of a speaker. Anyway, I do digress, so the Yamaha components gave way to a Yamaha 1600, which then wouldn't pass through the 1080p from the Sony Blu-Ray to the 52' Sony which really couldn't reproduce anything worth listening too using the Bose 301 in conjunction with the Acoustimass 10 setup in a 7.1 configuration. With this explanation the wife basically gave me the same blank look as when I emphatically attempted to explain with the 302 5.0 was still a much better engine than the 4.6 liter version! As an aside, That mustang GT eventually lost to a 'family' car; a Saturn. I need a tissue. Ok, so now, after much convincing by creative use of PowerPoint presentations, graphs, technical specification datasheets and hand puppets, I have convinced my lovely wife (she was watching, I had to say that part) that I will absolutely die if I did not purchase the Yamaha 3800. To emphasize this I threw myself on the ground and started kicking and screaming as my son had coached, and what do you know, it worked. At this point I ran out to the car and got it out of the trunk. This as you may have guessed did not bode well and will cost me new living room furniture in exchange! So, This finally brings me to why I'm here. The wife has finally conceded that I may shop around and listen to some speaker so that we can budget for future purchase. Yeah! And there was much rejoicing! We will be returning to the states for the first time in five years next month for a five week visit and I hope to get some speaker listening time in so anyone in the Oklahoma City area who knows of some places to go have a listen, please let me know. Or if you know someone who would like to unload those NS1000's or Klipsch Reference series they've got lying around, let me know. I know because of all the Bose I've owned (and still own) it would seem like I like Bose. Not necessarily true. Bose just seem to have some deal with the military exchanges and are readily available as other brands are simply not carried. Gotta have an output. The 901's were the only ones I just had to have ever since I saw them dispose of a Ted Nugengt poster behind them in an Air force barracks room! But I still can't afford to go up the street here (figuratively speaking of course) and plunck dow 15000 Euro on a set of Tocaro's! So hopefully I can pick up some tips and know-how from everyones experience and make some intelligent and informed decisions concerning A/V equipment!

Thanks in advance for putting up with my questions!

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Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy Xsquid and welcome to the Shack!

We are glad to have ya on board...


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Re: Noob hanging in Germany

Hi Rod and welcome to the Shack! As for where to go in Oklahoma City, post that question in the Home Audio Speakers forum and you'll have a better chance there of getting a response. Good luck with the wife!
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Re: Noob hanging in Germany

Hi Rod, Welcome. I also picked up some Bose way back when I was in the military. Had not considered it until you just brought it up,... perhaps they are a better deal on base? Everyone usually complains about how expensive Bose speakers are, but I have always felt the 601's I bought in the 80's were a good deal. Now I'm curious if they were a lot less expensive if purchased on base rather than out in town,... I don't think I priced them off base before I purchased them .

In any case, hope you enjoy our little corner of the Net.

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Re: Noob hanging in Germany

Hello Rod, Welcome to the Shack

Enjoy your stay with us.

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germany , hanging , noob

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