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Hiho from Düsseldorf, Germany

Hi there,

actually i stumbled upon the shack whilst searching for real time analyzer tools ...

I am in High-End Stereo and so i own some older (5 years) digital preamp incorporating a very good (really) d/a stage including a room eq functionality, based on a win9x measurement software which uses an external microphone preamp a/d device.
it calculates parameters for fir filters which are then fed into the amp itself.

Not a simple solution as one could wish, but the result is very nice

So i sometimes play around a bit with measuring...

Usually i do not like surround systems - not pincipially - but because it is not easy to build and afford a surround system which sounds as good as a good stereo system

So until now i leave this part out and fumble around my simple stereo system

I listen to the described Preamp PD 1210 of T+A, fed by a dvdp/transport device with a nearly jitter free spdif out. My loudspeaker should be electrostatic ones again in near future as i 'lost' my old ones. Meanwhile speakers are KEF iQ3 which have the most bang for the buck i ever heard (not bass-bang). The system is driven by a bigger chinese Valve Amp giving 2*100 Watts by a sum of 8 KT88 Valves driven in low power mode. (As McIntosh would try to get more than 200Watts out of this)


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Re: Hiho from Düsseldorf, Germany

Welcome to the Forum, Michael! Nice set-up you have there.

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Re: Hiho from Düsseldorf, Germany

Hi Michael and welcome to the Shack!

You should really like Room EQ Wizard. Ditto on the setup too.... nice!

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: Hiho from Düsseldorf, Germany

Hi again...

after some while and still using here and there REW i think this is the best place to write, as it mainly pointed at my system and touches (too) much postings

Well i changed my system a little bit...

My chain looks now like:
(still) T+A DVD1210 - soon replaced by or playing side by side with a high end more or less custom made transport using an enhanced philips cdm pro if. (strike out that jitter-less above - the new device comes far, far closer to that)
(new) silent (totally) PC with an RME 9632 for digital input and currently doing the DAC stuff plus volume control (64 Bit digital). This runs under spblinux with brutefir as a realtime convolving engine which can handle 64Bit files with 128k Taps (or even more if needed and the processor is fast enough)
This one does digital X-over calculation plus roomcorrection to drive my capaciti electrostatic devices plus 2 Reckhorn corner Horn woofers (looking like bandpass woofers for corner placement) under 80 Hz.
The ESLs are driven by my Valve, the woofers get their power though my older NAD 2600A.

That's it - more or less

The system is prepared (X-Overs) and measured with acourate (giving the most possibilities to do measuring and evaluation of room acoustics, and generating the best sounding FIR Filters afaik).
It is more or less flat from 10/15Hz to 20k, while in the upper region i have some probs with my valve/ESL combination leading to a loss in the highs, which i try to correct digitally. To much hurts of course - when you stay in sane regions it still works fine.

The bass region claim sounds bold, but i drive the woofers fully unmatched (speaking of amp volume), leading to a max. of 40dB overpower which has to be reduced by acourate. This leads to a very low lowest frequency and a bunch of headroom in the rest woofer range.

An interesting fact is, that the similarity of left and right channel at listening position is about 81% after room correction. (The iacc Value, proposed quite some time ago at the AES convention can be measured with acourate, and is about 0.81, where 1 would be maximum.)

You can imagine this sounds quite nice now, even if there is much room for improvement considerung e.g. the DAC part and the transport - but though - it's already great.

This IACC thingy really drove me trying some more things, and please have in mind that some high end systems (i measrued some for friends) are mire in the 0.2-0.3 region. Meaning an audio system can easily cost quite a bunch of money and sound "smooth" - but the stereo image is more or leass just

I think this applies to surround systems, too. But i am unsure qhat about effects channels, where a diffuse picture is exactly what you might want (for e.g. really feeling in that church the movie is showing). But it may be important, too.

My conclusion would be:
- Better use directing speakers
- always have (optical and acoustical) symmetry in mind

I am still fumbling around and have some ideas what to try, one of them is doing the segmentation (ELSs are often parted into virtual segments of vertical loudspeaker "ribbons" using resistor in front of the stators). I would like to do this in the digital domain and feed my thrashcan with the unused material in the signals way. Too sad this means owning 10 channels DAC and of course 10 mono amps :/
Maybe I'll still check it out if i find an affordable way or win in the lottery

Well now that's all for now. If you are interested somehow in roomcorrection things - i hope i am now a bit more informed than i was some time ago...

best wishes and a happy new year (a bit late of course)

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Re: Hiho from Düsseldorf, Germany

Welcome to the Shack! Looks like you have a serious project on your hands.

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Re: Hiho from Düsseldorf, Germany

Hello Michael,... Welcome to the Shack.

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Re: Hiho from Düsseldorf, Germany

Welcome to the Shack! Enjoy the forums!
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Re: Hiho from Düsseldorf, Germany


i just wanted to add some changes here...

Well looking at the old post things evolved abit...

Eg. i dropped the former ESL speakers. I was stuck in the project and was not feeling ok wit the speakers sound. I changed to use Silberstatic (should be silverstatic, but the name is really as i wrote) Panels now which are for me the best sounding ESLs i ever heard. This lead to getting more weird: i now got 2 Panels 175x25cm per side xD As they go "only" and really down to 30Hz is cut them above with the Acourate/convodution setup i own and support them by 2 O810 Woofers from Klein+Hummel. This means depending on setup lows down to 10Hz - full power still...

I spoke about IACC describing how similar the speakers sound (measured) at listening position. I am always around 90% now! And in my best measurement with very careful setup even 95 before correction. Well it sounds like that: Perfectly precise, totally open, extended in all directions and - very important to me - not at all artificial or fatiguing.

In between i got some things to play with: Perhaps one of the best CDT/DAC combinations possible (only 44.1/16 though tha DAC can do more, but far less than 2ps Jitter, sounds like that, too.)
By occasion i got a used Finite Elemente Master Reference Rack, so this is okay, too.

And as i am now quite experienced i am actually in the process to found my own company - holisticsystems - which is about Roomcorrection, software development and music production and reproduction [Please cut this if this is too ad-styley]

So this is quite some positive change - 4 the system and me


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Re: Hiho from Düsseldorf, Germany

Glad you're liking the new changes.. and Welcome! I look forward to seeing your system evolve.
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Re: Hiho from Düsseldorf, Germany

Welcome to the shack! Glad you are enjoying REW.


Drake's Home Theater Build
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düsseldorf , germany , hiho

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