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Hello from C-Bus

Hello all
I found this site from the avsforums.com. After reading for a bit I realized I should join. I much prefer the smaller type forums as you get a more personal and thorough response. ( not disrespecting this site saying its small) but after being a member in a lot of large member number forums when you post there seems to be a lot of looks but lacks the responses.

For those that donít know c-bus is Columbus, Ohio.

Ok now for a little info.
not sure if this will be too much info but im a 35 year old male. married with 3 kids. daughter and twin boys. I am a mechanic by trade. have been for about 16 years. went to trade school for it and then got an associates degree of applied science Ford asset program. this program is sponsored by ford motor company. I received Ford certification in almost every area. my specialty is the electronics part of the car. ok enough of that I think.

no means do I consider my self an audiophile. I like to watch good movies and I have my regular weekly TV shows that I watch.
my true love is computers. mainly fps games. I have been building my own computers for the last 10 years or so. everything that I have learned is from going into forums and just reading. I hope I can learn the same from visiting these types of forums for audio/video.

I first bought an audio system about 10-12 years ago. my receiver was a Sony. speaker setup was klh's no sub at this time. had a 25 inch sdtv. had that till I bought a house about 7 years ago. bought a Hitachi 43in rptv. never did get around to hooking up the surround sound sat in storage. the reason was the kids being small and didnít want anything ruined. and I guess just lazy to run the wires.
anyway about 3 years of having the system I added a sub I got from sears on clearance. it was an Aiwa.

well about 7 months ago my TV died. tried to have it fixed but I guess the convergence chip was bad and took out one of the lenses. or vice versa. but it was going to cost me about 800 to fix. didnít have the money to go get a new one so we watched TV on a 19in. did that for about 5 months and had enough of it.
went and bought a new Samsung 50in dlp 720p. and I love it. built my own HDTV antenna. great picture. did I say I love my new TV. lol. I decided to break out the stereo from storage. only hooked up a 2.1 system at the time. I forgot how great it sounds even in 2.1. finally got around to running the wires for the rear speakers. broke out the rest of my old system hooked it up and again forgot how much I missed it. so much so I had to go out and get a new receiver. decide on the Yamaha htr-5940. great receiver.
now im in the market for some new speakers.

I hope I didnít ramble on too much.

thanks for having such a great forum.
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Re: Hello from C-Bus

Hey dawg and welcome to the Shack!

We completely understand the big forum thing. AVS is still a good place for info, but having to wade through some of the ... well you know... is aggravating at times. They need more moderators. We know we'll be big one day, but I hope we can control it much better.

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: Hello from C-Bus

Hey Dawg,

Good to have you here!

glad to see you're back in the game - home theater wise.

Have you hooked up that PC to that new TV?

I bet the FPS games look and sound great!

What are you playing these days?

I have an older PC so I don't do much gaming on it - I bougt Doom3 a while ago - never got into it. also picked up World of warcraft, but I'm afraid of getting addicted to it like my friend is, so I haven't even touched it.

I have an xbox 360 - and have enjoyed a few FPS games on it - I'm finally getting used to the 2 stick control - it's not as accurate as a mouse, but the xbox 360 controller fits comfortably in my hands for hours - where as I start to have problems after about 15 minutes of gaming on PC keyboard/mouse.

- Jack
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Re: Hello from C-Bus

Thanks for the welcome.

I have not hooked up my main rig to the tv yet but i have hooked up my laptop and my wife/kids up to it just to see how it is. played a little flatout2 from the lappy on it and yes it does look pretty sweet.

i am thinking about making a htpc and putting all the movies on it so i dont have to use the discs. the kids are rough with em.

right now im playing some flatout2, bf2 and bf2142.

i played some of the doom3 and it was ok. the graphics were great but man it was the same thing over and over. got bored with it fast.
im waiting for crysis and frontlines: fuel of war. if ya dont know crysis is from the makers of farcry. and front lines is from the group that made the battlefield series expansion desert combat then got hired on to make bf2. the didnt like how ea and dice worked so they quit and made their own company. this game looks like its gonna be very good.

my brother just got a new 55" hitachi rptv and an xbox. i have not had a chance to go look at it yet but he said the picture is awsome. i might pick up and xbox 360 a little down the road. but im more of a pc gamer.

if anyone needs some help or what not for a gaming pc just let me know.
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Re: Hello from C-Bus

Welcome to the Shack. That Yamaha should be a good receiver and a step up from the Sony,...any thoughts on what speakers you are going to audition?

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Re: Hello from C-Bus

well my budget right now is kinda small. there is a local company here that is selling a 5.0 set that i might try out. the price is right and i am going to ask him him if i can have a demo set so i can write a review of them. i have talked to him on the phone and seems like a nice guy. hopefully he will do that for me and him. all advertising is word of mouth right now and i belong to some large forums and some other decent sized ones. might be a win win situation for both of us.
any hints on how to go about getting a set from him to demo/keep for no charge.
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Re: Hello from C-Bus

Yo dawg,
Welcome to the shack. I also came from a huge website(Audioreview), but I prefer being here. Its a great site with great people.
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Re: Hello from C-Bus

Hi dawg,

fellow C-bus shackster here. Hit me up via PM if you'd like on speaker ideas... I'm always looking for local A/V friends to chat with and share info...


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Re: Hello from C-Bus

Dawg, welcome. Keep us posted as to your progress with speakers. Since all of us have gone thru pretty much the same things, maybe we can help with suggestions. It is really neat to be able to watch a movie with better sound than the local theaters! Have Fun, Dennis

L Dennis Doan, DC
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Re: Hello from C-Bus

well i talked to the owner and he is letting me demo a set of the 5.0 systems.
ill try and have a review of them up after a week or so of playing with them.



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