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Hello From France !

Hi everybody,

I am French and I am not working in the pro audio industry.

I just like music and High End HIFI system !! But the pro audio world seems to correspond much better to my musical preferences than th HIFI one!

I Would be gratefull if i can collect some users feedbacks on midfield studio monitors to replace a quite expensive HIFI system...


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Re: Hello From France !

Welcome Udayan There are some hugely experienced people here who will be only too happy to help
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Re: Hello From France !

Bienvenue Udayan!

Nous sommes donc au moins deux bouffeurs de grenouilles et de fromage qui puent ici!

Welcome Udayan!

So there are now at least two frog and stinky cheese eaters here!

If you want to try high end pro mid/far field speaker, you HAVE to hear ATCs...

We use SMC 150 ASL pros, they are just letting you hear/see the music, nothing more!

Also, the number in the model name is just the volume of the speaker, so SCM 50 is 50 liters, SCM 100 is 100 liters,... but the sound is VERY similar from one to another, the only thing that changes is the low end extention.

If you come to Paris one of theses days, I'd be more than happy to have you listen to them.

Hope you'll find all the answers you're looking for here!
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Re: Hello From France !

Hello Spacedout, Hello, Maiko,

Thank you for your reply !!

I am a little bit disappointed because the section about Pro monitors is still empty, but I guess that the forum is quite new....


I had a look on the specification sheet of the ATC SMC150ASL Pro.... Well, it is a beautifull baby, but I am looking for a smaller cabinet even if the counterpart is a shorter low end !!!

In fact, I am very interrested on the Studer A5/PSI A25M monitor.... And I will create a new threads on the appropriate section. Do you have the opportunity to listen to them ?

Pour ta proposition d'écoute sur Paris, je l'aurais acceptée avec plaisir si je n'habitais pas désormais à 800 km
I would have been very happy to meet you and to listen to these monitors in Paris, but I am leaving now 800 km away from Paris

I'd like you to forgive me in advance for my english, which is not quite as good as I would like it to be...


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Re: Hello From France !

Welcome Udayan! As we begin to get more members over time, our forums will certainly start to fill up with many discussions. Please feel free to start a new thread and ask questions in the Monitor forum. There's a good chance that pros will see the posting and make an effort to answer your questions and give advice!
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Re: Hello From France !

Hello Stone,

I have already open a post in the appropriate section.

I d like to take the opportunity to give you my background in term of music listening.

At the beginning, when I was a teenage, my preference was for high efficiency speakers like big JBL pro, Altec Voice of the Theater, klipshorn.... But once I have been able to buy my first music system, I had to become reasonable and to chose speakers of more domestic size and more affordable price !!!

My main concern remaining, to keep the feeling of being close to the instruments, I have been looking in the HIFI products and neglected the Pro Audio products.

This choice was mainly due to the philosophy of the two worlds and also driven by budget constraints. HIFI is producing speakers with more refined cabinet and a balance between high end and low end that was better to my ears than monitors of the same class of price.
Monitors in fact, are developed to have a very flat response and appeared always a little edgy compare to HIFI products.
On one side, a tool not suppose to generate pleasure but to reproduce honestly what he can (low end extension was most of the time lacking); on the other side, an intertainment object fully dedicated to listening pleasure eventhough its honesty (high end extension carefully tuned according to low end extension for a pleasant tonal balance) is not preserved!!!

BUT, this was the case for entry level products!

Later on in my life, I discover, that pro audio products and HIFI audio products can be very close if you consider more pricey units.
Simply, because, Pro monitors have enough low end extension to compensate their very flat mid / high frequencies response and because for the same reason, high end HIFI products do not need to disguise as much the real music to sound good.
After all, both world have to accomodate with the same physical rules !!!

The main difference are IMHO, much more on some secondary criteria like shape of the boxes, available finish and functions than on the sound itself.

HIFI world is still manufacturing mainly passive speakers while Pro are using active speakers

HIFI world allows you to choose between several wood finish while pro products are available in black painting or ......black painting.

Pro monitors are able to understand and convert digital signal while HIFI can"t.

But at the end, sound performances are very close as long as you do not consider the global cost of your system.

For a HIFI system, you have to add to the speaker's cost, amplifier cost, DAC cost, and speaker cable cost compare to pro monitors where everything is already not only included, but fine tuned and tested!!!!

The famous quality / price ratio is clearly in favour of Pro world providing the fact that you accept the less refined design of pro monitors.

This is the reason why I am now so much interested to Pro monitors, because I would like to further improve the quality of my system without paying for design !!!!


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Re: Hello From France !

Hello, Udayan,

We've already chatted a little, but I wanted to make it official.

I admire your understanding from a bird's eye view of the differences between the two systems. I find it quite interesting, actually, especially since I really have no knowledge in consumer Hi-fi products.

Anyway, it's good to have you with us. We value your input.

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Re: Hello From France !

Hello Ejbragg,

Thank you very much for your appreciation. Nothing could make me more happy than to read that my modest experience is of some value for other members.


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